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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Blue 1: Mrs Brooks and Mrs Hendy

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Alternative Sports

Today we have been learning how to play Urban Polo. We had a lot of fun and some of us were very competitive.

We played by the rules, keeping our sticks below our waists. We had a Goalkeeper and most importantly we celebrated when we scored goals.

Friday 23rd October - Equality and Diversity Day

Today we have been talking about what makes us different from each other. We have decided the things that make us different from each other are the things that make us special and unique. We have celebrated our differences by telling each other what we think is special.

"You have long hair like Rapunzel"

"You have freckles."

"You have curley hair."

"You like carrots I like apples."

Our significant person we discussed today was Mo Farah. We talked about how he was different in appearance to us.

We watched his amazing talent and agreed he was a very special person.

This led us to the conclusion we are all good at something and we might not all be good at the same things but we are all special.


Dance sessions

In PE we have been lucky enough to have some outside dance coaches come in and help develop our movement skills.

We have been thinking about Cornwall. We started out making a beach dance where, we even included pretending to eating ice cream. Then we moved on to making shapes which represented the Eden Project. Today we have been making bridges. Here are some of them.

Stunning Start 

We started our topic this week, 'Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?'

We spent a whole day carrying out challenges that involved exploring materials and construction for a purpose.

We built traps, castles, rainbows, boats, bridges and explored materials that float.

This was a great way to start our topic it encouraged us to chat about our ideas and do some problem solving.

We then started learning the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and did a story walk, followed by exploring the different structures of bridges.

First Week 

We have been having a great time back at school. It has been lovely to see everyone.

The children have adapted to their new classrooms and routines well. They have enjoyed some continuous provision activities and we have talked a lot about how we feel and what we have been up to while we have been apart.

All Year 1 staff are really proud of how the children are coming into school.


Alternative Sports

We have really enjoyed our alternative sports sessions. We played lots of games, our favourite was 'Foxes and Farmers'.

We were so excited to try out using the Crossbows. We concentrated really hard and hope to be able to do it again soon.

Welcome to Year 1!



Blue 1:

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Blue 2:

Class Teacher: Mrs Hume

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World Book Day 2020

We had lots of fun dressing up, listening to lots of stories and reading with our buddies.

We listened to stories from Cornwall, traditional tales from Africa stories, thinking stories and more!

Equality and Diversity Day.


Year One had a great discussion to start the day discussing the meaning of the words equality and diversity.  We decided that everyone was different but they had the right to be treated with equal respect and fairness.  We then moved on to think about our focus for the day, ageism. We had some wonderful discussions about getting older; what being young meant and what being old meant. Much to the shock of the teachers, the children initially thought you were an old person if you were 25!  We talked about older generations and focused particularly on grandparents.  We shared all of the amazing things that grandparents can do and all of the things that we learn from them. We hope you enjoy looking at some of our wonderful grandparent pictures.

The Toys Are Back In Town Stunning Start

We had a great day starting our new topic.  We shared our favourite toys and got time to play with them with our friends.  We really enjoyed designing a new character for the Toy Story films, "Platey". When we arrived back after lunch, our classroom was set up as a cinema.  We had a great afternoon watching Toy Story 2 whilst enjoying eating popcorn.

Blue Classes 2018 / 2019

Fantastic Finish


Year 1 were set the challenge of working in a team to save a teddy who had got lost in the forest school area.    Once the teddies were found they were checked for any injuries.  Year 1 identified where the injuries occurred and treated them with plasters and bandages.  They even decided to create some medicine to treat the teddies.  Each group then made a shelter to keep the teddy safe from the rain.  We had great fun applying all of our learning from this term!

Year 1 Sponsored Beach Clean.


Well done to all of year 1 who raised over £600 to purchase re-useable drink bottles. 

Year 1 had a great time, busily collecting a massive amount of plastic from the beach and even having a little time to enjoy playing on the beach.

Plastic Ocean Day

Year 1 spent the day finding out about how precious our seas were to ourselves and the amazing animals that live within it.  We discussed how many plastics ended up in the seas and what we could do to help this.  We decided that it was best to reduce the amount of plastic that we used.  We also talked about reusing it and recycling.  We became plastic heroes and discovered which plastics could be recycled.  We carried out a series of investigations, testing different plastics and then following a key were able to work out whether each plastic could be recycled or not.  We were very surprise to discover that no black plastics could be recycled!  We then created our our plastic ocean heroes.  We learnt so much from our special assembly with Jo Ruxton and are all very keen to do our bit and use less plastic.

Forest School fun

Stunning Start

For our "Minion reasons to be healthy" topic we were sensory scientists for the day.  We participated in different, exciting  investigations discovering all about our 5 sense.

Taste – we had to identify different flavoured crisps.

Smell – We had to say whether we liked the smells or not and even had a go at guessing what some of them were

Hearing – we played sound bingo

Sight – we enjoyed looking through microscopes and making our own coloured lense glasses

Touch – we had great fun feeling different textures including spaghetti and jelly!


We are looking forward to finding out more about keeping ourselves healthy.

sensory scientists!

Are we there yet?

Our Stunning Start was a “wheely” fun day! Not only did we have a great time exploring different types of wheeled toys we all incorporated all of our school values.

Friendship – take turns and sharing our scooters with others.

Perseverance -lots of us found balancing on a bike very tricky but gave it a go.

Compassion – looking after each other to avoid any accidents!

Respect – being extremely careful using remote control cars.

Creativity – painting a variety of different modes of transport.

Hubble Bubble Fantastic Finish

We had great fun creating our own edible potions. We mixed, stirred, boiled and baked delicious, tasty treats for our Christmas party.

E – safety Day in Year 1

We found out how to keep ourselves safe when playing games, looking at pictures, watching films or researching things. We know to keep our personal data safe and not share any online.

Keeping personal data safe.

forest schools November 2018

Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble Marvelous Middle - creating decorations for the Halloween Disco

Equality and Diversity Day October 2018.

What does Equality and Diversity mean?

Year 1 started the day by answering the question “What do we mean by equality and diversity?” Most children just did not know and those that tried to answer suggested “being friends”. By the end of the day, after lots of discussion, games, activities and video clips all children were confidently able to answer the question!

“We all look different.”

“None of us are the same.”

“We need to be fair and share.”

We should all be treated the same.”

What a fun day with lots of important learning!

Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble Stunning Start

Welcome back after half term!


We will continue learning about our topic 'Step Right Up!' which is focusing on circuses. 


We have been looking at animals that are linked with circuses. We discussed what we thought these animals would eat and had some interesting ideas. 


"Lions eat people but not carrots."

"Seals eat fish and live in the sea."

"Elephants eat peanuts in the circus and grass in the environment."



Our circus skills day!


Year one have shown a keen interest in learning skills and tricks.

They decided they would like to try a Circus themed topic. This has given us lots of ideas. We can cover circus skills, look at circuses around the world and our health to name a few things we will be focusing on.

For our Stunning start we had an amazing day, a circus coach came in and did a performance for us and then he taught us some exciting skills to show to our buddy classes.

We learnt to spin plates on stick, juggling, balancing on beams, ribbon dancing, hankie throwing and feather balancing.

We were excited to see the Circus coach on the unicycle and performing some magic. Some of us were disappointed there was no fire breathing.

It was a fantastic and memorable day.


Science Week In Year 1

In year 1 this week we have been looking at science elements. We looked at, discussed and sorted liquids and solids. We can explain a liquid is "Something that can be poured". We know a solid is "Something that does not change shape".


We have also carried out the 'Dry Dive, Water Cup Experiment'.

For this we made predictions about what would happen to a paper towel that was pressed into the bottom of a cup and then submerged into water. We had many ideas, we thought it might change shape, grow, shrink or get wet.

When we tested our predictions we found the paper towel stayed dry.

We did some research and found out that air was trapped in the cup. That keeps the water out of the cup and so the paper towel stays dry. It is called atmospheric or air pressure.


Year 1 have been exploring numeracy resources. We have had time to experiment with them, exploring textures, how they fit together and how they could solve problems.

We have had lots of discussions about how these resources could help further our learning. Some suggestions were

  • We could build shapes with the straws.
  • They will help us count.
  • We could put them together and count in 2's and 10's.
  • We could use numicon for our number bonds.
  • We could make patterns.

Spring Term

In Year 1, we have chosen the topic 'A Key to the Castle'.

So far, we have shown a keen interest in construction and have been very excited to learn about features of a castle.

We have designed our own castle and learnt some important vocabulary such as Battlements and Portcullis.

In Geography we have learnt about the United Kingdom and the four countries that it contains.

Fantastic Finish

Year 1 have ended their topic 'If you go down to the woods today...' with a Fantastic Finish of a trip to Cardinham Woods. We were very lucky with the weather and it made the discussions very interesting. Because it was a frosty morning we could watch as the area was changing and think about why some of the woodland was still frosty.

We carried out nature hunts and had an exciting walk. Sadly we did not spot a Gruffalo!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch and a play in the park before our journey home, which was full of muddy children.

E-Safety Day

This week we have been talking about E-Safety, and the importance of not sharing information online.

The children talked about what they would do if a stranger approached them online.

Answers included "Press the cross" and "Tell a grown up".

We talked about safe strangers. These included Police officers, Fire people, Doctors, and Nurses. We know these people are safe because they have a uniform and a name badge.


Here are some of the children's quotes from the day:

"Do not tell strangers your name or age."

"Do not tell strangers where you live."

"Do not tell people you don't know your phone number."

"Strangers are not appropriate."

"A Policeman is safe, they can help if you are lost."

Equality and Diversity Day


In Year One today, Friday 13th October, we have been taking part in Equality and Diversity Day.

We focused on Martin Luther King and how he wanted everyone to be treated equally and fairly.

We watched some of his 'I have a dream' speech and shared our own dreams for a better world. Some of these included...

'I want everyone to be happy.'

'I dream of everyone to be treated the same.'

'I would like everyone to have a unicorn as a pet.'

'I dream that dinosaurs would come to life again so I can see what they are like.'


We also made Peaceful Hearts. These contained ideas on how to make our classrooms a happy place.

We also looked at ourselves and our friends. We decided not one of us was exactly the same on the outside but we were all similar on the inside and we can all feel the same feelings. 

Welcome to Year 1


From Year 1 onwards, work becomes a little more formal than before. Children work more in groups and more work is done on paper, but all through the school, staff try to make every day as exciting and varied as possible. In year 1, most afternoons are spent on what we call ‘continuous provision’, where children mostly choose their own activities just like in the Foundation Stage.

Our topic this half term is 'If you go down to the woods today...'

We aim to be exploring our local environment, discussing animals and plants as well as growth.

We have lots of exciting learning opportunities planned.


Our Stunning Starter was a Teddy Bears Picnic. The weather may have been poor, but we were still keen.

We put on our boots and our waterproofs and went to explore the Forest School Area. We talked about what we could see, hear and smell. We collected leaves and natural objects.

By the time we got back to the classroom we were all ready for our jam sandwich picnic.

The bears really loved the sticky jam.

Phonics Screening Parent Handout

KS1 Maths Workshop Handouts - January 2017

KS1 Grammar Workshop Handout - January 2017

Frozen Stunning Starter

Year 1 had a fantastic start to their new topic 'Frozen' today. They came back from assembly to discover that someone or something had made a big mess in Blue 1's classroom! They made 'Help Wanted' posters to ask if anyone knew anything about it and Mr Aspen responded with a letter saying that it was a lost penguin. The children are excited to learn more about penguins and where they come from during their new topic, so that they can help the lost penguin to find his way home.  In the afternoon, they made their own penguins and an igloo for them to live in. 

World Book Day!


The children had great fun celebrating reading and books for World Book Day this month. In Year One, we used 'There's a Wocket in my pocket' by Dr Suess as inspiration for our own books. The children designed and made their own Wockets and then wrote a nonsense rhyme book. They also enjoyed sharing their favourite books with their buddies in the afternoon. 

Equality and Diversity Day


The focus of our Equality and Diversity Day this term was families. In Year One, we thought about why our families are important and special to us, who is in our families and our role within our families. We also discussed the ways that each family may be different. In the afternoon, we thought about the recipe for a family. We thought that love, happiness, kisses and cuddles were some of the most important ingredients for a family. 

E-Safety Day


For their E-Safety day this term, Year One focused on their personal information and how act around strangers both online and offline. In the morning, they explored what their personal information is and which information is safe to share online. They learnt to keep their full name, where they live, phone numbers, where they go to school and pictures of themselves a secret from strangers online. In the afternoon we discussed how to behave and keep ourselves safe around strangers that may be encountered offline. 

Brilliant Bodies Stunning Starter!

Year One launched their new 'Brilliant Bodies' topic today by becoming scientists for the day! They had lots of fun practicing their experimentation skills by making rainbow jars, cornflour goo, exploding volcanoes and exploring how magnets work. In the afternoon, they thought about what they would like to find out during our topic and finished off the day by making rocket balloons. 

Some of our amazing displays showcasing our learning

Terrific Toys Fantastic Finish!

Today Year One had their fantastic finish to showcase all of their amazing learning this term. We had another special delivery from Santa himself asking us to make a workshop to share all of our learning and the toys we have made. We were given elf names and had a very busy day making decorations for the workshop. We even learnt an Elf song! In the afternoon, our buddies came to see all of our hard work and we took a very special picture to send back to Santa to show him our fabulous toys. We hope he likes them!

Forest School!

Year One had a brilliant day today in the forest school area! The children had lots of festive fun making Christmas decorations to hang on the trees outside, beautiful Christmas angels and practicing their throwing and catching skills by having a snowball fight. They warmed up after lunch with some scrummy marshmallows and hot chocolate.