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Our Learning in Week 5

What Have we Been up to in Week 5?


We have begun the week with a story called 'The Colour Monster'. This book explores how feelings feel and the colours we may associate with them. We have been busy looking at our faces and how they look when we represent our feelings with them. We've been making all sorts of faces! We have been exploring colour mixing with paint to create the colour monster's feelings and using instruments to represent our feelings too!


In Phonics we are learning the following phonemes:


g     o     c     k      ck



In Maths we are continuing to apply our counting to 20 and explore how the number 1 can represented in lots of different ways.



Our Learning in OUR Words...


"I was colouring the walls outside." Amy 


"I drawed the pineapple (pine cones). I'm looking at all of them. " Akira


"When we had our picture taken and when I drawed my angry face." Paddy


"I made a house. A love house. It had a dog. A good house (in the feelings small world)." Cooper.


"I been doing a love house with spiders!" Jack B


"He was rainbow and then he spread out his colours to calm or happy or angry." -Logan


"I did some zig zags and some circles at the writing table." - Lucas S


"He was happy and then sad was blue and black was fear and green was calm and red was anger" - Ethan


"I like when  we did Phonics. We singed the ABCD song. We learned g." - Kitty-Rose


"I play instrument." - Amelia


" The Colour Monster. He was coloured. He was angry, scared and when he got to the flowers he was much better."  - Fletcher