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Who's Who


Current members of staff working at the school:



Head Teacher

Antony Fugill


Designated Safeguarding Leads


Sam Brooks (Autism Champion)

Andrea Ede

Antony Fugill

Hannah Loss

Debbie Spurr (TIS Practitioner & Autism Champion)




Sam Brooks (Autism Champion)





Hannah Loss

Year 6 - Emma Truscott, Hayley Wood and Iain Burnip

Year 5 - Sian Dart, Rachael Thomas and Toni Ackland

Year 4 - Mellonie Treasure and Emily Lake

Year 3 - Andrea Ede and Jodie Hollington

Year 2 - Laura Stainer, Autumn Widdison and Tamara Hume

Year 1 - Sam Brooks and Holly Southcott

Reception (UFS) - Katherine Gibson, Laura Stainer and Billie Parker

Nursery (LFS) - Sue Pendleton (TIS Practitioner), Carol Paul and Zeta Smith


Higher Level Teaching Assistants


Trish Holman and Lisa Carter


Teaching Assistants


Year 6 - Bev Searle and Karen Yorke-Dunne

Year 5 - Karen Dance (TIS Practitioner) and Bernie Purnell

Year 4 - Melanie Hendy, Sarah Hill-Smith, Natalie Owen, Sandy Rowles, Charlotte Vellacott and Beverley Williams

Year 3 - Sandy Rowles

Year 2 - Paula James and Carol Paul

Year 1 - Lisa Carter, Melanie Hendy and Debbie Palmer

Reception (UFS) - Sue Wadland and Claire Weeks

Nursery (LFS) - Teresa Svarc


Support Staff


Premises Manager - Ian Aspen 

Site Supervisor - Gary Lefroy

Family Support Worker - Debbie Spurr (TIS Practitioner)

Cleaning Staff - Sarah Glet, Sharon Hannaford, Julie Heard and Tanya Robbins

Catering Staff - Tracey Ball, Sharon Hannaford, Julie Heard, Mary Robbins and Tanya Robbins

Secretary - Nikki Pritchard

Administration Assistant - Sarah Rookley


The Duchy Academy Trust 


Principal Business Manager - Louise Barrington

HR Officer - Sharon Tilbury

Finance Officer - Roz Berry

Procurement Assistant - Charlotte Vellacott