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Callington Curriculum Offer

INTENT – What drives our curriculum and why do we believe in it?

At Callington Primary School we provide an ambitious and considered curriculum that enables every child to fulfill their full potential facilitating readiness for success in education and beyond.

Our motto underpins our vision, values and ethos – ‘the best for every child, all of the time.’

Our aim facilitated through our curriculum, is to ensure that our children are:

  • Confident and empowered learners with an embedded passion for lifelong learning
  • Global citizens ready to contribute positively to their communities and world
  • Digitally accomplished – successfully, responsibly and positively utilising technology
  • Resilient, resolute and confident in their learning, own identity and personal values
  • Aspirational for themselves and their  futures
  • Creative thinkers who are problem solvers and proactive
  • Lifelong readers which enhances knowledge, ignites imagination and supports the development of communication

These aims are encapsulated in our vision:

Together we inspire – our curriculum provides inspirational opportunities that facilitate learning that has depth and purpose alongside fostering a learning curiosity and developing enquiring minds.

Together we nurture – our curriculum consistently provides opportunities to develop and celebrate personal identity and diversity, confidence and resilience and a sense of place and responsibility in the wider world.

Together we achieve – our curriculum is designed to ensure that ALL children can acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve their best outcomes irrespective of starting point.

Our curriculum is based on and underpinned by these aims and vision, coupled with a specific understanding of the uniqueness of a childhood within our locality. We believe that our curriculum enables children to leave Callington in Year 6 equipped with all they need to succeed, achieve and with broadened aspirations.

IMPLEMENTATION – How do we achieve and deliver our aims?

At Callington Primary School, our curriculum has been created though the careful and deliberate selection of knowledge and skills that develop and progress in a cohesive and sequential fashion across all subjects.

Subject leaders set out what we intend children to learn drawing on their academic knowledge, the National Curriculum and experience of what is necessary to flourish in their subject; this ensures that children receive depth and balance in all areas.  

To ensure the highest possible quality of opportunities for our children, we expect learning to have context, with rich, purposeful learning opportunities which link to and build upon previous learning. This enables children to develop transferrable knowledge and skills. Our curriculum is delivered through a thematic approach so subjects are carefully weaved around a topic wherever possible.

We maximise learning by creating a journey – each topic has a stunning start and a fantastic finish which encapsulates and inspires the children at the beginning of the topic and gives a purposeful destination to celebrate knowledge and embed learning. Within each topic, trips and/or experiences are chosen to: enrich learning, deepen knowledge and skills and to develop the children’s cultural capital and broaden horizons and aspirations.  

IMPACT – How will we know it is working?

We are confident that the impact of our approach is that we truly offer a broad and balanced curriculum to all pupils.

It offers the chance for all pupils to pursue and develop both skills and knowledge in a specific subject discipline as well as making purposeful links between them.  We believe that this will inspire pupils to go on and continue a lifelong passion for learning.

To ensure progress and development across all subjects, subject leaders collate and analyse data and assessments across the academic year.  


For information about how over time we will increase the extent to which disabled pupils participate in the school's curriculum , please see out accessibility plan on our SEND page linked here.

To find out more about our curriculum please call the school office on 01579 386160 or please fill in the contact form below.

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