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Welcome to the Nursery 2020/21


Nursery Teachers: Miss Widdison (Mon & Tue) & Mrs Kelly (Wed, Thur and Fri) 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Svarc

Nursery Nurses: Ms Paul and Mrs Smith


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--- 2020/2021 ---

Spring Term - What Makes Me a Me?

A Hug for Humphrey 

This week, the children have read the story 'A Hug for Humphrey' which is all about a toy that doesn't quite know what toy he is and what he is good at. The other toys help Humphrey out to find out what he is good at. We find out that Humphrey is a good friend and is good at hugging, especially when his friends are hurt. 

The children have then been completing some fun activities based around the book: creating hug cards for people they can't hug at the minute, rainbows all about themselves and what they are good at. We have also been great explorers in finding numbers in our everyday environment. Check out the photos of our learning below: 

                         Autumn Term - My Jolly Journey 

Christmas at CPS Nursery

The children have had a fun, filled few weeks in the run up to Christmas. The children have enjoyed creating lots of Christmas crafts to take home including: Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, Diva lamps and many other bits. 

The children also wrote letters to Santa and were all extremely excited to receive a card back from him! Santa also sent a video of his reindeers dancing in our outdoor area which many of the children found hilarious!

The children enjoyed reading and learning all about Christmas through Christmas stories.

We have read 'The Jolly Christmas Postman', 'When I dream of Christmas' and 'The Nativity'. The children have loved dressing up as different people/animals from the nativity. Below you can find a range of photographs from the children over the weeks as well as a video created by some of the children to retell 'The Christmas Story'. 

We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Our Nursery Nativity

Still image for this video

Santa's Reindeer Dancing at Nursery

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Week Thirteen

When the children came into Nursery this week, they were delighted to see that Ms Paul had worked her magic and changed our role play area into Santa's workshop! They have been having a fantastic time role playing the Christmas elves, making toys for Santa and wrapping presents.  


As part of the children's 'Fantastic Finish' for their topic this term, we made a film of all their learning and experiences throughout the term. Each day the children have watched the film and had popcorn as a snack. They've really enjoyed seeing themselves on the TV and have been talking about what they were doing and what they had learnt through our topic 'My jolly journey'.   

Week Twelve

This week the children have enjoyed the story 'Duck in the Truck'. The children noticed there were lots of rhyming words throughout the story and were able to match some of them up.


"Duck, Truck, Muck" Casey 

"Goat and Boat" Ruan

"Jeep and Sheep" William. W. 


The children have also been super stars at creating maps of where they live and discussing and recognising different places in Callington. In PE, the children worked on their balance and were great at using different parts of their bodies to balance, stretch and move. 

We've also had some visits from the cheeky elves - Boris and Sky. See if you can spot them in the photographs below: 

Week Eleven 

We have had an intruder into our nursery this week! Someone has sneaked in and left lots of mess! On Monday, they had left our quiet reading room in such a state with our books thrown around. On Tuesday, they had thrown the children’s wellies around outside. They did leave numerous clues: small footprints, glitter, candy canes and golden coins. The children then became police officers to solve the crime and tried to work out who it was. The children enjoyed using an iPad to take photographs of the evidence, they created wanted posters and compared and discussed the size of the footprints left behind. We have had a great week so far and the children are excited to see if the intruders will visit again this week.


The mystery is solved!

Please welcome Boris and Sky (named by the children!), our new class elves. They have been the ones causing all the mess in our nursery. The children came in this morning to find a letter, box of decorations, the Christmas tree and two cheeky elves sitting on our interactive board. They had a great time decorating the tree and were even sent on a candy cane hunt by the elves. 

Crime scenes and video evidence 


Still image for this video


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Week Ten 

This week we have focused our learning around doctors and nurses and how they help us. The children have really enjoyed becoming doctors and nurses in our role play area where they have had the opportunity to make their friends and toys better. Lots of stickers and bandages have been used! They have also had the opportunity to use cotton buds to represent the bones in their hands within our creative area, have lots of fun in the water tray with different coloured water and pipettes and use scales to weight different items in the sand tray. They have worked great in pairs to label the different parts of their bodies and discuss how they work. 

The children have also shown they are great with their numbers as they have been able to represent the numbers 1 to 5 in various ways using various different objects. 

Check out some photos below:

**Stars of the week**

Our Stars of the week, over the last few weeks have been; Alfie for super turn taking and sharing with his friends, Lukas for making new friendships and playing with lots of different children and Casey for always following the nursery's 'Golden rules' and being super helpful. A massive well done to all of these children!    

Forest School

The children had a lovely day outside in the Forest school area today. They made pictures using the natural resources in the area, built a den/house for a teddy bear, made leaf crowns and stickmen. They have also enjoyed playing on the tyres and exploring the Forest school area with their friends. 

Remembrance Day

For Remembrance Day the children watched a video and an animation to explain to them what it is all about. They then discussed it as a group and made these comments: 


"Because it died" Aniyah 

"More poppies, lots of poppies" William

"Mum said Great Grandad goed out in the field and died" "To remember everyone who died" Josephine 

"Many boxes" Evelyn

"And they died" Matilda 


They also enjoyed decorating poppies, have a look at the pictures below. 

Week Nine

“Neee Noorr…Neee Noorr”

This week the children have been learning all about fire fighters and the fire service. We have read the story ‘Fred the Fighter’ and have learnt all about his uniform, his job and the fire engine that he drives. The children have been really engaged in learning about the fire service and have really enjoyed completing a range of activities based around it. They have loved playing with different fire engines in the sand pit and water trays, drawing their own fire engines, dressing up as firefighters and sorting objects into hot and not hot. Outside, the children have enjoyed being firefighters, climbing ladders, spraying laminated flames to put the flames out and using a range of construction materials to build our own nursery fire engine. We also had lots of fun using a real hose to put the flames out, the children enjoyed running around after the water and learnt how to reel the hose back in.

Check out the fun we've had below: 

Week Eight

This week the children have been completing a range of exciting activities based around the story, ‘The Train Ride’. The children have been great story tellers and have been able to retell the story by ordering pictures and describe the events, characters and different settings within it. They have also had the opportunity to create their own trains out of a range of 2D shapes, build their own train tracks and use the wheels of the trains to create wonderful tracks using coloured paint.

Our role play areas have changed this half term, into a Doctors surgery (indoors) and a home corner (outside). All the children have really enjoyed playing with their friends within these new environments.

During PE this week, the children have lots of fun building upon their throwing and jumping skills. The children also the added extra of ribbons this week – they loved twirling and whirling around to making different shapes and patterns.
Check out the photographs below:


Equality and Diversity Day

Today, we read the story ‘Elmer’ and spoke about how he was different compared to the other elephants in his herd. We then had a discussion about how we are all different and these differences make us ‘unique’. The children then worked to together to collage and large Elmer, draw a picture of themselves, go on a colour hunt and even create a large Elmer in our outdoor area using coloured squares.  Check out the fun they had below:

Week Seven - Halloween Week 

This week in the nursery, the children have read the story ‘Room on the Broom’ and completed many fun activities based around the book and Halloween. They have created their own magical potions, a pumpkin sun catcher, scooped out a pumpkin and had fun on a bossy pumpkin hunt. They have all had lots of fun in the sand and water trays which were full of jelly, sand and creepy crawlies. The children have also worked in groups to retell the story by using various props and taking on the role of different characters from the story. 

Check out some of our fun and exciting learning below:

Watch our poem - Go, go, go!

Still image for this video

Week Six

This week we have based our learning all around traffic lights which stems from our class book, ‘Go, Go Go! Stop! The children have been learning the importance of traffic lights on our roads, the 3 different colours and their jobs.

“Red means STTTTOOOPP!!!” Lucas

“Green means you can go.”  Ruan

“Yellow means you slow down.” Rosie


The children have been super learners by using these three colours to become human cars and traffic lights. The children have been working in small groups to use the colours to inform the human cars of when they can go, stop or slow down. We have also been ‘Creative Chameleons’ by creating our own edible traffic lights out of a variety of coloured fruit. The children have had vast amounts of fun cutting, spreading and especially eating the end products. We also have had lots of ‘Go for it Gorillas’ who have been able to continue or create their own fabulous, colourful patterns using a range of maths resources. Check out more of our super learning below:

**Stars of the week**

Each week a child will be chosen to be our nursery star of the week. 

This could be awarded to a child for a range of different reasons: excellent effort shown in all of their learning, being a great role model, following the nursery golden rules, being an independent learner or by doing something excellent within the nursery week. 

Check out some of our super "Stars of the weeks" from the last few weeks:

Forest School

This week in the Forest school area the children went on a treasure hunt and then played a memory game with the objects that they had found. They then had a task where they had to find objects that were; rough, smooth, straight, beautiful and fluffy. The children's favorite part of the day was playing games with the parachute. Have a look at the pictures below to see how much fun they had today!   

Week Five

We have been learning the poem this week, “Go Go Go”:


We can fly in a plane.

We can ride on a train.

In a boat, we will row.

We can go go go!

We go near, we go far.

In a bus or car.

We go high, we go low.

So, where should we go?


The children have really enjoyed reciting the poem along with learning some fun actions. See if they can recite the poem to you at home. We have also been introducing the nursery children our golden rules on how we should behave within the nursery:

"We should use kind words"  Evie

"We should use our ears (pointing to her ears)"  Hazel 

"We must use our eyes to look when talking" Alfie. S.

"We all have to tidy up" Casey

Check out some photographs of our other fun learning below:

Reciting the poem - "Go, Go, Go!"

Still image for this video

Independent Learning 

The children have been super independent learners by practicing to put their own coats on.

Check out the video below to see how they've being doing it.

1. First, put it on the floor.

2. Secondly, stand by the hood and put your arms in the holes.

3. After that, push your arms through.

4. Finally, flick it over your head and zip/button it up.

Please try and encourage your child to be an independent learner and do this at home too. 

Independent Learners

Still image for this video

Week Four

Amazing Aeroplanes.. Amazing learners…

This week, the children have been learning all about aeroplanes. Each morning, we have been reading the story ‘Amazing aeroplanes’ where the children have had the opportunity discuss airports, aeroplanes and they’re experience and knowledge about them.


“I’ve been on one before with all my family... to Spain.” Casey

“It has two wings and (spinning his arms around) two of these.” Alfie.W.

“You must have your seat belt on so you don’t fall out.” Evie


We have had great fun creating our own miniature aeroplanes from pegs and lollypops sticks, using aeroplanes and helicopters to create our own stories aswell as creating our very own runways for the class aeroplane to take off and land safely. Take a look at some of our super learning below:

Week Three

This week the children in the nursery have had lots of fun completing different activities based around our class book, ‘Driving my Tractor’. The children have had the opportunities to build their own tractors within the indoor and outdoor construction areas and have had great fun doing so. They have also been great storytellers and have been able to retell repeated phrases from the story: “Driving my tractor down a bumpy road… and in my trailer, there’s a heavy load.” Check out the video below to watch some of the children retelling the story. 

Every Tuesday, the children are able to take part in a PE lesson within the school hall. The children have loved being able to use a range of equipment, enabling them to move around the hall in different ways.

Check out the photographs below of lots of the fun we've had this week:

Storytelling - Driving my Tractor

Still image for this video

Forest School

The children have had a wonderful time exploring the Forest School area today. They were very excited to see all the conkers on the floor and had a great time doing a conker hunt! They enjoyed some free play and played really well with each other. 

Week Two

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story 'Dig, dig, digging'. It is all about different types of vehicles and what they are used for. The children have had great fun exploring the different vehicles and completing activities based around them.

They have been to the front of the school to count, listen and identify vehicles, built vehicles from a range of materials and objects, used a digger in the sand pit, raced cars down drain pipes and so much more! Take a look at the pictures below to see what else the children have been up to.  

Week One

What a wonderful first week in Nursery we have had this week! We have loved welcoming back familiar faces as well as some fabulous new ones. All of the children have settled great into the new setting and have enjoyed playing in the indoor and outdoor environments.

--- 2019/2020 ---

The Little Red Hen

This week the children have been creating story maps to remember the story of The Little Red Hen. They have also been kneading the dough and baking the bread.

A Rumble in the Jungle

There's been a rumble in the jungle! This week we have been drawing jungle animals and making parrots. 

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

This week the children have been learning the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. They have made flapjacks using porridge oats, created bears out of paper, counted out spoonfuls of porridge and retold the story using the small world.

The Bad Tempered Ladybird

The Bad Tempered Ladybird helped us to count the right number of spots. We also made ladybirds from paper and followed the lines left by the Bad Tempered Ladybird to help with our pencil control.

Commotion in the Ocean

A Commotion in the Ocean this week! The children have been making sea creatures using shapes, pegging the numbers on the jellyfish and making octopus from tubes.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats Gruff was this weeks focus and the children have been building bridges for the Billy Goats and they have been blow painting trolls.

The Three Little Pigs

The story this week was The Three Little Pigs. We have sequenced the story, made play dough pigs and built houses for the pigs to live in.

Owl Babies

This week we have been reading the story Owl babies. We have made owl faces using rice cakes and counted using feathers.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week the children have been learning the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They have sequenced the story and made caterpillars out of tyres, egg cartons and bottle tops.

Insect Week

This week the children have been exploring the outdoor area looking at insects. They have been drawing insects and finding spaghetti worms in the water tray.


We have been learning all about animals and their young. Today we were lucky enough to get to meet some lambs. The children loved seeing them and were very excited that they got to stroke them. A massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Coombe for bringing them in to visit us.  

World Book Day

For World Book Day the children created bookmarks, made their own mini books, read lots of different stories and drew pictures from their favourite books. The children loved dressing up as different book characters and enjoyed choosing a new book from the book swap. In the afternoon they were delighted to be able to share their new books with their parents and grandparents. 

St. Piran's Day

The great had a great day celebrating St. Piran's day by dressing up in white, black and gold. They loved making Cornish flags and enjoyed learning all about St. Piran. 

Exploring an ambulance!


Today we have been lucky enough to have a real ambulance come into school so that we can have a look at it. The children have loved their topic “Everyday Heroes” and this was the perfect way to end it. They enjoyed being lifted into the ambulance by the lift and then had a good look around inside of the ambulance and could see where everything was kept safe. They loved having the chance to try on the helmet and paramedic jacket- they have been role playing paramedics, doctors and nurses a lot throughout the topic so this was a really special treat for them. The children even got the chance to sit in the driver’s seat and sound the siren! We would like to say a massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Jones for bringing the ambulance in for us to explore.

Firefighters and Dentists 

The last few weeks we have been learning all about firefighters and have just started learning about dentists. The children loved reading our story "Charlie the firefighter" each morning and have learnt about the important job that firefighters do. They loved putting out "fires" with water and dressing up as firefighters. 


This week our focus has moved to dentists. The children have already learnt that they have milk or baby teeth and that these will fall out and adult teeth will grow in their place. They have enjoyed brushing giant teeth and making mouths full of teeth! They are really enjoying our topic "Everyday Heroes" and have learnt so much already, we can't wait to see what else they learn! 

Everyday Heroes

The children have settled well back into the Nursery routine after their Christmas break. Our new topic is called 'Everyday Heroes' and we will be learning all about people who help us on a daily basis. Our current focus is on Doctors and Nurses and the children have loved dressing up and diagnosing the adults! They have been learning all about skeletons and the different uses of some medical equipment.

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

Today in Nursery the children have been very excited as they have been decorating the Christmas tree ready for the coming weeks! They had a lovely time working together to decorate the tree and sang Christmas songs as they did it. They have also been making fudge ready to sell at the Christmas Fair. 

Woodland creatures 

This week we have been reading "The Gruffalo" and talking about the animals that live in the woods and forests. This morning we enjoyed making some "Gruffalo" crumble! The children were very good at listening to the instructions and took turns at mixing and pouring the ingredients in. They then knew that it had to go into the oven to cook. They loved having their crumble for snack.