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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 2020-21!

Purple 1:

Mrs Wood -

Mrs Loss -

Teaching assistant: Mrs Searle

Purple 2:

Mrs Briars-Delve -

Teaching assistant: Mrs Yorke-Dunne

Merry Christmas From Year 6

Bee Happy Day


Today in school, we are celebrating when the Honey fair would have been by having a Bee Happy day. Last week, the children designed their own Bee Happy pictures which they worked incredibly hard on. They had the opportunity to enter them into a competition so fingers crossed for some year 6 winners! 

Bee Happy pictures

Purple 1 Forest School

Today, Purple classes enjoyed collaborating with our friends in Forest Schools. We thought about the things we would need to prioritise if we were fleeing a natural disaster. Having built shelters during our last session, we felt that first aid, water and fire would be the priorities. We learnt some basic first aid, discovered how to make a water filter from a plastic bottle and created our own five minute fires with some of our peers. Take a look at our photos from the day…



In R.E, we have been exploring the question: Science and creationism – complementary or conflicting? Over the past couple of weeks, we have been exploring the creation story of Genesis and how this can be interpreted literally or metaphorically. We compared these interpretations to the Big Bang theory, Galileo’s discoveries and Darwin’s theory of evolution. This week, we came to appreciate how some avid scientists are Christians as they believe ‘Genesis explores why the universe and life exists. Science explores how the universe works the way it does’. We are looking forward to continuing our learning journey about this topic.  Take a look at some photos of our work.

We had a fab time out in the forest school for our first session of year 6! Since our topic is 'Aftermath', we build natural disaster shelters using only materials found around the forest school area. Take a look at some of the photographs above to see how we did!

See below for pictures and information from previous years!

Welcome to Year 6


Purple 1:

Class Teachers: Mrs dart and Mrs Loss

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Searle and Mrs Boud


Purple 2:

Class Teacher: Mrs Truscott

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Yorke-Dunne


World Book Day

Forest School February 2020

London for the day

On Monday, Year Six had the exciting opportunity to visit our capital city, London. After a longer than expected train journey, we arrived safely and made our way to the London Eye; we had breath-taking views of the whole city where we were able to identify and locate many iconic landmarks. We also had the chance to visit the London Eye 4D cinema where we were transported to the skies to witness a bird’s eye view like never before. After this, we made our way to St. James’s Park where we ate our lunch and watched the wildlife around us. We started the afternoon by taking a walk past Buckingham Palace; we noticed the flag flying high which signalled that the Queen was in residence. We continued our adventure by visiting the Houses of Parliament where we gained an insight into our how our country is run and how laws are made; we even got the once in a lifetime opportunity to watch our Prime Minister –Theresa May- give a statement in the House of Commons. Our local MP (Sheryll Murray) came to visit us during our workshop; she spoke about the laws she has passed in parliament and how she supports her constituency. At Paddington, we collected our McDonalds and settled into the train for the journey home. We had fantastic time and will cherish these moments for the rest of our lives.

Alternative Sports

Year 6 have had a wonderful time playing a range of alternative sports this week. We loved the team-work involved in urban polo and the accuracy needed for golf. We are looking forward to sports week next week where we will be leading our teams in Sports Day and participating in a range of new sports including zorbing and Nerf wars. Team captains have decided that they would like the emphasis to be placed on co-operation, competition and community spirit. 

Our residential trip to France

Visits to a medieval town, a fascinating aquarium visit, a beach BBQ, an awesome time in a theme park and a wonder around a French town made for a fabulous week in France for Year 6. We enjoyed making new friends during the week as children from Boyton and Lewannick joined us on our French adventure.

R.E - Christian worship through music

Today, Year 6 visited both the Methodist Church and St. Mary's Church in Callington to kick start their learning about the use of music in Christian worship. It was interesting to compare and contrast the use of music in these two Christian denomination and find out how music plays an important role in the lives of both congregations. 

Fantastic Finish

Since September, the Year 6's have been learning about the race to space and how conflicts occurred between Russia and America during the Cold War. We learnt about communism, capitalism and how these drastically different ideologies caused the race to space. For our fantastic finish, we wanted to hold our own democratic vote where the Year 6's of Callington Primary could introduce their very own exhilarating policies. After introducing our policies in assembly, the pupils all voted and the Mad Hatter party were announced the winners. Today, this party have been the head teachers for the day introducing their policies of yoga to enhance well-being, teachers verses pupils dodge ball to increase physical fitness, science experiments to encourage academic curiosity and a winter themed art competition to foster creativity. We hope your children have had a fun and enjoyable day.

Sophie, Frankie, Logan, Ann- Marie, Kieran, Maddy, Cadan, Kaci (Your head teachers for the day!)

Amazing Homework Projects


Year 6 enjoyed researching and presenting projects about space over half term. Projects range from posters on specific planets, to newspaper reports about animals in space, to board games about milestone space events. We are very impressed by Year 6’s enthusiasm and creativity – the results are outstanding! We are looking forward to each child presenting their project so that we can learn more about space. Take a look at just some of the fantastic homework…

Alternative Sports - Fencing


Year 6 enjoyed fencing for alternative sports. We focused on improving our footwork and dodging so that we moving agilely and with purpose. Our attacking skills were improved as we focused on being precise and decisive.

First Week Back Fantastic Poetry


The children used their stunning starter experience and historical sources including political cartoons, video footage from the time and first hand accounts to inspire their poetry writing in literacy this week where they have been learning about a range of figurative techniques. Take a look at some our brilliant work...

Space Race - Stunning Starter


On Monday, Year 6 had their stunning starter for their new topic ‘Space Race’ on Monday where they began to learn about events that led to the desire to be the first to explore space. The children became citizens of 1961 Germany and experienced the building of the Berlin Wall and life in East and West Germany. We explored reasons for the division and the consequences for the people who lived there.  They were able to experience the communist East and the democratic, capitalist West and make comparisons about the two ideologies. We even got to handle a real piece of the Berlin Wall...

E-Saftey Day- Fake News

We have been learning about fake news and how it can have disasterous consequences on people's lives. here are some quotes about what fake news is. 

''Fake news is used to change some people's opinions on a person or group of people.''

''Fake news is used to persuade people to believe something that may not be true.''


We looked at how to spot fake news online. here are our top tips for spotting it.

  • If the website has, then it may not be real
  • If the picture looks edited, it may be fake
  • If you have not heard the news elsewhere on the T.V and radio, then it may be fake.




Times Table Rock Stars

Thank you for the wonder effort made transforming Year 6 into rock stars. The children had a fantastic time kicking off ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ which is a fun and challenging programme designed to help students master the times tables. Yesterday, high quality maths discussions could be heard across the school as our pupils completed a variety of engaging times table related activities: puzzles, investigations and even making their own times table rock rap! All children spent time on the laptops logging into the website so that they became familiar with the platform.

Rock Star Time Tables

Which Witch is Which?

On Tuesday, Callington Primary school was greeted by a range of mysterious witches, wizards and creatures. The children in Year 6 celebrated their stunning start of ‘Which Witch is Which?’ an exciting topic based on the literature from Harry Potter, the history from the Salem witch trials and other intriguing aspects of wizardry life. At the start of the day, the children received a letter from Albus Dumbledore inviting them to Hogwarts. During their time there, the children had to participate in a range of lessons to see if they have what it takes to become a wizard or witch. They learnt magical spells to create balloons to blow up all by themselves, they created and decorated their own quill, they whittled sticks from the Forbidden Forest to create their own magical wand, created Butterbeer and created gruesome cupcakes with bizarre fillings. In the afternoon, the children learnt how to play Quidditch- the non-flying version! All day, the children proved that they were worthy wizards and witches!

Theme park fun

Still image for this video

Beach time fun: France 2017

Still image for this video

Bag Packing to raise money for our production!

World Book Day


On World Book Day, Year 6 entered the wonderful world of Narnia- the teachers even got dressed up too. We had a fantastic day, dressing up as our favourite book characters and taking part in fun reading activities. Our learning for the day was focused on the first instalment of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We were read the first chapter where Lucy first enters the wardrobe and steps into Narnia- the only twist was that our teachers stopped reading before she stepped out. We had to use our imaginations to create a picture of the scene. Then using our amazing vocabulary banks, we created setting descriptions to describe our imagined scene. Here are some examples of our writing.


Later on in the day, we joined forces with our buddy classes to share our favourite books with each other. Here are some photos of our time together.

E-safety day February 2017  


During E-safety day, we watched and discussed the new reosureces from Ceop called 'Play, Like, Share'. 

Play Like Share follows the adventures of Sam, Ellie and Alfie as they form a band and enter their school’s Battle of the Bands contest, taking on the mean but ‘cool’ Popcorn Wizards as they go. The three friends learn that while the internet can help, they need to use it wisely and safely.  We learnt  how to stay safe online and in particular how to spot the early signs of manipulative, pressurising and threatening behaviour by people we might meet online. We also discussed what to do if we did have any concerns. 


Please watch the videos at home and join with us as we all learn how to stay safe online

Youth Speaks 2017 - Round Two!

Youth Speaks 2017 - press photos

Youth Speaks 2017 - we came 1st ad 2nd!

KS2 Maths Workshop Handout - January 2017

Our amazing displays showcasing our exciting learning

We are a democracy


Last week, the whole school participated in a democratic vote to choose their new house captains. After listening to the speeches from each house’s candidates, every child took part in a ballot during the afternoon. To make the event even more exciting, the children in Year 6 visited each year group with a ballot box for them to post their votes. We would like to say a big well done to all of the candidates for creating super speeches about why they would make an excellent house captain. In the end, once the votes had been counted and verified, we can now share with you our new house captains.


Lynher House Captain: Freddy Vice Captain: Kori                     Tamar House Captain: Callum Vice Captain: Callum 


Fowey House Captain: Emerson Vice Captain: Chloe               Fal House Captain: Harriet      Vice Captain: Kelsey 

Welcome to Life in Year 6

Hello and welcome back to another year at school and your final year at Callington Primary School. Year 6 is a fantastic year with lots of challenging work and lots of fun to be had along the way. This half term our topic is called ‘Oceanopolis’ and the children are already having a fantastic time learning about life under the oceans. The topic covers a range of skills and knowledge which can be found on the topic planning web. We are currently planning the 'Fantastic Finish' for our topic where the children will come up with a range of interesting ways in which we can raise money for a charity which supports the protection of our oceans.  There will be more information coming soon. We have already booked an exciting trip to Plymouth aquarium on Monday 3rd October and more details will be coming soon.  If your child has any books or related objects at home that they would like to share with their classmates it would be fantastic to see these and add them to our topic displays. We are always encouraging independent learning so if you find out any facts at home or create anything related to our topic, then feel free to bring it in and we can display it on the wall.  




This year we will be continuing with our times table challenge and this will take place every other day so get learning those tables. Additionally, on the other days, children will take part in a spelling challenge where they have the chance to work their way up a list of spellings- can anyone manage to get onto purple level? Children will also be sent home with weekly spellings and will be tested on these on Friday. Please encourage your children to work on their times tables and spellings at home as these fundamental skills are so important to all areas of their learning. 


The Reading Karate challenge is continuing and children can earn their karate bands by reading as many times as they can. The first band is only worth 15 reads so make sure you get reading and write it in your reading diary. We asks that all children read a minimum of 3 times a week but anymore would be fantastic! Reading diaries and reading books should be in school everyday and reading diaries will be collected on a Friday to count the number of reads.


We hope your children have settled well into Year 6 and we are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. If you ever have any questions please come into see us. 


Miss Friend and Mrs Truscott

Oceanopolis Stunning Starter



The Great Callington Bake off

France 2016

Still image for this video
Check out our awesome film from the beach yesterday... Lots of fun to be had by all :)

France Day 3

France Day 3

France Day 2

France Day 1

Aqua Park and beach Fun


Art Extravaganza

Yesterday afternoon saw the first great Callington art extravaganza! Every child –from Nursery to Year 6 – participated in this extraordinary event. The children in year 6 explored the famous artist Van Gogh. They experimented in their style and created some magnificent pieces of art that they should all be very proud of. The children thoroughly appreciated all of the visitors who came and supported them – thank you!  

Forest School Fun


After a week of hard work and SATs, it was time for some forest school fun for Year Six. The children had an excellent day out in the beautiful sunshine playing games, creating pieces of art and feasting on a BBQ of sausages and beans...yum! Smiles were all around as the children had a well deserved day of fun and friendship in the forest. 


This week, the children in year 6 have worked extremely hard on their SATs exams. Each morning, they enjoyed a delicious breakfast of exotic fruits, cereals, toast, crumpets, croissants, pancakes and fruit juice! Over the course of the week, the children impressed us with their maturity, perseverance and  dedication to their learning- tackling all tests with a can do attitude. They should all be immensely proud of themselves and what they have achieved over the course of the academic year.

Well done!

Youth Speaks


On Thursday 11th February, two courageous teams sat in the Town Hall mentally preparing themselves for their moment in the limelight. It was time for the annual Youth Speaks competition. After a couple of weeks of writing and practising their speeches, they were ready to compete. Team 1, whose chair person was Lewis, went first. Their speaker, Arthur, had put forward their debate title which was, ‘Graffiti, is it art or vandalism?’ Lewis opened the speech and introduced the other team members. Arthur then took to the stage and spoke on his subject for 4 minutes! Finally, Josh, the Vote of Thanks, took to the stage to summarise the debate. Several teams and minutes later, it was Team 2’s go. Brandon opened the debate as the chair person whilst Nyah, the speaker, passionately put forward her debate on ‘Animal testing’. Their speech was concluded by Merryn who was their Vote of Thanks. Then came the anxious wait as the judges made their decision. Half an hour later and the results were in. Out of 13 local schools only two could go through and amazingly Team 2 got through! Brandon, Nyah and Merryn would be heading to the second round against schools from Devon and Cornwall! Both teams were ecstatic by the news and even better, Lewis was chosen as the judges favourite chair person.


A week later, on Tuesday 23rd, Brandon, Nyah and Merryn travelled to Tavistock to compete again. There were 13 teams and it was a tough competition. Despite being nervous, the team gave their all and gave confident speeches and answers to a very complicated question from the questioner. After a break, the judges came to their decision and Tavistock Primary School and Lifton Community Primary School were crowned the winners. Although the children didn’t get through to the next round, they did incredibly well to get this far and it has been a great experience. I am very proud of their achievements!  


Year Six Evacuation Day


As part of their 'Behind Enemy Lines' topic, Year 6 were evacuated to another school within our MAT. The children had no idea where they were being evacuated to and as we drove on the coach, past fields and farms, they soon realised they were being taken to a much more rural location; they were heading for Boyton Primary School. When we arrived at Boyton Primary, we were greeted the by rather strict billeting officer (also known as Mr Fugil) who gave us our orders and marched us into the school hall. We were told, in the 1940's children should be seen and not heard so we made sure we were on our best behaviour and made our way into the school. After a rendition of the National Anthem, we were suited into our new host families. Some children were lucky and had families who presented them with delicious chocolate biscuits whilst others were less fortunate and were sent straight out to work in the field.


During their time at Boyton Primary, the children took part in a whole host of war time activities. They made use of the outdoor grounds and took part in 'Dig for Victory' activities whilst learning about some of the local history; the children even found out there was a German prisoner of war camp just down the road from the school. The children also took part in 'Make do and Mend' activities and created recipes from war time rationed ingredients. 


The children all had a had a fantastic day and the experience allowed them to live an evacuee's life for the day,helping them to gain empathy and insight into this historical event. 

London Blackouts: Electricity

We have been learning all about the blackouts that happened around Britain (in major cities) just before the Blitz took place. Did you know that Blitz is from the word blitzkrieg and means lightening storm? In precaution of the blackouts, many people painted white stripes along the sides of roads, on trees and even on animals just so they would be seen in the dark. With this in mind, we wanted to explore light and more importantly, electricity! We learnt about types of circuits (parallel and series) and the different components used within circuits. We planned are very own investigation: What could affect the brightness of a bulb? We discussed the importance of variables and controls and how these must be used to ensure we have a fair test. Take a look at some of our experiments. 

Plymouth Albion Rugby Coaching

This week, year 6 were extremely lucky to have players from Plymouth Albion Rugby team come and coach us! We learnt new skills from passing effectively backwards, scoring tries and defending - we completed agility skills which we incorporated into our games. In the afternoon, we had a mini tournament against the whole year group; this was amazing! After this, we had  a question and answer time where we learnt about the life of a rugby player. As a reward for being so fantastic, they gave every child a free ticket to go and watch one of their matches - check out their website below!

Callington Take on London


Currently, in year 6, we have been learning about World War Two. We created causation cards to explore the reasons why Britain and Germany went to war, even after the horrific events of World War One. We linked this concept of ‘declaring war’ within our SMSC sessions and discussed whether any country has the right to declare war on one another. We have learnt about the great leader Winston Churchill and were even lucky enough, during our trip to London last Friday, to visit his war bunker - seeing with our very own eyes where Churchill ate, slept and organised the war is a memory we will never forget! We learnt the reason behind his secret war bunker; to stop the German Luftwaffe’s bombing his whereabouts! This topic so far has been amazing! With so many of our grandparents and great grandparents being connective to the war, we are engaged and enthralled by the events that took place. The trip to London was a once in a life time opportunity and we thoroughly look forward to all of the other fantastic opportunities coming our way!


Diversity in Britain - China Town

Today we took a closer look at what it means to be British. We all knew the countries that make up Great Britain and were able to discuss the British values. To unpick the value of tolerance we set about learning about and developing a respect for our own and other cultures. Today, we focused on British Chinese communities who live in China Town, London. In year 6, we learnt about a range of fascinating facts about China Town and when it was first established. Furthermore, we discovered that during the WW2 China Town was bombed quite heavily. We used our team work to work together to create 3 amazing Chinese dishes: fortune cookies. sweet and sour noodles and vegetable pancake rolls.  We learnt that fortune cookies are used to share prophecies with each other; her are some examples.


If you are kind, people will be back.

Live your life to the fullest.

You can only be born an original so don't be a copy.

Believe in better.

Make your life happy.

It's better to make more friend than enemies.


During our trip to London, we were lucky enough to walk through China Town; the lights were mesmerizing especially with the huge lanterns!



Red Carpet Treatment For Year 6

Before half term, Year 6 had their fantastic finish at the Real Cinema in Plymouth. After buying popcorn and drinks, the children walked the stairs and graced the audience (waiting with anticipation) with their presence on the  red carpet. The children stopped and posed for photographs before entering the screen 1. There were laughs and tears of joy as we all watched the amazing films created by all of the children. They worked extremely hard and should be immensely proud of themselves. 



In year 6, we have looked at how our personal information on the world wide web could be viewed by anyone if we are not safety aware! We have used the phrase, Zip it Block it Flag it in order to protect ourselves online.                                                          



Keep your personal stuff private and think about what you say and do online  Block people who send nasty messages and don't open unknown links and attachments.  Flag up with someone you trust if anything upsets you or if someone asks to meet you offline. 


We have learnt can we can use the internet safely if we ensure that we always keep our personal information private. We understand that we need to think about what we say online and who we are saying it to. Also, we know that we can always block people who try to send us messages or unknown attachments- we should always tell an adult we trust if this happens by flagging it to them. if we follow these clear messages then we can all stay safe online. 


Here is a video we watched about a young girl who did not follow this advice and kept her online life open for all to see. 

We used this video to share our own experiences with the online world.




Equality and Diversity Day - Year 6


In Year 6 we looked at what being disabled means. We found out that you can be born with a disability or acquire one later on in life. We watched a video which looked at how disabilities are not always visible. 


Here’s the video we watched:


We tried to imagine what life would be like with a disability and how you might have to adapt your lifestyle. We tried to create some artwork where we were blindfolded and found it really difficult to concentrate - we were really disorientated. 



Forest School

Year six had a fantastic time in the forest school area developing our communication, social and team skills. We started the day by creating headdresses where we used images of the great chiefs from Native American tribes for inspiration - we used leaves, twigs, moss and grass to decorate. After this, we had the opportunity to create miniature tipis and used string to lash the sticks together. We used willow from the Forest School area to create dream-catchers - some of us spent a lot of care and time weaving and plaiting string to decorate them. Throughout the morning, we had the chance to whittle sticks in order to create our own creation sticks which we will decorate back in class. Before lunch, we were treated to a campfire where we toasted marshmellows and squished them between two chocolate biscuits to created  a s'more. After lunch, we created large sculptures of a buffaloes, Prairie Schooners (a type of wagon used by the pioneers to cross the Western Frontier) and sheriff badges. We had a brilliant time and can't wait for the next one! 

Super Sport Leaders


Last Friday,some of the children in Year Six had a go at creating sports activities for their peers.We have been developing our skills in rugby and wanted to give some children an extra challenge of creating their own games and activities and an opportunity to share their expertise.  The children were given time in groups to plan and trial their activities while the rest of the year worked on specific rugby skills with the teachers. 


The children did fantastically and not only set up and carried out some excellent activities, demonstrating a secure understanding of their rugby skills, but they also all showed excellent skills in leadership and patience.We pottentially, have some future sports coaches on our hands! 


Take a look at them in action!

  • British Values Day (Year Six)



    During our day of exploration of British values, Year 6 initially reflected upon own own values and then compared and contrasted them to our country's values. We learnt about the British Legal system and shared some of our knowledge from our ' Justice' topic with Miss Friend and Mrs Truscott; they were super impressed with what we already knew!


    We watched a film clip which introduced us to the Magna Carta. We now appreciate this important document for it was instrumental in stating that a King had to follow the laws of the land and it guaranteed the rights of individuals against the wishes of the King. This meant people couldn't be arrested, imprisoned or have their possessions taken away except by the judgement of his equals and/or the law of the land. This laid the way for trial by jury which means people are tried by their peers and guaranteed the civil rights of the individual.


    In Purple One, we then decided to take matters into our own hands and set up our own 'Houses of Parliament' in the classroom. We worked in pairs to discuss ideas for a new law. We thought about things that would create a positive impact on society and discussed and debated them as part of a group. We learnt about the different stages involved with submitting a bill and the process involved before it get's passed as a law. We had to pick our top suggestions and submit these to the group. We then debated some more of our ideas, before agreeing on the law we thought would be the most important. Eventually, we decided upon the following law, in light of current news: You should not be allowed to smoke in the same room as a child under the age of 18. We scrutinised and made alterations and amendments to the bill.


    In the afternoon, we created comic strips to represent the process a bill goes through before it becomes a law.  


Welcome to Year 6 2015/2016

Year 6 have been learning about 'The Wild Wild West' as our new and exciting topic. The children have been learning about the pioneers who traveled across the Western Frontier in search of new land; we have also looked linked this with the current crisis in Syria with refugees fleeing their country in search for a better life by looking at the similarities and differences between them. During our stunning starter, in the forest school area, we learnt how to make Honda knots, how to lasso a target, whittle sticks and learn a fantastic cowboy dance. Mrs Holman and Miss Alderson created a fantastic campfire where they cooked sausages and baked beans, just like the pioneers and cowboys would have done - they were very tasty. In the afternoon, we made our very own dream catchers and a whole class Totem pole. 


The Lion King

Year 6's musical production of the The Lion King is currently dazzling audiences. Their lively singing, amazing costumes and profession acting has made an impressive leavers' production of which they should be incredibly proud. Many people have commented that it is the best production yet! There are still a few tickets left for Tuesday and Wednesday's evening performances and you can watch the show for free in the park on Saltash Road on Friday from 2:30pm. Keep an eye out on our website as photos and film clips of their incredible performance will soon be on display.

Pirate Maths Day Fun


A surprise visit from Captain Silver Stubble kick started Callington Primary's whole school maths day. He was ship wrecked and needed to find his lost treasure, source food and water to feed his motley crew and discover the code to his tool chest so that he could repair his ship. To help Captain Silver Stubble Year 6 had to apply their volume, ratio, proportion, scale and 3D shape knowledge in order to create treasure chests with given volumes, scale down and cost recipes for food and then follow the recipes in small groups. They had to follow a maths trail covering all areas of the maths curriculum to help crack the tool box code. It was great fun and involved perseverance, resilience and application of maths knowledge and skills. Well done Year 6.


Equality and Diversity Day - Summer


During equality and diversity day, Year 6 learned about some of the emotional and physical aspects of being transgender. We read a book called 'Be Who You Are' which explored Nick's story. A child who, despite being born in a boy's body, has always felt like a girl inside. We followed a journey of self awareness as Nick expressed the need to live authentically for the first time. We also discussed transgender stories we had heard recently in the news and discussed the need for acceptance, diversity and tolerance. We tried to empathise with the emotional aspect of being transgender through poetry. Please have a look at some of our work below...

Images from a fun filled week in France!

Enrichment Week

While some of Year 6 were on a residential in France, the remaining children enjoyed a range of exciting experiences: science

day, orienteering, ultimate sports, Zero Gravity, cooking and bag making. All of the children had great fun; take a look at what they've been up to...

Science Day

Year 6 enjoyed a fascinating science day. From investigating the fire triangle and gravity, to exploring the heart and chemical reactions, Year 6 certainly had an interesting day which transformed them into enquiring scientists eager to discover more about the world in which we live. 

A visit from STEM

Analyzing the micro - organisms around school

SATS Week!


Year Six have excelled this week in their SATs test. They have been in every morning bright and early for breakfast! All of the children took the opportunity to show how much they have learnt during Keystage 2. All of the staff at Callington Primary are extremely proud of the positive attitudes displayed towards assessments and Year 6's determination to succeed. Well done Year Six!!! You are all absolute SUPER STARS! surprise

Brain Food = Brain Power!

E - Safety Day : Be Share Aware!


During our e-safety day this term, Year 6 have been focusing on the need to carefully consider the photos and information which they may share on electronic devices (including phones and social media). We discovered that as children year 6 are often told to share but online it's different. In fact, sometimes sharing online can be dangerous which is why Purple 1 and 2 watched a video discussing the consequences of sharing a photo and learned why it is important to be 'SHARE AWARE' and keep safe online.

Great British Authors

This term the whole school have been focusing on Great British authors in order to celebrate their success, explore their writing and give our personal opinions on their works.


Purple 1 have looked at Poldark  a series of historical by Winston Graham. Recently, they have been adapted to the television screen by the BBC, which has proved very popular. There are a total of twelve novels. The first seven novels are set in the 18th century, until Christmas 1799. The remaining five are concerned with the early years of the 19th century and the lives of the children of the main characters of the previous novels. We focused on the setting of the stories on the Cornish coast creating descriptions and lino prints.


Purple 2 explored Skellig children's novel by the British author David Almond. It was the Whitbread Children's Book of the Year and it won the Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year's outstanding children's book by a British author. Since publication, it has also been adapted into a play, an opera, and a film. We focused on the mystical character of Skellig creating images through drawings and our words. To create a powerful images we used a range of figurative language.


Take a look below at all of our great work...

The Great Callington Run - Year 6


Exhausted! Exhilerated! Proud! Year 6 have been phenomenal over the past 24 hours staying up with pupils from all year groups through the night to run, run, run!!! Then, this morning at 9am, they all ran around the cricket field adding to our whole school total helping to push our run across Germany and Poland into Russia. Their stamina, perseverance and determination was superb. They continued their running efforts for a further hour and a half completing three running courses adding to the total. This afternoon, they will take their turn on the treadmills up until the final assembly where our final distance will be revealed and the celebration and our well earned rest can begin! Well done to everyone involved.



How could we study forces, electricity, joining techniques and materials to make go karts at the end our our learning journey without experiencing go kart racing for ourselves?! It's impossible! Therefore, we just had to travel to St Eval track to race against our peers (and teachers), analyse go kart design and commentate on driver techniques. We had a fantastic time.


For World Book Day 2015, Year 6 arrived as an array of characters from a range of genre of books; from the Mad Hatter to a Minion, from Tony Hawk to Where's Wally - take a closer look below...


During the afternoon, Year 6 attended the Mad Hatter's tea party in the hall with their buddies in Year 2. It proved to be a great opportunity to discuss their favourite books and some children from each year group read extracts on the stage to a captivated audience; the readers' expression and enthusiasm certainly proved engaging. After we had finished, we went back with our buddies to listen to them reading providing support with segmenting words, prompting the use of reading strategies and asking them comprehension questions to check their understanding of the text. We then worked together to design new World Book Day tokens to enter into the latest national competition. 


This half term our whole school equality and diversity day focused upon race. In Year 6, we explored the Traveller culture and discussed stereotypes and how they have been formed. We watched an interesting DVD made by members of the travelling community which challenged many of these stereotypes and gave us an insight into their lives. We learned that Travellers have a long history in Britain and that modern traveller culture is the product of many influences but its roots reach back as far as ninth century India. We explored this rich history through art...