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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Blue 1: Mrs Stainer and Mrs Palmer


Blue 2: Miss Alderson and Mrs Pvarc


Spring term

Global Explorers Stunning Start

To launch our new topic we had a special delivery. Mrs Stainer could hardly carry it into the classroom…It was the WHOLE WORLD!!! We shared what we knew about the world already and different countries we knew or had visited. We learnt that in order to travel around the world you need a passport. We explored these and then made our own. We had to take ‘serious’ faced photographs for the passports. The we boarded our own aerophane ‘Blueairways’. Mrs Stainer and Miss Alderson checked our passports as we boarded. Once on board we were given a safety briefing from our air hostesses Mrs Svarc and Mrs Palmer before flying around the world exploring all 7 continents. We enjoyed a song onboard to help us remember them. On return to England we then completed our own world maps identifying the 7 continents.

Author Focus - Michael Bond

We explored our new focus author Michael Bond. His most famous books were the ‘Paddington’ series. We explored the first Paddington book ‘A bear called Paddington’, made marmalade sandwiches following instructions and explored Peru where Paddington had travelled from.

Autumn Term 

Author Focus - Julia Donaldson

As part of our introduction to Julia Donaldson we explored lots of her stories. The first book she published was 'A squash and a squeeze' which was originally a song. We learnt the song and explored what it would be like to be in a 'squash and a squeeze'. We made our very own 'Gruffalo crumble' and had a special delivery from Julia which was her brand new book 'The Baddies'. We explored her new book together making predictions and completed our own book reviews.

Autumn Term

Stunning Start - Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?

Exploring lots of different ways we can build bridges...which one do you like best?