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This half term we have been working on our Cornish christianity unit. Throughout the school, in R.E lessons we work towards learning revolved around a key question. All of the learning is geared towards this question, and at the end of the unit, the children complete an assessment piece of work to answer the question and this is what we had planned for the children this week. Our key questions this half term has been:


Why is Truro cathedral so important?


Use the Truro cathedral webpage and the other websites we have included to answer the key question above in your own words. We would like you to create a 'double page spread' to answer the question and show all of your learning from this unit of work. Here are some ideas about things you might like to include:


  • The history of truro cathedral 
  • Information about the reformation (King Henry the VIII creating the Church of England)
  • The design and building of the cathedral (remember we looked at key parts of a cathedral in class)
  • Why the cathedral was built so much later than others ( this was from the lesson with all the different sources of information)
  • The different roles with the Church of England (this was last week's lesson)


I will also attach some of the different sources of information that we have looked at in class as this may help you. Remember, with a double page spread, you can present your work in any way that you choose. You could include drawings, writing, bullet pointed facts, diagrams- it;s completely up to you. 


We would love to see some examples of your work, so if your child is proud of their work, you can take a photo and send it to us in an email. 

The sources of information from our previous lessons