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Welcome to Year 4 2020-21!

Orange 1: Miss Ackland -

and Mrs Rowles

Orange 2: Mrs Hollington -

and Mrs Dance


In PE today, the children enjoyed being able to get the climbing equipment out. They liked testing their upper body strength by seeing how high they could climb the ropes, and they enjoyed improving their core strength and their confidence by using the climbing frames. The children worked together brilliantly and were very supportive of each other. 

Alternative Sports

This week in alternative sports we played urban polo. We warmed up with a few games of foxes and farmers before practising our attacking and defending skills. Then, we were split into three different teams and took it in turns to play matches with one team spectating each time.

Local prehistoric sites


In History this week, the children learnt about local prehistoric structures such as Trethevy Quoit, The Hurlers, King Doniert's Stone and Rillaton round barrow. We discussed how these structures were built, the possible reasons why and even talked about some of the myths that surround these sites. The children then worked in partners to build their own version of these structures using salt dough and clay. Lots of fun and messy hands were had by all. 

Forest School

                          Sand V Stone Stunning Start


On Friday, Year 4 had their Stunning Start. Children discussed and saw examples of Cave Art and monuments created at this time such as standing stones and Stonehenge. The children then had the chance to create their own version of Stonehenge using custard creams and bourbon biscuits. We called this 'Biscuithenge', the children had lots of fun coming up with different ways to make their design but found it tricky as the biscuits did not always have a flat edge. The children then enjoyed watching 'The Flintstones' and excitedly pointed out errors in the film such as dinosaurs existing and a Stone Age McDonald's. 

In the afternoon, we played Stone Age PE games. Children were split into teams and had to protect their cave and resources from neighbouring cave groups. They also practiced their spear throwing (foam javelin) skills to hunt down and catch their prey. Lots of fun was had by all and now we are all excited to learn more about the Stone Age and compare it to Ancient Egypt. 

Welcome to Year 4! 2019/20


Orange 1: Miss Treasure

and Mrs Williams


Orange 2: Mrs Ede

and Mrs Williams

Welcome to Year 4 2018-19


Orange 1:

Mrs Briars-Delve and Mrs Williams


Orange 2:

Miss Ackland and Mrs Carter

Walking with Dinosaurs Stunning Start!

On the first day back after Christmas we kick started the term with our stunning start. We arrived in school in the morning to be taken to the forest school are where we were given an investigation task to 'look for something unusual and out of place in the forest school area'. Orange 1 were told to look for green things and Orange 2 were told to look for blue things. Within 10 minutes, each group had found their very own dinosaur egg! We brought the eggs back to class and decided the best way to 'hatch' our dinosaurs out of the eggs would be to use brushes and warm water - since the eggs were made of ice. Carefully, we brushed away the ice eggs to reveal mini dinosaurs and their name tags inside. We spent the rest of the day researching our dinosaurs and creating habitats for them to live inside the classroom with us for the duration of the new topic. We also had a little treat bringing a dinosaur back to life and having a photograph with it! Check out some pictures from the day below. 

Orange 1 Forest School


Orange 1 had a fantastic day out in the forest school area where we played some trust building games, camouflaged ourselves in the Autumn leaves, whittled sticks and toasted marshmallows on the fire to eat with hot chocolate! Yum!

Take a look at our pictures below!

Orange 2 Forest School


Orange 2 had a wonderful day of forest schools. We played some team games, whittled sticks, camouflaged ourselves and toasted marshmallows which we ate with a cup of hot chocolate. Have a look at our pictures below.

Trip to Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre


Year 4 had a fantastic day at Dingles Fairground on Friday. We learnt about the history of the travelling fairground and its art and we saw rides and attractions spanning from 1850 - the modern day. We also learnt about how the fairground rides were constructed including going underneath the Moon Rocket ride, a speedy and unique rocket ride from 1910! In the afternoon, both children and adults had amazing fun trying out the rides!

Field Trip to Kelly Bray woods


This morning we got our wellies on and took the school mini-buses up to Kelly Bray woods! We are part way through our Strange and Dangerous Creatures topic and have already spent some time looking for creatures around the school grounds and at the park across the road. We've learnt about animal habitats in science so our investigations and surveys were inspired by an interest in what we would find in different kinds of habitats in the local area. We had a lovely time exploring the woods in the dappled sunshine - have a look at our pictures!

Strange and Dangerous Creatures Stunning Start

On Tuesday, we took part in our stunning start for our new topic 'Strange and Dangerous Creatures'. We started the day by watching part of a TV episode which showed different creatures in their natural habitats and exploring the features that they use to attack and defend themselves. Then, having discussed what creatures need to survive we designed our own new strange and dangerous creatures - they needed to be able to attack, defend themselves and attract other creatures of the same species. 


We also created our own bird feeders which we are going to take home and see who can attract the strangest bird outside their house. After lunch, we went on a creature hunt to see what we could find around the school - mainly worms, woodlice, slugs and beetles!

Empire Fantastic Finish


Today, was the fantastic finish for year fours' topic 'Empire'. We had an amazing last day preparing an art exhibition for our buddies in reception and friends and family to come and enjoy. In the morning, we made cucumber sandwiches, cheese straws, shortbread and cherry cupcakes for our friends and family to enjoy whilst they viewed our art. After this, we created one last piece of art by using the OHP to create shadows of ourselves on the wall and then drew them to make our silhouette portraits. After lunch, it was time to prepare for the opening of our exhibition. We help to set up the artwork and refreshments in the hall and prepared ourselves for the arrival of our guests. First, we showed our buddies around and shortly after our friends and family. We were able to tell them about our art and the processes that we went through to create it.

Morwellham Quay Trip


Year four had a fantastic time on their trip to Morwellham Quay where we got a taste of what life was like for Victorians in the local area. We split into three groups and did a range of activities: going on a mine train through an old copper mine; breaking up rocks from the mine as children in the Victorian times would have done; dressing up in our Victorian Sunday best and visiting two very different houses from a rich family and a poor mining family. The outside toilet next to the pigsty was a bit of a shocker!

Orange 1 Forest School

Orange 1 had a super time out doing forest school this week. We even had a small flurry of snow! Have a look at the photos of us below.

The trial of Peter and David...

This afternoon in Year 4 we have taken part in our very own court room drama! The two main characters of our story, David and Peter, were put on trial for stealing some bread. We have spent time over the last two days preparing our defence teams, coming up with interrogating questions and creating evidence to prove that our character is innocent! Orange 1 have been the defence team for Peter whilst Orange 2 have been preparing a defence for David. Our jury was made up of 6 children from each class who have been busy cooking a meal over the past two mornings so have not been part of the preparations. It all came to a head this afternoon with some stunning witnesses and incredible evidence. In the end, just like in the story, the jury found David... GUILTY!

Welcome to Year 4!


Orange 1:

Class Teacher: Miss Delve

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Williams and Mrs Boud


Orange 2:

Class Teacher: Miss Ackland

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Carter


If you would like to contact either of the teachers, their email addresses are:


Empire Stunning Start


This term, Year 4 are going to be delving into the world of Britain's Victorian Empire. We started our topic off with our own Empire Day where we cooked a curry (inspired by our love of India - 'the jewel in the crown of the British Empire'), sang the national anthem, discussed whether we thought the British Empire was a good or bad thing, learnt about some heroes of the empire and had a visitor from Cornwall Council who practised Victorian handwriting with us using dip pens and slates. We had some brilliant discussions around the morality of building a large empire which I'm sure we will return to as the term goes on. Have a look at some photos from the day below:

Ahoy Me Hearties! Fantastic Finish

On Friday, we braved the cold and took the boats that we've been working on in DT out to some paddling pools to test and race them. There were mixed results - some barely floated at all whereas others were very successful indeed! To warm back up again after break, we played giant class vs class battleships with walkie talkies. It got very competitive and Orange 1 were the overall victors! In the afternoon we chilled out and snuggled up on the floor with blankets, cushions and plenty of pirate flags to watch a pirate movie. Overall - a very fantastic finish!

Ahoy Me Hearties! Stunning Start


Last Tuesday, the children celebrated the stunning start of their new topic, Ahoy Me Hearties! We spent the day learning to be pirates. From lessons on how to speak in a pirate voice to reading maps of the school to find hidden treasure to cooking and eating a pirate feast, we had a brilliant day. It was a fantastic start to what is now shaping up to be a fantastic topic! Watch this space for more updates on what Year 4 are up to.

Espionage Fantastic Finish!

Year 4 have had a fantastic afternoon at their fantastic finish! It all started in assembly this morning where some of their adverts that they've been working on were shown to the whole school. After that, they spent the morning preparing games and activities for other children to take part in in the afternoon. 

The hall was set up by the children after lunch and we had visits from year 3 and our buddies in foundation stage. Everybody had a great time! 

We are now looking forward to the start of our 'Ahoy Me Hearties!' topic after half term. Don't forget, our Stunning Start is on Tuesday 31st. The children can come in dressed as pirates.

Orange 1 had a fantastic forest school session on Tuesday! We started by playing some warm up games and discussing how we can ensure we are friendly and compassionate throughout the day. Next, we returned to our spy training and hunted down forest objects or played a memory and observance game with Mrs Gosney. After that we all had a go at showing off our spy skills by disguising ourselves to blend into the forest whilst small groups whittled sticks with Miss Delve and Mrs Gosney built an impressive fire. When we were all whittled and disguised out we sat down for a hot chocolate and fire toasted marshmallow. Yum!



During our first topic lesson, we found out what a spy is. To do this we took on the roles of agents from MI5, MI6 and GCHQ to prevent a crime within the school. We gathered and examined different types of evidence which enabled us to eliminate potential suspects. After thorough examination, we concluded that Mrs Gosney had been planning to burst a water pipe to get a day off school for her son's birthday!

KS2 Maths Workshop Handout - January 2017

Some of our displays showing our exciting learning

Fantastic Finish

Yesterday we went on our Fantastic Finish trip to Devonport Naval base where we visited the Naval Heritage Museum and also got the chance to go on board a decommissioned submarine! (unfortunately we were unable to take any photos of the submarine part of our day, unless we wanted Miss Thomas to get arrested!)

Stunning Starter!

Ahoy there parents! For our new topic - All Hands on Deck - we took part in a pirate themed stunning starter! We had 4 different activities to take part in including mending the sails, baking hardtack and scrubbing the decks. Have a look below at our pictures to see how much we enjoyed (or didn't enjoy!) some of our tasks!

Fantastic Finish

Today we held our Fantastic Finish where we were reenacting the Great Fire of London! Using the Tudor houses we made, a fire was started in one of the buildings and we watched it spread throughout the city. In less than 8 minutes London was turned to ashes.


Still image for this video

E-Safety Day


In Year 4 we have been looking at comments and how some comments are appropriate and some are not. We have all seen clips and videos from the YouTube website and were aware of the comments that people make but today we thought more about how those comments would make us feel if it was our video they were made about. We created a magnetic poster of Dos and Don'ts when commenting on things on the internet which are hopefully proudly displayed on your fridge!

London's Burning


Welcome to the new school year in Year 4!


Today has been our Stunning Starter and we have become expert bakers in our own Callington Bakery. We have taken on 17th century recipes and created a basic white loaf, a rye bread and small cakes containing currants. In order to fully become expert bakers, we had to also look the part and made our own amazing bakers' hats. 

In the afternoon, we were able to try our delicious baking for the first time and it was scrummy! 

Treyarnon Bay Day 4

Today we went to the beach and enjoyed rock pooling and playing games in the sand.

Treyarnon Bay Day 3

Today we had a fantastic day at Flambards enjoying the rides, eating sweets and dodging the showers.

Quotes from the children:

“It made my tummy jiggle.”

“It was amazing!”

“Flambards is awesome!”

“It’s thrilling!”

“The rides made us so dizzy.”

“We went to Flambards and I rode the roller-coaster eight times.”

“The ride made me sick. However, it was amazing!”

Treyarnon Bay Day 2

Today we had a fantastic day on Constantine Beach. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast after which we had a short leisurely walk to the beach. Once there we enjoyed rock pooling, building sand castles and playing games in the sand.

Treyarnon Bay Day 1


Today the children have cycled the Camel Trail between Wadebridge and Padstow. It was an enjoyable ride despite the drizzle. Fortunately the weather cleared for lunch and then children had the opportunity to look in some of the shops whilst we were there. Then we cycled back to Wadebridge and headed to the hostel. Upon arrival the children went to their rooms unpacked and made their bed and were treated to a superb dinner. We then walked down to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine and played some games. 

Stunning Starter!


Go Team GB!


For our stunning starter, we took part in our very own Alternative Olympic games! First we had to get into small groups and decide what country we would be representing. Once we had decided, we then made our country’s flag and designed medals for the winners. Finally we made an Olympic torch to represent an Olympic games of our choice.

Then it was time…we took part in the Alternative Olympics which included various events such as Welly Tossing, Kangaroo Boing and many more!

Stunning Starter for our new topic.....Destination Unknown


Today we learnt about our new topic Destination Unknown where we will be learning lots about different types of transport. To begin our day we were told that we would be going on holiday to Barbados! In order for us to do this, we had to make a passport, buy a ticket, go through security, take a bus from the airport to the plane and then fly!


Take a look through our photos to see how much fun we had and how excited we are about our upcoming learning!

Year Four had a whale of a time playing tennis as well as learning new skills and all about the sport.
During World Book Week we had some fantastic workshops organized by the Big Foot Company. The children got to use props and get into character to perform a dramatic scene.

Orange 1's Forest School

During Orange 1's Forest school we built up trust with one another by being blind folded and navigating to different locations. We also modeled dinosaurs and created shelters for them to hide from the wind and rain.

British Diversity Day


Today we took a closer look at what it means to be British and thought about how Britain is a multicultural nation. We discussed the phrase 'Cultural Diversity' and how it means a range of different societies or people of different origins, religions and traditions all living and interacting together. We discovered that Britain has benefited from diversity throughout its long history and is currently one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

 To unpick the value of tolerance we set about learning about and developing a respect for our own and other cultures. Today, we focused on the Indian culture who have formed a substantial community in an area London known as Ealing.


Throughout the morning we looked at Indian cuisine and got the chance to make and try chicken korma, sag aloo and onion bahjis.


During the afternoon, we then looked at Indian architecture and traditional Indian body art in the form of henna.

Orange 2


This week we have been learning about teeth and the children have taken part in various activities to better understand the functions of the different types of teeth in adults. Below are some pictures and a few videos the children made informing us about the 4 different types of teeth and their main functions.

Orange 2 pictures

Orange 2 - video 1

Still image for this video

Video 2

Still image for this video

Video 3

Still image for this video

Video 4

Still image for this video

Just for fun....a blooper!

Still image for this video


Throughout the Spring Term we will be engrossed in the topic of Jurassic so be prepared!


Our Stunning Starter took place on Monday where the children took part in various dinosaur related activities including the most popular of all....making dinosaur poo!!

Year 4’s Fantastic Finish Film Premiere!

On Tuesday, Year 4 invited friends and family members along to the hall for the premiere of their film ‘Tree House Adventure’. The cinema entrance was lined with a red carpet and trigger happy paparazzi keen to take their pictures. A friendly and bustling ticket office greeted the audience and ushers were on hand to guide them to their seats and also to the thriving concessions stand. Once family and friends had taken their seats the children kicked off the afternoon with a rendition of the Drifters classic ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’ – a very befitting song to end their learning journey. The film was shown to a captivated audience who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Well done Year 4!

Author Visiting Year 4!


Year 4 were treated to a special visit from a local author today. Claire Barker, who is the author of Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog, visited us today to share with us her love of reading. We listened to Claire talk about her inspiration for her books and even got to make up a new ghost character: Lucky MacIntire the ship's cat who came to an unfortunate ending during a tickling cannon incident!

You can find out more about Claire and the story of Knitbone Pepper on her website below.