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Welcome to Year 2 2020 - 2021!

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Miss Southcott  & Mrs Roissetter

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Mrs Hume & Mrs James


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Equality and Diversity Day

Year 2 started the day by talking about composers of classical music.  We could remember Mozart and Vivaldi from our learning in Year 1.  We listened to a piece of classical music and drew our predictions of what we thought the composer looked like.  Some of us realised that there were no female composers so we predicted that they may be female. We were all very surprised when we saw a picture of the composer Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-Georges as we all presumed they would be white, just like all of the well-known composers of this era. This naturally led on to some super discussions about Black History Month and Black Lives Matter. We strongly believe in treating everyone fairly, celebrating peoples differences and showing respect for all.

White 2: Snap shot of some of our learning this half term

Forest school fun

Alternative sports

We had lots of fun  playing farmers and foxes, pizza tag and trying to hit the target with a crossbow and arrow.

What lies beneath...

Year 2 had a great time on their stunning start finding out some interesting facts.  They discovered the different layers of the ocean and even carried out an investigation to create the layers.  They learnt about the animals that lived in the different layers and even created some art work of underwater creatures.  

2019 - 2020


In Maths the children have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. One of the properties that they investigated was symmetry. The children explored this in a range of ways such as mirrors, geo boards, peg boards. They were able to talk about whether shapes are symmetrical or asymmetrical based on a vertical line of symmetry. 

Fire! Fire!

During our Stunning Start we made our 3D Tudor houses, baked 17th Century bread, created origami rescue boats and talked about what the children wanted to investigate throughout their new topic.

The children will be learning lots of new vocabulary which you can help them with at home (topic vocabulary).

Welcome to Year 2!


White 1:

Class Teacher: Miss Southcott

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roissetter, Mrs Williams & Miss Weeks


White 2:

Class Teacher: Mrs Hollington

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hendy & Mrs Rowles


What lies beneath?


Our topic for the Autumn Term will be focusing on the Oceans and the creatures that inhabit them. 
In Science, we will be learning about habitats, micro-habitats, food chains and
how plastic pollution is harming our waters and marine animals as well as ourselves. 

In Art, we will be learning about sculptures which will lead to us creating our own wicker sea creatures. 


Year 2 have been really busy during their Summer term. 

We've had our Stunning Starter for Left, Right, Left where we went through some parts of basic army training using the adventure as an obstacle course. 

We've learnt about how to keep healthy, food chains and reversible and irreversible changes in Science!


We explored why it was important to keep our teeth healthy and tested out how different liquids effect the enamel coating our teeth. We put hard boiled eggs into water, milk, orange juice, coke and vinegar. The coke turned the shell black, the orange juice and vinegar completely dissolved the shell. 


Additionally, it was great fun testing out different materials to see which we thought would be the most suitable to make a tent. We found that wood would be inappropriate due to its weight but plastic sheeting was the best as its light, waterproof and flexible. 


Recently, we've been celebrating World Ocean Day with Jo Ruxton where we discussed the impacts of plastic pollution in the Oceans and made art to show this destructive impact. We thought of ways we could reduce our consumption of single use plastics and how to dispose of them appropriately. 


Year 2 had great fun during their Stunning Starter for our new topic about Ancient Egypt. 

We made headdresses and necklaces to dress up like Pharaohs, tried some Egyptian inspired food, made Mummies out of toilet paper, practised walking like an Egyptian and did some Egyptian themed art. 

The children are now very excited to embark on their Egyptian learning adventure. 

Stunning Start - Magnificent Mummies

Alternative Sports - Fencing

We had Alternative Sports on Monday and we learnt how to do fencing. We were given our tops, helmets with steel mesh and a 'foil' which is the proper name for our plastic lances. We learnt that during fencing we can only move forwards and backwards and the winners were those who could land 10 jabs on their opponent. We did so well, you might even see us in the Olympics in a few years time. 

Science - Circuits

Children have been learning addition and have learnt how to visually show their addition through 'sticks and stones' which represent their tens and ones. The children enjoyed having opportunities to go outside and solve number sentences with partners and using chalk. 

Outdoor Numeracy

We are learning to jump in gymnastics!

On a dark, dark night...


We have had our Stunning Start, where we went up to the Forest School playground and went camping! We ate some sticky, gooey marshmallows. They were yummy!


Back in class, we made a range of nocturnal animals. We used paper plates, paint and clay to make hedgehogs as well as egg boxes and feathers to create owls. We then made bats, which you can see hanging around the Year 2 display and in the classrooms. We had lots of fun and are now very focused on learning about our topic. 


Science Days

Lots of asking and answering questions through exploring, investigating, observing, sorting, researching and explaining.


changing materials

Flowering plants

Forest School Fun!

Sports Week

Invented games, Just Dance, Yoga, Urban Polo, Alternative Sports, HIT workout and total exhaustion!

What an action packed week we have had! We have taken part in so many different sports, learnt about the importance of keeping active and healthy, designed and made healthy foods and developed our resilience and perseverance!

“It was lots of fun discovering about new sports.”

“ Just Dance was really fun , it got my heart beating.”

“I liked Sports Week because I didn’t realise how fun dancing actually was”

“ I enjoyed making healthy cupcakes , I didn’t know you could use vegetables to make cake.”

“I thought it wasn’t going to be exciting but it was fabulous!”

“ I achieved in football rounders, you have to kick the ball instead. I was good at kicking.”

“ Just because you didn’t win, you can try again. It’s still fun and you get faster.”

“We discovered lots of interesting fruit juices and enjoyed making our own cocktails – blueberry, pink grape and beetroot!”

healthy snacks

World Cup Designs

White 1's favourite sports

Hero Headquarters Marvellous Middle

For our Marvellous Middle, Year 2 got to meet a real, local hero. Karl, who is a paramedic, visited us in class. We discovered lots of facts from him about his job. He talked about lots of specialist equipment that he uses. We then all got the chance to go in the ambulance and ask Karl lots of questions about his job.

Hero Headquarters Stunning Start!

We’re here to the rescue! Year 2 enjoyed turning themselves into superheroes. We used an online superhero generator which gave each of us our own super hero name and described our strengths and powers. After creating profiles we needed to design and make our own superhero costumes and disguises. In the afternoon we continued our stunning start in the superhero hero training academy. This involved developing lots of super skills – climbing, rolling travelling and generally just being very brave! A fun day was had by all.

British Science Week

What an amazing day! The theme to this year’s British Science Week is Exploration and Discovery. Year 2 excitedly carried out lots of exploration and we definitely discovered quite a few new facts!

We created our own magnet controlled cars and discovered how different sounds can be created just with jars and different amounts of water. There were lots of “WOWS!” heard throughout the day and a real buzz about science.

Exploration and Discovery

Diversity Day: International Women’s Day.

White 1 learnt about the inspirational lady Elizabeth Magie. She was the original creator of Monopoly.

Elizabeth Magie created the game in 1904. Magie had strong political views for equal women’s rights and against capitalism. We enjoyed playing a version of Monopoly. This then inspired us to create our own board games. We are looking forward to playing with them during wet play!

World Book Day

Dydh da!


Year two had a great time thinking about our favourite Cornish things. We completed tally charts to discover our favourite things to do. White 1 chose The Donkey Park! We then found out about Rugby, a popular Cornish Game. Did you know that Rugby was actually invented when someone picked up the ball and ran with it in a game of football in 1823.

Cornish rugby has produced many fine rugby players who have played at international level including Phil Vickery, Trevor Woodman, (both England), Brian 'Stack' Stevens (England and British and Irish Lions), Graham Dawe (England), along with Andy Reed who has represented Scotland and the Lions, and many others.

We had great fun learning some rugby rules and skills – I wonder if any of us will become Cornish rugby players!

White 1's trip to the aquarium

White 1 Forest Schools.

Commotion in the Ocean Stunning Start!

Lots of fun researching animals from the ocean, investigating layers of the ocean and creating our own mini aquariums.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

'Tis the Season


Throughout our topic we have created some stunning art work.  Take a look at the amazing calendars which the children produced for our fantastic finish.  

E-safety Day

Year 2 talked about how to keep our selves safe when we are online. Most of us go online to play games or carry out research either on tablets, laptops, computers, PlayStation, X boxes or phones. We learnt a great acronym to remind us. SMART


Don’t MEET up



TELL someone.


We also discussed secrets and surprises and how we could come across these when playing online.

“A secret is when you don’t want everyone to know and you should keep it quiet. A surprise is something nice that is going to happen.”

“Surprises aren’t always good and secrets aren’t always bad. Sometimes you can have a good secret.”

'tis the season stunning start

Our new topic will take us on a journey through the year. We will be thinking about key events, changes and the seasons.

What an amazing date to kick start our new topic - 31st October. Of course, we had to think about Halloween - spider web pictures, gloopy slime and craft witches.  We also produced some amazing art work using autumnal finds - leaves, conkers and more.

Once there were dragons fantastic finish

Year 2 celebrated the end of their topic by enjoying a Viking day. Everyone came into school dressed as either a Viking or dragon. We all looked spectacular!! Throughout the day we enjoyed a range of different activities, creating fantastic Viking jewellery, making long boats and producing Viking flat breads. In the afternoon, our parents came into our classrooms so we could share our learning activities with them and show off our amazing junk model dragon creations which all had a moving mechanism.

Equality and Diversity Day

Celebrating Difference in Race


Year 2 started the day discussing the meaning of the words equality and diversity.  We than discovered what a diverse lot we are in Year 2.  We discussed appearance, families, likes, dislikes and what makes us special.  There were many similarities and differences between us but we understood how everyone should be respected and treated the same.  We then listened to a story, Amazing Grace.  We were quite shocked that initially Grace was told by her friends that she could not play the part of Peter Pan in her school play because she was a girl and that she was black.  We had lots of discussion about regardless of your race you should still be treated equally.  In the afternoon, we learnt about the amazing Mary Seacole. She was determined to work as a nurse in the Crimean War despite being told that she couldn’t because of the colour of her skin. This wonderful lady paid her own way to travel 3000 miles, provided medicine free of charge and nursed injured soldiers on the battle front. A truly amazing lady who chose to battle prejudices in order to help others whilst also demonstrating all of our school core values - friendship, compassion, creativity, perseverance and respect.

Mary Seacole treating injured soldiers.

Year 2 Stunning Start

White 1 and 2 had an amazing start to their new topic when they discovered an egg had been left in the classroom. As no one knew who or what had left the egg we needed to go and investigate. There were lots of clues – giant footprints, scorched paper and even smoke! We soon realised it must have been a dragon! We created lots of dragon art throughout the day and were even lucky enough to end the day with a visit from a real bearded dragon. We are all very excited about our new topic, Once there were dragons.

KS1 Maths Workshop Handouts - January 2017

KS1 Grammar Workshop Handout - January 2017


At the beginning of this half term, the Romans invaded Year 2, storming aggressively into White 1 and 2 in tortoise formation with their spears and daggers. Quickly, White 1 and 2 had to become archaeologists to look at a range of historical sources to find out about the invaders. In order to protect themselves, the children then made Roman style shields and helmets so that they could attend Roman soldier training. Sinster, dexter were the Roman commands loudly echoing through the playground as marching and formations were practiced. We then shared in a Roman banquet with different members of society being offered appropriate food. The children now have many questions to which they would like to discover the answers.


Thank you to all parents and children who completed Roman projects over half term they look AMAZING and the children are excited to share their learning.

Parables at Church

Year Two were lucky enough to be invited by Morag and her friends to Callington Methodist Church to listen to a range of parables. Members of the Church community shared a stories to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the Gospels. They then let the children take part in craft activities to help them to understand and remember the teaching of the stories. We had great fun and have a set of seeds growing in the classroom to remind us of the parable of the Sower who scatters seed, which falls on four different types of ground. The hard ground “by the way side” prevents the seed from sprouting at all, and the seed becomes nothing more than bird food. The stony ground provides enough soil for the seeds to germinate and begin to grow, but because there is “no deepness of earth,” the plants do not take root and are soon withered in the sun. The thorny ground allows the seed to grow, but the competing thorns choke the life out of the beneficial plants. The good ground receives the seed and produces much fruit.

Robots Rock Year 2


On Friday, we had our Rise of the Robots fantastic finish. We had an exciting visit to our school from Robotics Laboratory. This company encourages pupils to complete fun challenges with robots, turning our pupils into scientists and inventors. The children learnt how to create a robot which they controlled to move, race and perform challenges. This was a fantastic culmination of the children’s learning about electricity, programming and robot development. The children also created their own Art Bots which they will be taking home shortly. This required creating a circuit using a motor so that their Art Bot could move to create art masterpieces. We spent time creating our own versions of the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon using clay after reading the Iron Man book. Taking inspiration, from Eric Joyner - a renown artist - we created masterpieces of our own focusing on realistic backgrounds, imaginary robots and his favourite feature donuts as well as scale, perspective and mood. We've really enjoyed the our Rise of the Robots topic and learnt a great deal! 

Equality and Diversity Day

This morning we spent time looking at what makes each and every one of us unique. A backpack is one way to think about what makes us who we are. We can (and do) add to our backpack. We can unpack it to remind ourselves of what’s in it. We can reorder the contents according to our current priorities. We thought about the things that we like in our backpacks and the things that we would like to change or that make us feel sad. Here are some examples of our backpacks…

We then looked at a song which talks about how every family is unique and special. Take a listen…

We then listened to stories about different types of families including parents who are separated, children who have an adopted family, a child with two parents of the same gender and a nuclear family. We also discussed our own families and created good recipes for a family. Take a look at some of our ideas below…

Alternative Sports

Today, after much anticipation, Year 2 participated in alternative sports. They were able to experience Tchoukball which is a sport which involves a rubber ball and a bouncy net. We were developing our hand eye co-ordination, catching skills and team work. Take a look at our learning and fun…

World Book Day

Where’s Wally, Peter Pan and Matilda all made appearances in Year 2 today along with an array of other book characters. All of the children made a superb effort to dress up as some of their favourite characters and enjoyed sharing stories. The children wrote letters to their favourite authors; we will be posting tomorrow and we are hoping that, over the next month or so, we will receive some replies. The children are very excited to see if they hear back from their favourite writers. During the afternoon, we spent time with our buddies. In groups, the children were given story sacks and had to use these to make up their own story in the form of a role play which they then performed to the class. 


E-safety Day


Today, we were focusing on keeping ourselves safe online. Lots of us like playing games on laptops and tablets so we shared the games that we enjoy and discussed any problems we have ever come across whilst gaming. We recapped that we needed to press the red cross if a pop up we don't understand appears and to tell an adult. We also remembered that we needed to be good friends online, always remembering our manners and treating people with respect. Today, we looked at the information we give out when playing online. We agreed that we should always make up a nickname so we are not revealing our real name. Also, we decided that it is never necessary for us to tell another gamer our address, school or age; these are things that we have promised to keep private. If we encounter any problems, we know to tell our parents, teacher or a trusted adult.

Rise of the Robots- Stunning Starter

Tuesday we kicked started our new topic Rise of the Robots. When we came into our classrooms in the morning we noticed something very strange. The rooms had been trashed! Who would do such a thing? After some investigating we soon found some clues that would help us to identify the culprit. We had two voice recordings, a picture of some foil, a motor and a light bulb. There were also some very strange footprints. After looking at all the evidence and searching around the room we decided that it was a robot that had done this to our classrooms. After discovering the culprit we designed our own robot and then worked as a team to build them using junk. Once we had built our own robots we then used the Bebots and learnt about programming. Our challenge was to get the Bebot to our team’s pile of sweets. Whilst doing this we discovered that we had to programme the Bebots really carefully or else they would go off track. We had a fantastic day and can’t wait to learn more about robots.

Science Week

This week we have become experts at experimenting by predicting, observing, recording and concluding whilst looking at changing materials. Initially, we named and described a large range of materials thinking about their use and properties. We used scientific words such as flammable, malleable, transparent and waterproof. Thinking about the properties of materials and how these can change we made bread where the mixture went from dry to wet and we stirred, twisted and cut to make changes. The following day we compared these solids to liquids and discussed how they were similar and different. We planned and conducted an experiment to see how a solid melts into a liquid using chocolate, testing our skills of observing and recording. We discovered this change is reversible and wanted to find out if the process of solidification is the same for every liquid. In groups, we predicted and planned to investigate which liquids solidified the quickest. We worked really hard to justify our predictions and in our conclusions tried to use scientific vocabulary. We discovered that the viscosity of the liquid affected how fast it solidified. Finally, we learnt about separating solids and liquids through filtration, sieving and magnetism. Take a look at us being scientific thinkers...

A Victorian Christmas - Fantastic Finish

For our fantastic finish we planned a spectacular Victorian Christmas for Tiny Tim, a poverty stricken lad from our literacy focus - A Christmas Carol. We started the day with Victorian Christmas craft. A large number of the Christmas traditions, which we know and love today, were introduced by the Victorians such as sending Christmas Cards, hanging and decorating Christmas tree decorations and pulling crackers, so we set about making these items ready for our celebration. We also learned traditional Victorian Christmas carols and designed and made a gift for Tiny Tim. We created our own chocolate gifts which we knew Tiny Tim would adore since his family lived in poverty and could barely afford food for the table let alone presents!

Forest School

During Forest School, we used team work, perseverance and communication to complete a number of Victorian themed challenges.

Some of our amazing displays showcasing our learning

Equality and Diversity Faith Day

During our day exploring different faiths, we focused on Hinduism. We discussed what we already knew from our R.E lessons in Year 1 and were introduced to a Hindu celebration - Bhai Dooj. Bhai Dooj, also known as Bhai Duj, is a day when sisters and brothers show their love and respect for one another. For Hindus, this is a very special day and an important opportunity to bond with their siblings. We explored ways that Hindus would celebrate this special day including making our own Barfi sweets, Rakhi bracelets for our siblings, painting henna on each other and listening to celebration music. We each had a Tilak mark placed on our heads which is given as a sign of protection. In the afternoon we had a visit from Shilpa who gave us an insight into her life as a Hindu. We got to ask her lots of questions about her clothes, food and beliefs. It certainly was an interesting day. We all decided that we should respect and tolerance for other people’s beliefs.

Save Our Seas - Grand total revealed


Yesterday, we presented a cheque to two representatives from the Devon Wildlife Trust. We had raised money during our previous topic ‘Save Our Sea’. We had visited Wembury Beach during our stunning starter and took part in a litter clean. We were shocked by the amount of rubbish we found and the horrific injuries the litter is causing to animals and their habitats. Consequently, we set about fund raising through creating and selling art, collecting copper and holding a cake sale. In total, we raised £265. Devon Wildlife Trust was astonished and extremely grateful. They explained how useful the money will be and what a huge impact it will have.

A Victorian Christmas – Stunning Starter

Year 2 kick started their new topic by dressing up as poor or rich Victorians and finding out when the Victorian period actually was on a timeline. For half of the day children had to go to a dreary workhouse where Miss Holman acted as their intimidating master. This was not a very fun place to be because they had to polish their shoes, clean windows, complete drills and sing the national anthem. They even had to eat gruel which tasted disgusting! During the second half of the day, the children experienced being in a wealthy Victorian household. In this room, the children were served by Miss Young who acted as their maid. The children painted flowers, read poems and learnt to write on a slate which was far nicer than the workhouse. The food delicious; they enjoyed cucumber sandwiches, cake and cream tea. This allowed the children to see the difference between rich and poor Victorians and left them with plenty of things they wanted to know more about.

Forest School

Year Two had a great day outside exploring the forest school area. We made under the sea creatures from clay and decorated them with feathers, beads and wool. We played lots of exciting games and even went on a word hunt. In the afternoon we enjoyed some yummy marshmallows and hot chocolate by the fire. 

E-Safety Day

As part of our E-Safety day Year 2 talked about cyber-bullying. We learnt what this term meant and what we should do if this were to happen to us. We used the book Digi duck to help us explore cyber-bullying and made freeze frames to explore how it makes people feel. We also looked at the consequences of this negative behaviour. We have agreed to some rules which will ensure that we are all responsible and kind online citizens.    

Trip to Wembury

On Wednesday, Year 2 set out on a mission - a mission to clean Wembury Beach. After receiving a letter from the Devon Wildlife Trust explaining the dangers of pollution and litter to our wildlife, Year 2 were keen to help in anyway they could. The children decided that they would like to go to the beach to litter pick and will also be holding fundraising events at school in order to prevent the destruction of precious habitats. Whilst at the beach, the children carefully explored the environment discovering sea creatures in their natural habitat when rock pooling. Take a look...


Alternative sports is always a highlight of the half term for Year 2 and we certainly weren't disappointed when Lauren arrived with rocket ball equipment. All of the children had a wonderful time developing their body control, motor skills and coordination, whilst experiencing an interesting sport.

Save Our Seas

We have kick started our new topic with a mountain of rubbish. When we entered the hall, we were shocked at the amount of rubbish scattered in front of us. Where was it all from? How did it get there? After inspecting the rubbish closely and finding plastic bags, shoes, glass bottles, netting, plastic packaging to name just a few, we stumbled upon a letter. We discovered that it was from the Devon Wildlife Trust. They had collected the rubbish from a few of their beaches and sent it to us so we could help. After discovering the shocking damage that litter and pollution causes to sea creatures and their habitats, we decided we must help the charity. We can't wait to find ways to help over the course of our topic.


RIO 2016

Last week in Year 2 we started our new topic – Rio 2016. We were taken back to Ancient Greece to find out how the games began. We were split into Spartans and Athenians and re-enacted the first games in Olympia in 776BC. Those of us who were unmarried women were allowed to watch whilst the men took part in an opening ceremony where they pledged to compete fairly in poetry, music and a 200 yard dash and took an oath to Zeus. We then offered Zeus a sacrifice of a pig and the games began. Champions were celebrated with a crown of olive leaves and we finished the day with a closing ceremony where we shared food including grapes, pears, breads, figs and olives. Since then, we have used a range of historical sources to see how the Olympics developed until 393AD when it was stopped by the new ruler of Greece. We have learnt the first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896, involving many countries and we have spent time comparing and contrasting the modern and ancient games looking at the similarities and differences. 

Fantastic Finish - Tomb Raiders


On Friday, we held our magnificent fantastic finish. We had been preparing for it for weeks. We spent our literacy lessons working in groups to write a play about Orisis, Seth and Isis to share all of our learning about Egypt. We learnt about the feature script, used our newly learnt adventurous vocabulary and carefully selected stage directions. With only a few days of practicing on stage, we performed our play to a large audience of our parents, Year 3 and Year 6 (our buddies). It was a huge success with the audience laughing at the loss of Horus’ eye! Take a look at the script and photos of our performance below…



Year 2 had a fun filled forest school day on Friday where the theme of the day was team work, perseverance and taking risks. Each activity had an Egyptian theme. Year 2 worked in groups to please the Egyptian gods... 

Geb – God of Earth: Clay tree Egyptian death masks

Sekhmet – God of lions, fire and vengeance: We created our own 5 minute fires in small groups. If our fire was successful, Sekhmet rewarded us with a marshmallow for toasting.

Hapi – God of the Nile: We to use guttering to work in teams to transfer water from the Sudan, along the River Nile to the Mediterranean Sea.

Shashat – God of Writing and Measurement: We were tied to a friend around the ankle to find hieroglyphics to spell out a message.

We also enjoyed free play where we set our imaginations free. 

Museum and Theatre Trip 


As part of our topic about the Ancient Egyptians, we have been learning about the social hierarchy, the afterlife, hieroglyphics, Egyptian legends and their use of art. Our topic will culminate in the children writing their own play set in this ancient World which we will perform to pupils and parents. To prepare for this, the children went on a trip to Plymouth Museum to view their Egyptian display. From there, a coach took us to the Hoe for our lunch where we enjoyed a picnic. In the afternoon, we went to the Theatre Royal to watch The Gruffalo’s Child. For most of the children, this was magical as they had never seen a professional play before. This opportunity has ensured that the children understand the elements of an engaging performance which they will hopefully now use to make their own Egyptian play fantastic!

Art Extravaganza

Henri Matisse


Year 2 focused upon the artist, Henri Matisse and his famous ‘Cut Out’s’. The children really enjoyed using scissors to create a range of art work in the style of Matisse by painting with scissors. The children then turned these pieces of art into sculptures by attaching their cut out shapes to balloons. They then popped the balloons to reveal their colourful, bowl shaped sculptures. The results were fantastic!

We then held an whole school art exhibition to showcase the fantastic work the children had created. 

Tomb Raiders

Year 2 have kicked started their new topic ‘Tomb Raiders’ with an Egyptian day where the children came dressed up as pharaohs and mummies – they all looked splendid. We spent the morning cooking Ancient Egyptian food and then were invited to a celebration of Tutankhamen passing to the afterlife. During this celebration, we tried our food and ‘beer’, learned an Egyptian dance, thanked the Egyptian Gods and took Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus to the Valley of the Kings. This celebration generated lots of questions which we will be enquiring about over the course of our learning journey. Here are some of them:

Where is Egypt?

What did the Egyptians believe the afterlife was?

How did they make mummies?

How have we found out about the Egyptians?

Why were we not all treated fairly with the same food and seats?

What does their funny writing mean?

We can’t wait to investigate these things as they will be useful for when the children write and stage their own Egyptian plays.

Fantastic Finish

On Friday, it was our fantastic finish. After months of learning about dinosaurs, it was finally time to set up our museum. Our friends and family enjoyed looking at the exhibitions we created which included information and a game about herbivores and carnivores, a timeline of when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, information about Mary Anning and dinosaur teeth and a tour of our junk model dinosaurs. Our parents became palaeontologists under our watchful eyes when they were able to dig for fossils. Everyone commented on how knowledgeable the tour guides were and our family and friends said that they particularly enjoyed eating freshly baked dinosaur cookies which we had made in the morning. 

Charmouth Bay Fossil Hunting


On Thursday, Year 2 went to Charmouth as part of our UPROAR topic whee we learned all about dinosaurs. Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre was our first stop before we set off fossil hunting. The centre had lots of displays that helped us to discover how to find your very own fossils which we could home. We learned about ABC to help use to remember the different types of fossils we were looking for – A = ammonites, B = belemnite, C = sea lilies. Full of excitement, we set out onto the Jurassic Coast in search of precious curiosities. Look at what we found. We all had a fantastic day!

Alternative Sports


Alternative sports is always a highlight of the half term for Year 2 and we certainly weren't disappointed when Lauren arrived with tchoukball nets and fencing equipment. All of the children had a wonderful time developing their body control and coordination whilst experiencing new sports for the first time.

The Twit’s take over Year 2!


For most of Year 2, book week was their first encounter with the world famous author Roald Dahl. We had fantastic fun exploring the beastly appearance of both Mr and Mrs Twit. In particular, the children loved unpicking the character description of Mr Twit and using this as a basis for making their own revolting beards. As we read the book, we discovered the reasons for their wicked looks. Roald Dahl explained: ‘If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until it gets so ugly you can hardly bear to look at it.

Ugly thoughts certainly occurred on a regular basis for Mr and Mrs Twit as they enjoyed playing awful tricks on one another, including creating disgusting meals for dinner. We tried the following menu – blood tomato soup, tarantula dropping and cow tongue pizza followed by vomit ice cream. It turns out it didn’t taste too bad! After sampling this menu we created our own.

After reading about other cunning tricks they played on one another, we used our imagination to create our own crafty tricks. Take a look at our instructions for details of how to set up and perform the trick.


One of our favourite moments from the story, which we found hilarious, occurred in the garden. Mr Twit was hoping to capture birds on his tree for bird pie. However, he caught four unsuspecting children who could only free themselves by taking off all of their clothes! Have a look at some of our great garden illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake.

Since we spent the whole week exploring dastardly tricks, we thought we’d best apologise! We wrote in role to explore Mr and Mrs Twit’s thoughts and feelings.

As we loved this book so much, we are keen to read other stories by Roald Dahl. He is an imaginative author who creates his own words and uses humour to make us giggle. We have found out some interesting facts about him…

Forest Schools

Today we were super communicators, effective team workers, enthusiastic individuals and we showed great perseverance. In forest school we created dinosaur poo, made erupting volcanoes, designed our own dinosaur traps and baked delicious dinosaur foot print biscuits. In the afternoon, we made a large fire, ensuring we kept ourselves and others safe and enjoyed a hot chocolate with our dinosaur biscuits. 

Diversity in Britain - British Jews

Today we took a closer look at what it means to be British. We all knew the countries that make up Great Britain and were able to discuss the British values. To unpick the value of tolerance we set about learning about and developing a respect for our own and other cultures. Today, we focused on the British Orthodox Jewish communities. Year 2 learnt that there are large communities in the cities of Manchester and London. We discussed Shabbat which is the most important day of the week for Jews. This is because it is a day on which they remember that God created the world and everything in it. Jews believe that God created the world in six days, but on the seventh day, Shabbat, He rested, and, like Him, they also rest on Shabbat. During Shabbat, families gather to celebrate with an evening meal on Friday. In our classes we worked together as a team to cook kosher chicken soup and challah bread for our Shabbat dinner. We discussed the meaning of kosher foods and why it is important to eat kosher foods if you are an Orthodox Jew.

We lit a Shabbat candle and looked at the blessing that British Jews say before their meal.


Blessed are You, God,

Ruler of the unvierse,
who sanctified us with the 

of lighting Shabbat candles.


We shared a Shabbat meal and enjoyed some ‘wine’, delicious chicken soup and crusty challah bread. We know there are lots of different cultures and religions in Britain and that’s what makes us GREAT!

Alternative Sports


Year 2 took part in alternative sports this week where they learnt all the skills needed to play polo, which included: dribbling, passing, defending, aiming and shooting. They then transferred these skills to play mini games within their classes. Some super polo stars in the making! 



Year 2 arrived back after the Christmas holidays to discover that there had been some very interesting items discovered on the school grounds. In their role as palaeontologists Year 2 were the perfect children to investigate! Upon further investigation the children found a a section of the forest school area cordoned. After some careful excavating, the children uncovered large dinosaur bones which had clearly hidden for millions of years. They gently cleaned them off and discussed which part of a dinosaur it may be from. Full of enthusiasm the children went on to find an enormous nest with two small eggs inside. They studied them and made predictions about what species of dinosaur may have been inside. These eggs are currently in our classrooms and we are all watching closely as the egg hatches to see what is inside! The children had a wonderful stunning starter, really immersing themselves in the topic, drawing T-rex footprints to scale, uncovering fossils and learning how they are formed and watching dinosaurs come to life using an iPAD. Take a look at all the fun we have been having whilst learning...  

E-safety Day Autumn 


Today we had an e-safety day where we learned all about why it is important to be kind to our friends when we are online. We read a story called ‘Digiduck’s big decision’ where Digiduck though that it would be a good idea to share a funny photo of his friend online. We discussed the consequences of this and hot seated each character to hear their opinions. We agreed that this was not very kind as his friend would be miserable and embarrassed. We thought that his friend should tell a teacher or parent to help keep themselves safe. We will remember to be kind to our friends online, not talk to strangers and report anything we think is unkind. 

All Aboard!

With buckets and spades in hand, Year 2 boarded a coach heading for Liskeard station for the trip of a lifetime that they had spent the last term planning. Every detail, from travel arrangements, ticket prices, timing, to their packed lunches, the children had considered to ensure they a fun filled day. Most importantly, the children had to return Driver Dan (a lucky charm) to Conductor Phil who has been helping them learn all about the history of trains, comparisons between Looe and Callington and healthy eating. All of the children loved their train ride and thought the train traveled incredibly fast. Whilst at Looe the children enjoyed playing on the beach, completing activities they designed, loved eating the scrumptious picnics they made themselves and paying for a delicious ice-cream with money they counted for themselves. Once back at Looe station, the children met a friend of Conductor Phil, Station Manager Mike who gratefully took Driver Dan to return to Phil and told us all about his job and some fascinating information about trains. Take a look at our day below.

Equality and Diversity Day

Disablity - Blindness


During our equality and diversity, we started off looking at our differences and celebrated what made each of us special; from how we look different to our unique talents. We discovered that we had many hidden skills for example drawing, football, being a computer whiz, a fabulous storyteller and being able to play a musical instrument. We then read a story called 'We're Going to the Zoo' and we noticed that one of the main characters had an extraodinary and positive experience even though they were different - they were blind. We thought that their use of their other senses was very impressive and learnt that if you are visually impaired you can still enjoy lots of different things but in different ways. We experienced experiencing new food when we were blindfolded and had to rely on our sense of touch, smell and taste. We then wrote poems to explore the experience. Take a look at them below...

British Values

The Rule of British Law


We started off the day thinking about rules that we use at home and school and why they are important. We then linked these to the laws that we have in Britain. After discussing images of laws that effect us everyday, we created role plays about what would happen if the laws did not exist. We became police officers and filled out incident reports including the suspects, the crime and the consequences. We then created lawful maps and lino block prints of laws that we though were important to our country. Take a look below...



Today Year 2 enthusiastically took part in their stunning starter to immerse them in their new topic. Mysteriously, a suitcase was found in White 2. After unpacking two flags, a badge, a whistle, a high visibility jacket and a letter, the children found out that Conductor Phil had set us a special challenge. He has trusted us with his lucky charm - a teddy of Driver Dan. He is letting us borrow him over the next to term to help us with our learning about trains. However, we have to take him back to Looe Station at the beginning of December and it is the children's responsibility to plan the train trip, make a healthy picnic and decide what we should do for the day - the children can't wait to start their learning journey. The day continued with a train academy where the children learnt train conductor signals, they acted as train drivers directing Beebots, took part in a traffic survey and built trains. Take a look at our stunning starter photos below...

Maths Day 



Stunning Starter

"We are games testers"


We started our exciting new topic by holding a games testing day. Everyone worked in groups and evaluated a variety of different games. Who knew you could learn so much whilst having fun and playing games! 

Chocotastic Fantastic Finish!


On Wednesday Year 2 celebrated their Chocotastic Fantastic Finish. We completed our learning journey by creating a Fair-Trade Cafe.  Parents, friends and family were invited to share our tasty treats, admire our amazing large scale sculptures and read information leaflets all about our exciting topic.  A super time was had by all and all profits made will be sent to support Fair Trade.

Equality & Diversity Day 


For diversity day we read a book about Rabbit who did "unrabbity" things. We discussed why someone may feel like an outsider and what we do to prevent this in our school.  In the story Rabbit left a gift of bright and colourful things for the rabbits to create their own pieces of artwork. We also recieved a box full of colourful goodies which we used to create our own amazing art. 

"Its your life and you can live it the way you want to"

Science Day 


"Science day is the best ever because we had lots of fun and we were all amazed by what happened"

"I loved it when Astro Alice blew a big bubble and it popped on her head"


Year Two had great fun on our Science Day. We were entertained by Astro Alice who amazed us with bubbles and experiments. Everybody then took part in a range of different science experiments which included: Rocket Mice, Bubble Trouble, Ice-cream creations and fizzy explosions. We had a fun filled day. 

Welcome to Year 2!


White 1's Forest schools

3 legged challenge
King of the castle!
Who knew mud pies could look so good!
Creating our own mud pie cakes
Working as a team
Augustus Gloop Pipe Challenge
We got a little bit muddy but it was fun!!

White 2's Forest School 


We had great fun creating mud pies.
We love working as a team!
We toasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate.

E - safety



White 1 and 2 discussed how to be a good friend on-line.  We looked at different "What if" scenarios thinking about how to keep ourselves safe when on line.  We all knew it was a good idea to exit the web page and always tell an adult.  Afterwards we listened to a story, "Digiduck's Big Decision" and discussed how to always be a good friend even on-line, being considerate of others' feelings.

In the afternoon we had lots of fun creating photo's and messages of our friends that we could share on-line.  We posted them in a box which represented the internet. We realised that once the message had been posted it would be unable to be completely removed, so it was really important that what we wrote was positive and we had their permission to post the picture online.  We also discovered that anyone would be able to see the messages as the web can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Fantastic Finish


Year 2 created a medieval banquet to celebrate the end of their topic ‘Turrets and Tiaras’. Prior to the banquet the children created their own Bayeux tapestry in the style of George Seurat which were on display during their banquet. All the children took ownership of the banquet by cooking a medieval meal to eat, this included: potato and leek soup served in a bread roll bowl known as a trencher, a bread roll and a ginger bread biscuit.


During the afternoon all the children took part in a medieval tournament where the children were able to take part in several team games. The children had a fantastic and memorable day!

Pendennis Castle

"We got there by coach and I was very excited and when we got there we went to look at the castle and we all went up the spiral staircase bravely! I went to the very top. Then we climbed into the bread oven. Then we walked into the lower gun room and then I heard a bang! "WOW!" everyone called and some of the models started to speak. "Fire the canons" and smoke filled the room. Then everyone started to cough and then we had our lunch and had a play in the sun and went to the shops". 

Written by a Year 2 pupil. 

Diversity Day: Race and Ethnicity

 "Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same!"

We started off our day by thinking about what made us the same and different. We decided that having differences is great because we can learn new skills and knowledge from one another. We also discussed that it doesn't matter what you look like or where you come from, it is what is inside that counts. 

Look at our amazing Picasso art work created by Year 2 in the afternoon!


White 1 and 2 had a castle themed forest school day. They took part in a carousel of activities, these included; creating a castle in teams, a crown for the Lords and Ladies, creating castle characters and other team building activities. The day rounded of with hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. Great fun had by all!