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Fire! Fire!

Samuel Pepys Experience Day

What an exciting day!  Year 2 were visited by Samuel Pepys. They had a fantastic time learning even more facts about the Great Fire of London.

“It was fun being the town crier.  I had a wig on and rang the bell.  It was really loud.”

“I loved playing the game.” 

“We got to write using quills like in the olden days.  It was fun but really messy.”

“I loved our day with Samuel Pepys. He was funny when he saw items from nowadays because he didn’t know what a torch was and shined it in his eye!”

Fire! Fire! Stunning Start.

Our new history themed topic is based upon the Great Fire that raged through London town in 1666.  We went on a google maps virtual tour to find out what the streets of London look like nowadays and spotted many famous London Landmarks.  We then became detectives, using clues to see if we could discover what caused the terrible fire. Did you know that it started in a bakery in Pudding Lane? Many people tried to escape in boats.  We carefully followed instructions to make our own origami boats and tested how well they floated. How impressive! Some boats managed to hold 15 toy people.