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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 2022-23!


Green 1: Miss Ackland

Teaching assistants: Mrs Owen and Mrs Williams


Green 2: Miss Alderson

Teaching assistants: Mrs Dance and Mrs Rowles

Evolution and Exploration

Planet In Peril

Author Visit

Mock Trial (PSHE)

It’s all greek to me!

Alternative Sports

Stunning Start


The children started the day by designing and creating their very own togas which they then showed off on the catwalk. They then spent some time creating their own laurels. After this, they worked in small groups to design their very own Olympic sport. They set up their sport, tried it out and then invited others to compete for victory. When the Olympics was over, the children enjoyed a victory feast of bread dipped in olive oil/honey, figs, feta cheese, olives and wine (vimto).