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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 2020 - 2021!

White 1:

Miss Southcott  & Mrs Roissetter

White 2:

Mrs Hume & Mrs James


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Christmas lunch with White 2

Forest Schools

 Today we all worked with children that we don't normally work with and created some amazing sculptures of sea creatures.  Can you guess what they are?  We had great fun and discovered some new friends along the way!

Equality and Diversity Day

Year 2 started the day by talking about composers of classical music.  We could remember Mozart and Vivaldi from our learning in Year 1.  We listened to a piece of classical music and drew our predictions of what we thought the composer looked like.  Some of us realised that there were no female composers so we predicted that they may be female. We were all very surprised when we saw a picture of the composer Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-Georges as we all presumed they would be white, just like all of the well-known composers of this era. This naturally led on to some super discussions about Black History Month and Black Lives Matter. We strongly believe in treating everyone fairly, celebrating peoples differences and showing respect for all.

White 2: Snap shot of some of our learning this half term

Forest school fun

Alternative sports

We had lots of fun  playing farmers and foxes, pizza tag and trying to hit the target with a crossbow and arrow.

What lies beneath...

Year 2 had a great time on their stunning start finding out some interesting facts.  They discovered the different layers of the ocean and even carried out an investigation to create the layers.  They learnt about the animals that lived in the different layers and even created some art work of underwater creatures.  

2019 - 2020


In Maths the children have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. One of the properties that they investigated was symmetry. The children explored this in a range of ways such as mirrors, geo boards, peg boards. They were able to talk about whether shapes are symmetrical or asymmetrical based on a vertical line of symmetry. 

Fire! Fire!

During our Stunning Start we made our 3D Tudor houses, baked 17th Century bread, created origami rescue boats and talked about what the children wanted to investigate throughout their new topic.

The children will be learning lots of new vocabulary which you can help them with at home (topic vocabulary).

Welcome to Year 2!


White 1:

Class Teacher: Miss Southcott

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roissetter, Mrs Williams & Miss Weeks


White 2:

Class Teacher: Mrs Hollington

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hendy & Mrs Rowles


What lies beneath?


Our topic for the Autumn Term will be focusing on the Oceans and the creatures that inhabit them. 
In Science, we will be learning about habitats, micro-habitats, food chains and
how plastic pollution is harming our waters and marine animals as well as ourselves. 

In Art, we will be learning about sculptures which will lead to us creating our own wicker sea creatures. 


Year 2 have been really busy during their Summer term. 

We've had our Stunning Starter for Left, Right, Left where we went through some parts of basic army training using the adventure as an obstacle course. 

We've learnt about how to keep healthy, food chains and reversible and irreversible changes in Science!


We explored why it was important to keep our teeth healthy and tested out how different liquids effect the enamel coating our teeth. We put hard boiled eggs into water, milk, orange juice, coke and vinegar. The coke turned the shell black, the orange juice and vinegar completely dissolved the shell. 


Additionally, it was great fun testing out different materials to see which we thought would be the most suitable to make a tent. We found that wood would be inappropriate due to its weight but plastic sheeting was the best as its light, waterproof and flexible. 


Recently, we've been celebrating World Ocean Day with Jo Ruxton where we discussed the impacts of plastic pollution in the Oceans and made art to show this destructive impact. We thought of ways we could reduce our consumption of single use plastics and how to dispose of them appropriately. 


Year 2 had great fun during their Stunning Starter for our new topic about Ancient Egypt. 

We made headdresses and necklaces to dress up like Pharaohs, tried some Egyptian inspired food, made Mummies out of toilet paper, practised walking like an Egyptian and did some Egyptian themed art. 

The children are now very excited to embark on their Egyptian learning adventure. 

Stunning Start - Magnificent Mummies

Alternative Sports - Fencing

We had Alternative Sports on Monday and we learnt how to do fencing. We were given our tops, helmets with steel mesh and a 'foil' which is the proper name for our plastic lances. We learnt that during fencing we can only move forwards and backwards and the winners were those who could land 10 jabs on their opponent. We did so well, you might even see us in the Olympics in a few years time. 

Science - Circuits

Children have been learning addition and have learnt how to visually show their addition through 'sticks and stones' which represent their tens and ones. The children enjoyed having opportunities to go outside and solve number sentences with partners and using chalk. 

Outdoor Numeracy

We are learning to jump in gymnastics!

On a dark, dark night...


We have had our Stunning Start, where we went up to the Forest School playground and went camping! We ate some sticky, gooey marshmallows. They were yummy!


Back in class, we made a range of nocturnal animals. We used paper plates, paint and clay to make hedgehogs as well as egg boxes and feathers to create owls. We then made bats, which you can see hanging around the Year 2 display and in the classrooms. We had lots of fun and are now very focused on learning about our topic. 


Science Days

Lots of asking and answering questions through exploring, investigating, observing, sorting, researching and explaining.


changing materials

Flowering plants

Forest School Fun!

Sports Week

Invented games, Just Dance, Yoga, Urban Polo, Alternative Sports, HIT workout and total exhaustion!

What an action packed week we have had! We have taken part in so many different sports, learnt about the importance of keeping active and healthy, designed and made healthy foods and developed our resilience and perseverance!

“It was lots of fun discovering about new sports.”

“ Just Dance was really fun , it got my heart beating.”

“I liked Sports Week because I didn’t realise how fun dancing actually was”

“ I enjoyed making healthy cupcakes , I didn’t know you could use vegetables to make cake.”

“I thought it wasn’t going to be exciting but it was fabulous!”

“ I achieved in football rounders, you have to kick the ball instead. I was good at kicking.”

“ Just because you didn’t win, you can try again. It’s still fun and you get faster.”

“We discovered lots of interesting fruit juices and enjoyed making our own cocktails – blueberry, pink grape and beetroot!”

healthy snacks

World Cup Designs

White 1's favourite sports

Hero Headquarters Marvellous Middle

For our Marvellous Middle, Year 2 got to meet a real, local hero. Karl, who is a paramedic, visited us in class. We discovered lots of facts from him about his job. He talked about lots of specialist equipment that he uses. We then all got the chance to go in the ambulance and ask Karl lots of questions about his job.

Hero Headquarters Stunning Start!

We’re here to the rescue! Year 2 enjoyed turning themselves into superheroes. We used an online superhero generator which gave each of us our own super hero name and described our strengths and powers. After creating profiles we needed to design and make our own superhero costumes and disguises. In the afternoon we continued our stunning start in the superhero hero training academy. This involved developing lots of super skills – climbing, rolling travelling and generally just being very brave! A fun day was had by all.

British Science Week

What an amazing day! The theme to this year’s British Science Week is Exploration and Discovery. Year 2 excitedly carried out lots of exploration and we definitely discovered quite a few new facts!

We created our own magnet controlled cars and discovered how different sounds can be created just with jars and different amounts of water. There were lots of “WOWS!” heard throughout the day and a real buzz about science.

Exploration and Discovery

Diversity Day: International Women’s Day.

White 1 learnt about the inspirational lady Elizabeth Magie. She was the original creator of Monopoly.

Elizabeth Magie created the game in 1904. Magie had strong political views for equal women’s rights and against capitalism. We enjoyed playing a version of Monopoly. This then inspired us to create our own board games. We are looking forward to playing with them during wet play!

World Book Day

Dydh da!


Year two had a great time thinking about our favourite Cornish things. We completed tally charts to discover our favourite things to do. White 1 chose The Donkey Park! We then found out about Rugby, a popular Cornish Game. Did you know that Rugby was actually invented when someone picked up the ball and ran with it in a game of football in 1823.

Cornish rugby has produced many fine rugby players who have played at international level including Phil Vickery, Trevor Woodman, (both England), Brian 'Stack' Stevens (England and British and Irish Lions), Graham Dawe (England), along with Andy Reed who has represented Scotland and the Lions, and many others.

We had great fun learning some rugby rules and skills – I wonder if any of us will become Cornish rugby players!

White 1's trip to the aquarium

White 1 Forest Schools.

Commotion in the Ocean Stunning Start!

Lots of fun researching animals from the ocean, investigating layers of the ocean and creating our own mini aquariums.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

'Tis the Season


Throughout our topic we have created some stunning art work.  Take a look at the amazing calendars which the children produced for our fantastic finish.  

E-safety Day

Year 2 talked about how to keep our selves safe when we are online. Most of us go online to play games or carry out research either on tablets, laptops, computers, PlayStation, X boxes or phones. We learnt a great acronym to remind us. SMART


Don’t MEET up



TELL someone.


We also discussed secrets and surprises and how we could come across these when playing online.

“A secret is when you don’t want everyone to know and you should keep it quiet. A surprise is something nice that is going to happen.”

“Surprises aren’t always good and secrets aren’t always bad. Sometimes you can have a good secret.”

'tis the season stunning start

Our new topic will take us on a journey through the year. We will be thinking about key events, changes and the seasons.

What an amazing date to kick start our new topic - 31st October. Of course, we had to think about Halloween - spider web pictures, gloopy slime and craft witches.  We also produced some amazing art work using autumnal finds - leaves, conkers and more.

Once there were dragons fantastic finish

Year 2 celebrated the end of their topic by enjoying a Viking day. Everyone came into school dressed as either a Viking or dragon. We all looked spectacular!! Throughout the day we enjoyed a range of different activities, creating fantastic Viking jewellery, making long boats and producing Viking flat breads. In the afternoon, our parents came into our classrooms so we could share our learning activities with them and show off our amazing junk model dragon creations which all had a moving mechanism.

Equality and Diversity Day

Celebrating Difference in Race


Year 2 started the day discussing the meaning of the words equality and diversity.  We than discovered what a diverse lot we are in Year 2.  We discussed appearance, families, likes, dislikes and what makes us special.  There were many similarities and differences between us but we understood how everyone should be respected and treated the same.  We then listened to a story, Amazing Grace.  We were quite shocked that initially Grace was told by her friends that she could not play the part of Peter Pan in her school play because she was a girl and that she was black.  We had lots of discussion about regardless of your race you should still be treated equally.  In the afternoon, we learnt about the amazing Mary Seacole. She was determined to work as a nurse in the Crimean War despite being told that she couldn’t because of the colour of her skin. This wonderful lady paid her own way to travel 3000 miles, provided medicine free of charge and nursed injured soldiers on the battle front. A truly amazing lady who chose to battle prejudices in order to help others whilst also demonstrating all of our school core values - friendship, compassion, creativity, perseverance and respect.

Mary Seacole treating injured soldiers.

Year 2 Stunning Start

White 1 and 2 had an amazing start to their new topic when they discovered an egg had been left in the classroom. As no one knew who or what had left the egg we needed to go and investigate. There were lots of clues – giant footprints, scorched paper and even smoke! We soon realised it must have been a dragon! We created lots of dragon art throughout the day and were even lucky enough to end the day with a visit from a real bearded dragon. We are all very excited about our new topic, Once there were dragons.

KS1 Maths Workshop Handouts - January 2017

KS1 Grammar Workshop Handout - January 2017


At the beginning of this half term, the Romans invaded Year 2, storming aggressively into White 1 and 2 in tortoise formation with their spears and daggers. Quickly, White 1 and 2 had to become archaeologists to look at a range of historical sources to find out about the invaders. In order to protect themselves, the children then made Roman style shields and helmets so that they could attend Roman soldier training. Sinster, dexter were the Roman commands loudly echoing through the playground as marching and formations were practiced. We then shared in a Roman banquet with different members of society being offered appropriate food. The children now have many questions to which they would like to discover the answers.


Thank you to all parents and children who completed Roman projects over half term they look AMAZING and the children are excited to share their learning.

Parables at Church

Year Two were lucky enough to be invited by Morag and her friends to Callington Methodist Church to listen to a range of parables. Members of the Church community shared a stories to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the Gospels. They then let the children take part in craft activities to help them to understand and remember the teaching of the stories. We had great fun and have a set of seeds growing in the classroom to remind us of the parable of the Sower who scatters seed, which falls on four different types of ground. The hard ground “by the way side” prevents the seed from sprouting at all, and the seed becomes nothing more than bird food. The stony ground provides enough soil for the seeds to germinate and begin to grow, but because there is “no deepness of earth,” the plants do not take root and are soon withered in the sun. The thorny ground allows the seed to grow, but the competing thorns choke the life out of the beneficial plants. The good ground receives the seed and produces much fruit.

Robots Rock Year 2


On Friday, we had our Rise of the Robots fantastic finish. We had an exciting visit to our school from Robotics Laboratory. This company encourages pupils to complete fun challenges with robots, turning our pupils into scientists and inventors. The children learnt how to create a robot which they controlled to move, race and perform challenges. This was a fantastic culmination of the children’s learning about electricity, programming and robot development. The children also created their own Art Bots which they will be taking home shortly. This required creating a circuit using a motor so that their Art Bot could move to create art masterpieces. We spent time creating our own versions of the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon using clay after reading the Iron Man book. Taking inspiration, from Eric Joyner - a renown artist - we created masterpieces of our own focusing on realistic backgrounds, imaginary robots and his favourite feature donuts as well as scale, perspective and mood. We've really enjoyed the our Rise of the Robots topic and learnt a great deal! 

Equality and Diversity Day

This morning we spent time looking at what makes each and every one of us unique. A backpack is one way to think about what makes us who we are. We can (and do) add to our backpack. We can unpack it to remind ourselves of what’s in it. We can reorder the contents according to our current priorities. We thought about the things that we like in our backpacks and the things that we would like to change or that make us feel sad. Here are some examples of our backpacks…

We then looked at a song which talks about how every family is unique and special. Take a listen…

We then listened to stories about different types of families including parents who are separated, children who have an adopted family, a child with two parents of the same gender and a nuclear family. We also discussed our own families and created good recipes for a family. Take a look at some of our ideas below…

Alternative Sports

Today, after much anticipation, Year 2 participated in alternative sports. They were able to experience Tchoukball which is a sport which involves a rubber ball and a bouncy net. We were developing our hand eye co-ordination, catching skills and team work. Take a look at our learning and fun…

World Book Day

Where’s Wally, Peter Pan and Matilda all made appearances in Year 2 today along with an array of other book characters. All of the children made a superb effort to dress up as some of their favourite characters and enjoyed sharing stories. The children wrote letters to their favourite authors; we will be posting tomorrow and we are hoping that, over the next month or so, we will receive some replies. The children are very excited to see if they hear back from their favourite writers. During the afternoon, we spent time with our buddies. In groups, the children were given story sacks and had to use these to make up their own story in the form of a role play which they then performed to the class. 


E-safety Day


Today, we were focusing on keeping ourselves safe online. Lots of us like playing games on laptops and tablets so we shared the games that we enjoy and discussed any problems we have ever come across whilst gaming. We recapped that we needed to press the red cross if a pop up we don't understand appears and to tell an adult. We also remembered that we needed to be good friends online, always remembering our manners and treating people with respect. Today, we looked at the information we give out when playing online. We agreed that we should always make up a nickname so we are not revealing our real name. Also, we decided that it is never necessary for us to tell another gamer our address, school or age; these are things that we have promised to keep private. If we encounter any problems, we know to tell our parents, teacher or a trusted adult.

Rise of the Robots- Stunning Starter

Tuesday we kicked started our new topic Rise of the Robots. When we came into our classrooms in the morning we noticed something very strange. The rooms had been trashed! Who would do such a thing? After some investigating we soon found some clues that would help us to identify the culprit. We had two voice recordings, a picture of some foil, a motor and a light bulb. There were also some very strange footprints. After looking at all the evidence and searching around the room we decided that it was a robot that had done this to our classrooms. After discovering the culprit we designed our own robot and then worked as a team to build them using junk. Once we had built our own robots we then used the Bebots and learnt about programming. Our challenge was to get the Bebot to our team’s pile of sweets. Whilst doing this we discovered that we had to programme the Bebots really carefully or else they would go off track. We had a fantastic day and can’t wait to learn more about robots.