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Reading in Year 2


Reading at home - We ask that your child reads to you at home as regularly as possible and this is recorded in their reading record. By the end of Year 2 the children are expected to read up to 90 words per minute. Daily reading will enable your child to increase their reading fluency. As well as reading with fluency, please ask your child questions about their reading to develop their comprehension. This page includes a useful bookmark with suggested questions which cover vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and sequence.


Common Exception Words – Your child will be receiving bookmarks which contain common exception words.  The children will need to learn these to read by sight and also be able to spell them all by the end of year 2.


Recommended Reads –On this page, you will find a sheet containing recommended reads for children in Year 2.  These are high quality texts, that, depending on your child’s stage in their reading journey, they may enjoy reading independently or sharing with an adult at home.  Most of these texts can be found in our local library or could make fantastic Christmas or birthday presents.