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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Yellow 1 - Miss Treasure -

and Mrs Harrison, Mrs William and Mrs Emsen


Yellow 2 - Mrs Ede -

and Mrs Williams, Mrs Boud and Mrs Rowles


Alternative Sports

Me, myself and I stunning start!

Welcome to Year 3


Yellow 1:

Class teacher: Miss Ackland

Teaching assistant: Mrs Carter


Yellow 2:

Class teacher: Miss Widdison (Monday and Tuesday)

Miss Thomas (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Teaching assistant: Mrs Harrison

Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking Workshop


Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their day with Historic Workshops. They have learnt about and examined Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking armour, taken part in their own mini archaeological dig and thought about what the Romans did for us. They have been fully engaged throughout the day and asked lots of interesting questions.

Dupath Farm

Year 3 had a fantastic time visiting Dupath Farm. We visited the sheep, lambs (some were only a few hours old) and cattle. We learnt a lot about caring for the animals and were able to ask lots of questions.


Equaliter ambula”


The children in Year 3 had a great time invading year fives classroom this afternoon.

Beforehand, the children became a member of the Roman army and had to prepare their own armour, plan for their mission and cook themselves some food and undertake training. The children also took part in marching training where they learnt lots of new commands to follow.

Check out some of the photographs of our stunning starter below:

Searching for Fossils in Charmouth 

Honey Fair

Year 3 had a wonderful time at the honey fair today. We made pasties, visited the bees and got to experience some interesting animals.

Our Stunning Starter

WOW! What an exciting way to start off Year 3’s new topic ‘DINO-MITE’

The Year 3 children kicked started the new academic year with a stunning starter. The children started the day by finding dinosaur eggs in the forest school area. The children decided to hatch the eggs by smashing them to pieces (they had a lot of fun doing this). Within the eggs the children revealed mini dinosaurs and their name tags. The children then researched their dinosaurs and created habitats for them to live inside the classroom with us for the duration of the new topic.

For the rest of the day, the children had an extremely good time creating dinosaur poo and dinosaur headpieces. They also used an app on the iPads which allowed them to bring a dinosaur back to life and have a photograph with it.

Check out some of the pictures from the day.

So far for our Sports Week...

I love Rock and Roll!!!

For our stunning starter, we put on Callington's Got Talent! The children practised their acts over the holidays and came back with a huge variety of acts. We have definitely got talent! The acts varied from, gymnastics to singing to jokes and to even magic! They thoroughly enjoyed this show. We even had a special guest judge! We look forward to what the rest of the topic may bring.

I Love Rock and Roll Stunning Starter

Survivor of the Fittest Stunning Starter!

Survivor of the Fittest

Stunning Start

For our stunning start, year 3 took part in a forest school focusing on surviving out in the wild. The children learnt how to whittle sticks, make a shelter and make a fire. We then toasted mini-sausages on our whittled sticks and drank hot chocolate!


Welcome to Year 3!


Yellow 1:

Class Teacher: Miss Treasure

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Harrison


Yellow 2:

Class Teacher: Mrs Ede

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Holman

Marvellous Middle - Singing sea shanties and crimping pasties!

Celtic Cornwall Stunning Starter!

This term we are going to be delving into the magic of our local area, Cornwall. For the stunning starter, the children spent the day making delicious pasties, create a puppet show for a Cornish Myth and an information booklet all about Cornwall. The children especially enjoyed the part we they tried the pasties in the afternoon. As a year group, we are really looking forward to the next term of learning!



Winter Olympics Stunning Start!

Our fantastic finish! The Callington Carnival in the hall!

Our trip to the Eden Project

Forest School!

Brazil Stunning Starter!


Our new topic for this term is all about Brazil, and for our stunning starter we completed many exciting activities to get us into the carnival spirit!

The children made delicious chocolatey treats that children in Brazil enjoy. They also created colourful wings that will go onto a giant parrot for our fantastic finish. Finally they took part in their own research, and created a fact file on Brazil. The children are very eager to learn more about Brazil! 

Welcome to Year 3!


Yellow 1:

Class Teacher: Miss Treasure

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Harrington, Mrs Dunne


Yellow 2:

Class Teacher: Mrs Ede

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Holman


Year 3's Marvellous Middle trip to the Eden Project.


As part of our topic 'Grow it, Pick it, Eat it!' we had an exciting trip to the Eden Project to see where some of our food comes from and how it is part of a Global Market. We got to explore the Rainforest Biomes and take part in a Crazy Chef Challenge where we had to use clues and a map to find hidden ingredients from around the world to make a cake.


Year 3 enjoyed a great week celebrating Best of British, participating in a school subject election and celebrating the Queen's Birthday by dancing through the decades!

We carried out some British sports - of course it was raining so they were all inside!

We painted in the style of Alison Lapper who was a famous artist during the 2000's.

We cooked a traditional British picnic food, cheese straws.

We created music based on our focus song by Franz Ferdinand, a singer from the 2000's.

We invented a confetti launcher to celebrate the Queen's Birthday.

During the Thursday, general election day, we held our own in school election and voted for our favourite subject party.

Finally, we showcased our amazing dance skills by performing a dance to Take Me Out in front of the whole school and parents and family friends.





Nine Ashes Day 2

Another amazing day at Nine Ashes and great fun has been had by all. Today we have eaten super snacks cooked on our own bushcraft fires, we created fantastic flintstone carts and zoomed down zip wire! 

Nine Ashes Day 1

We've had an amazing start to our residential! We're now enjoying the evening sun after an action packed day.  Today we have been riding quad bikes, climbing walls and crawling through tunnels! We're all looking forward to tomorrow's adventures. 

Day 1

Grow it Pick it Eat it Stunning Start

We discovered that lots of food came from plants and were surprised by quite a few! Throughout the day we planted sunflower seeds, picked some radishes, looked at beans which were still growing and tasted a range of fruit and vegetables as well as making amazing tissue paper sunflowers. We took part in a workshop called “Farm to Fork” where we learnt about healthy eating and got to make our own muesli. Did you know that many of our healthy snacks come from plants? We are looking forward to seeing how our tall our sunflowers will get!

Year 3's Yabba Dabba Doo Fantastic Finish

Year 3 had a fantastic time where we got to experience many Stone Age activities such as: shelter building, fire making, tool making and hunting. 

Our Bronze Age Week

Equality and Diversity Day

Our focus for Equality and Diversity Day was families.

We started the day thinking about what made us similar and what made us different. This led into a discussion about how our families were different.

We looked at how different families were made up: those found in story books, those found in the animal kingdom and those found in real life.

We also discussed how changes can affect our families. Sometimes changes can be a bit scary so we thought about what we could do to help each other.

We ended the day by making “Family Cards” which we gave to our family to show how much we appreciated and loved them.

Year 3 E-safety Day February 2017

Year 3 started off the day discussing how the internet can be so much fun and can be used for many different things. We completed surveys and discovered that the most popular use of the internet in year 3 was watching youtube!

After that, we started to think about the internet a little bit more and discovered that anybody and everybody can put things on the internet and that we cannot always trust what we see or read. We must take responsibility when we are online and one way is by protecting ourselves - keeping our Personal Information including our identity, passwords, images and addresses safe. We created amazing posters to remind us of the things we need to keep private.

Then we looked at communicating on line. We role played what could happen to pictures when they were posted on line. Each child drew a picture, “posted” it then commented on other people’s pictures. Through this activity we started to discuss how our messages can have a huge impact on other people’s feelings and how any negative messages could lead to cyberbullying. This activity was very thought provoking and everyone understood the importance of being kind online and what we should do if we felt cyberbullying was happening to us.

To end our day, we listened to some fun songs which reinforced our learning about protecting personal information and being responsible on line.

KS2 Maths Workshop Handout - January 2017


Another amazing start to a new topic.  We are really excited about learning about the Stone Age.  After creating our own Cavemen we then had the challenge of making tools - but were not given any glue or sticky tape!  We also made tooth necklaces.



Science Week


We had a really exciting start to 2017, coming back to school and spending 4 days being scientists.  Our focus area was "changing materials".  Over the 4 days we learnt a huge amount about solids, liquids and gases, changing materials using forces, the effects of heating and cooling materials, reversible and irreversible changes and separating and dissolving different materials. 

"I loved melting the chocolate."

"We were surprised by how to recycle paper."

"I discovered that some liquids moved really slowly!"

Some of our amazing displays showcasing our learning


Year 3 have all worked extremely hard this half term learning all about space.  Our focus in science was electricity where we learnt how to create circuits. We then put all our learning into practise and  made our own motorised moon buggies.  

For our Fantastic Finish we had a visit from Space Lab Planetarium . We actually felt like we were in space!  We then had moon buggy races!


Forest School


Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic, space themed forest school day.

Alternative sports Hand Ball


We enjoyed and played a new sport called hand ball which was fast paced and exciting.

Year 3 Judaism

Today, Year 3 were lucky enough to have a Jewish speaker, Elizabeth, to tell us all about Judaism. Elizabeth was born Jewish and was able to answer our many questions as she told us stories and facts about her religion, belief and lifestyle.


We looked at the amazing writing on scrolls. Elizabeth did not read from the scroll but sang the words to us in Hebrew.


Jewish people originally had a temple where they would make sacrifices three times a day. Nowadays, there is no temple as it was destroyed and Jewish people now pray three times every day instead.


All Jewish laws are written in the Toran, the Jewish bible which Jewish people follow.


Meat and milk cannot be eaten together so Elizabeth told us that she had never eaten a pizza with a meat topping or a cheese burger!


The Star of David came from the story of David and Goliath. David became king and the symbol on his shield was the six pointed star.


Jews wear kippahs on their head as they believe that God is always with them and they should not be seen before a King with a bare head.


We discovered about Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest and were very shocked by some of their rules – no TV!  We role played a Shabbat meal and compared our day of rest to Shabbat.


Still image for this video
Ritual hand washing
Breaking the bread
Tasting challah


What an amazing start to our new Space themed topic!   The children in year 3 are really enthused about the topic already.  We started off the day investigating the size of planets and their distance from the sun. We were all quite shocked at how vast our solar system really is. After, we watched a rocket launch and created our own model rockets.  Our finale to the day was actually launching our rockets.  They were amazing!  There was a real buzz to the whole day and we are all really exciting about our new learning.

Year 3's Fantastic Finish


Year 3's fantastic finish to Dartmoor Zoological Park was a huge success where the children were able to present their fact file on a certain big cat located at the zoo.

Year 3 Forest School


We had a fantastic day of forest school where we had a mini beast hunt, made a camouflage hides and created models of big cats.


Today Year 3 had their Stunning Starter for their new topic Fierce Felines!

We designed and created our own mixed up animals. In the afternoon we created animal enclosures in the forest school area.

Road to Rio  Stunning Start

Preparing flags and banners

Our Opening Ceremony Parade

Alternative Sports

Vicious Vikings Fantastic Finish


Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their topic “Vicious Vikings”.  Our topic culminated in the creation of our own Viking boats followed by a Viking Raid!  All year 3 Vikings travelled to local woodland where we participated in a treasure hunt game and “raid the nest”. The winning team managed to raid over 90 pieces of golden treasure!


Those of us who went on the Roseland Residential had a fantastic time.  Here is just a snap shot of some of the amazing activities that we enjoyed.

On days 2 and 3, the rest of year 3 have been busy cooking delicious treats and making 3D letters out of paper mache. Today we have covered them in tissue paper ready to take home tomorrow. 

This afternoon we have a pyjama party where we get to eat our yummy treats and watch a DVD. We are looking forward to everyone coming back to school tomorrow. 

Day 2 and 3

While the rest of year 3 are in Roseland, the rest of year 3 have spent the day doing forest schools. We played lots of team building games, completed a treasure hunt around the school and spent the afternoon building dens. We had great fun! 

Forest Schools

Year 3 had a super forest schools. We definitely developed our team work skills as all of our activities involved working with partners from a different class to our own.  Great fun was had by all.  We played games, wrote our messages using runes, completed a scavenger hunt, invented tree Vikings, created A frame Viking structures and of course enjoyed free play, tasty marshmallows and hot chocolate.  

Esafety Day May 2016

Year 3 decided to focus their learning on age restrictions and the appropriateness of games and content on the internet. 

We were very surprised learning about some age restrictions – often not being able to guess the age of the game by looking at the picture.  Then there was lots of discussion about the reasons why we actually needed age restrictions and how important it was to take notice of them.  This led into thinking about age restrictions for social media sites and again we discussed the impact of what could happen if we did not adhere to age restrictions.


Imagine a world with no age restrictions – A disaster waiting to happen!


This inspired us to create some art work and animations about how dangerous it could be.

Imagine a world without any age restrictions.......

Still image for this video

Consequence: to play or not to play


Everyone is really excited following our stunning start.

Viking shields, Viking names, Viking cooking and Viking brooches.  What a busy, exciting day! 

Camp Out Fantastic Finish!


Wow! What a fantastic finish! Year 3 came back to school in the evening to pitch tents.  We had an amazing time chatting in the tents, telling stories and lighting up the dark with our homemade torches.  The evening ended with a campfire feast of beans, sausages, hot chocolate and of course marshmallows! frown

River Dart Country Park.


Year 3 all had an amazing day visiting River Dart Country Park as part of our "Camp Out" topic.  We became campsite inspectors and rated how good we thought the facilities were.  We all agreed that we'd love to go camping there. A big thumbs up from us!no

Equality and Diversity Day

Year 3

Today, when we were thinking about equality and diversity we discussed ageism.  In particular we focused on the elderly.  We initially discussed what age we considered to be “old” and created a list of adjectives that described elderly people.  We then looked at each adjective and realised that they were not age specific and could be used to describe any age.  We repeated this, thinking about any words that came to mind when thinking about elderly people. Again, we quickly realised that these words really could be used for any age range and discussed age stereotypes.  We particularly enjoyed acting out activities and discussing the type of music that different ages listened to and found it very difficult to work out who was which age range, once again breaking down age stereotypes.

We realised that age was not a barrier to achieving and were very impressed when we watched a video of a man running a marathon – he was 104 years old!  We were then inspired to create our own books thinking about what we hoped to achieve as we got older! 

Extreme reading for Book Week

Fab Forest Schools 


On Monday and Tuesday, Yellow 1 and 2 went out to do Forest Schools. In the morning we played lots of games where we had to follow instructions to help us with our literacy work on instructions. After play, we worked in groups and we made our own mini fires. We had to think carefully about the instructions as we are going to be writing a clear set of instructions this week. 

Finally, after lunch we worked in groups to make a tent. Miss Johnston and Mrs Hume threw some water over us to see if they were waterproof! 

Welcome to Year 3!


British Values 

Today we are thought about how Britain is a multicultural nation.

We discussed the phrase 'Cultural Diversity' and how it means a range of different societies or people of different origins, religions and traditions all living and interacting together.

We discovered that Britain has benefited from diversity throughout its long history and is currently one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

We found out how the Caribbean has influenced and had an impact on our life in Britain, thinking about the food we eat, the music we listen to, and the traditions we celebrate.


Throughout the day we enjoyed finding out about Caribbean communities living within Britain, eating delicious Caribbean food and participating in our own carnival inspired by the Notting Hill Carnival. 

Did you know that…

The Notting Hill Carnival attracts around 1 million people each year, making it one of the world’s largest street festivals, and a significant event in British culture.

In 2006, the British public voted it onto the list of icons of Britain!

Camp Out! 

Year 3 are extremely excited about their new topic “Camp Out”.

The teachers decided that they were going to go camping for the day but when they looked in their rucksacks they hadn’t packed anything useful!  Our first task was to help them and plan what they would need to pack.  We then designed and made our own campsites and tents.  Have a look at our amazing work!

Eureka Fantastic Finish!


Year 3 have been working really hard this ½ term learning about different inventions.  The journey towards our fantastic finish included thinking about problems which could occur in the classroom and the children designed and made inventions which would solve the problem. There were some ingenious inventions – pencil grabbers, command machines, book dispensers and times table selector. Today our inventors showcased all their amazing inventions.  There was great excitement and enthusiasm as the children got chance to explain their inventions and show off how they worked.  

Invention Exhibition

Fab Forest School 


Yellow 1 and Yellow 2 have both been outside for Forest Schools today. We have spent the morning making levers by joining wood using square lashing, making Christmas decorations and playing team building games. We spent the afternoon inventing things which could be used in the Forest Schools area!! 


E-safety Day November 2015 - Hooked!

Following the responses that were received from the parent e-safety questionnaire Year 3 decided to focus their learning on playing online computer games. 

We shared our ideas on how amazing the internet was and how much we use it on a daily basis, especially for playing games.

After having the chance to explore on-line games the children discussed how they felt when being asked to stop.  The majority agreed that they felt they could go on playing games all day!  This led to our focus for the day, playing responsibly online.

We watched a brilliant video clip ‘Hooked’ which led to a lot of discussion about

  • the need for age restriction of games
  • the importance of not accepting just anyone as an online gaming friend
  • the importance of limited time online and
  • missing out on other activities and opportunities.


Great ideas were shared about hobbies and the other activities that we could do.  In the end we decided that online games are fun to play but we made a pledge to spend less time playing games and more time on other fun activities.

                         I pledge to spend less time on the screen and try cooking, tennis, gymnastics,playing board games and going                                 outside more.

                         I pledge to spend less time on my Playstation 4 and spend more time playing football.



This half term, year 3 have chosen to learn all about inventions. As part of our stunning start, the children put their skills as inventors to the test. They had 3 challenges to complete during the day. Task 1 was to invent a way to stop an egg from cracking if it was dropped from a height. Task 2 was to invent a way of launching confetti across the room and task 3 was to invent a carrier to help someone on crutches. All the children came up with great ideas and all of their ideas were unique! 



Dartmoor Zoological Park

Our Fantastic Finish was truly fantastic!  After all of our hard work and research over the half term we were able to show off our amazing learning at Dartmoor Zoological Park.  Each group led a talk about an animal whilst standing in front of the enclosure.  Our talks even impressed the zoo keepers who worked there!

Team Meerkat Yellow 2

Still image for this video

Team Tiger Yellow 2

Still image for this video

Fantastic finish!

Meerkats Yellow 1

Still image for this video

Equality and Diversity Day October 2015


The focus of our day was to raise awareness of disability.  We started off the day thinking about what the word “disability” means. 

“It means you can’t do certain things because your brain doesn’t function properly and it can’t send the message to your body to tell it what to do.” Quote from year 3.

After discussing different disabilities we had the opportunity to discover what life is like for people who are partially sighted or blind and we were able to empathise with them.

We initially focussed on the different senses that they used.  We particularly enjoyed playing football, using our sense of hearing as the ball contained bells within it.  Finally we found out about Braille, a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who
are blind or who have low vision and we all wrote our own names in Braille.

Blind football

British Values Day

Year 3 were really interested in discovering all about the Rule of Law during our British Values Day.

“A law is a big promise. If you break it you will pay the price”

After finding out the process of how laws are made and passed  we decided to hold our own in class “Houses of Parliament”

We particularly enjoyed debating a proposed law – “Children must come to school on Saturdays.” We had some super suggestions for and against passing the bill.

“We need to get a better education and if we don’t understand our homework we can get help.”

“We need to spend time with our family and Saturday might be the only day.”

Luckily the bill was not passed as less than half of our members of parliament agreed!


We then worked in groups and made up our own new laws. These included

-Do not hurt the environment

-Only allowed to drink alcohol from the age of 19

- You have to be 21 to drive

- You have to bring your pets into school

Stunning Starter.

Year 3 kick started their amazing topic of WILD by become Trainee Zookeepers for the day. We received a letter requesting help to establish a Junior Zoo Keeper merit award and our lucky children were chosen to be the initial trainees. We had to design our own crazy, mixed up animals, taking into consideration their characteristics, habitats and diet. In the afternoon we put theory into practice in our forest school area by working in groups to create enclosures for our creature creations. Due to our amazing learning skills every child in year 3 passed their initial zoo keeper assessment. We are now ready to learn about real wild animals.

Science Day- Aerodynamics


NASA are planning to design a new aerodynamic spaceship. We have learned that something that is aerodynamic can travel through air easily. We created paper aeroplanes to test aerodynamic structures. When we investigated some children changed the shape of the nose, wings and shape of the plane. We were left with some interesting results.


This group investigated snipping the wings
This group added another fold to the wings

Forest School Fun in Summer 1


We had a cracking day out in the Forest School Area and encountered lots of new challenges. As usual we learned some valuable SMSC/PSHE skills that will serve us well in our future lives.

We tried orienteering where we put our teamwork, communication, map reading and decision making skills to the test. 


The Year 3 champions were:

Josh W, Tong C, Ed H and Luke H


Along with some great teambuilding games, we practiced whittling with knifes (following all safety procedures) to create fantastic 3D alien art! 


E-Safety Day May 2015


We looked at how to be a ‘good friend’ on the internet. We discussed scenarios and how we would deal with them safely, read the book ‘Digi-Duck’  and came up with ideas for how we could detect possible warning signs for unsafe behaviour online.

Our new topic - Space!!
For our stunning start we spent the day undertaking many 'space' activities such as: making rocket kebabs, hydration tests, fitness tests and research of all of the planets in our solar system. 

Hydration testing, space rockets, astronaut agility testing!

Researching the planets...

Forest Schools

We incorporated our Space topic in to our Forest schools day. We made made twig aliens, played hot comets, watched the eclipse and made space shelters!!

Making our space shelters

Saying goodbye to an amazing topic called “Bridges”

This last half term, we have had an incredible time learning about bridges. The children had explained before the topic started that they would really like to learn about engineering. 

Stunning Starter


We started our fabulous learning adventure by taking a trip to Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Prince Albert bridge. We walked across the Tamar Suspension Bridge and looked at the features of the two bridges that span the Tamar, as well as looking at how it had been constructed. We learned masses of information about trusses, piers, cables, hangers and beams by simply visiting. 

Problem Solving


We solved problems: One sheet of paper, 2 blocks of wood. How many cubes can we place on the bridge without it collapsing? No sticking! 

We wrote informative instructions in literacy. We measured accurately in maths. And we looked at the life of perhaps the world’s finest ever engineer in History. We learned how to saw safely and join wood neatly with the expert Mr Aspen. 


Sweet Bridges


We used sweets to design stylish bridges in teams in Design and Technology. 

Fantastic Finish


We ended with an extravaganza of engineering. We took our knowledge and our expertise to the next level and used wood work tools to saw and join pieces of wood to create incredible structures. Take a look at the results. 

Diversity Day- March 2015


We had a wonderful day looking at how we were all different and things that made us so. We read a great book ‘We are all the same’ and discussed that no matter where you are in the world people are the same inside. Everyone has their qualities, whoever they are!

More pictures to follow

World Book Day March 2015


We had a magical day!  We started by reading part of George's Marvelous Medicine, where George goes around the house looking for wicked ingredients for his magnificent medicine. We decided that we would recreate and improve the medicine that George made.


World book day!

We dressed up as our favourite book characters and spent the morning learning about George's Marvelous Medicine. We then constructed some instructions and made our own 'marvelous medicines' using a range of interesting ingredients. 

In the afternoon, we had a brilliant time at the Mad Hatters Tea Party, where we shared a sweet drink and biscuits with our buddies in the nursery. We enjoyed listening to extracts from two stories and discussing our favourite books!