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Stunning Start

During our stunning start, there was one question that we all wanted to find out: why are we learning about the Stone Age AND the ANCIENT Egyptians? To answer that question, we explored different periods in history and tried to make our very own historical timeline using our previous knowledge in Year 3 about the Romans. We discovered that the Stone Age and the Ancient Egyptians occurred CONCURRENTLY! We can’t wait to explore both of these CIVILISATIONS and see what they achieved even though they were from different countries.


We explored the cave paintings that were created by the Stone Age people; one of the earliest cave paintings that has been found was painted 35,000 years ago. We learnt that cave paintings are PREHISTORIC works of art created by Stone Age people that have been found all over the world with the oldest known being found in Europe. They most often show pictures of animals although some also show humans or use human handprints as the focus of the artwork. We created our very own pieces of art using these as inspiration; we painted in the dark just like the Stone Age people in the caves.


After learning about the cave art, we learnt about life for the ANCIENT Egyptians; they believed that important information should be written down and recorded – especially about their Kings and religion. They made their own language called Hieroglyphs to tell people in the future about what happened. They mainly recorded these in tombs. The word ‘hieroglyph’ means scared carving; there are over 700 of them. We created are own language where our friends tried to de-code what had been written. We then used the Egyptian hieroglyphs to create a message. Can you work them out?