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Supporting your Child at Home

Using Tapestry to support and Keep up to Date with your Child's Development


At Callington Primary School, we now use a secure online learning journal record key milestones of your child’s progress. One of the biggest changes to the EYFS this year is the for staff to spend less time assessing and recording observations of your child. Instead, we will focus on what is absolutely necessary to support your child’s development. Recording less observations, frees up lots of time for adults to give more of their attention to your child which positively impacts upon their communication, relationships and experiences. However, we still know how vital the relationship is between home and school and so there are some key ways we will use Tapestry to communicate how your child is developing;


  • We will take photos of your child deeply engaged in their learning, these will usually be ‘caption less’ photos. These photos will allow you to spend valuable time talking to your child about their experiences. You can leave comments on the photos to let us know what your child has said about them.
  • We will upload a ‘Starting Points’ report to let you know how your child has settled into our EYFS. We will also let you know if there is anything we can work together on as a team to support your child’s development.
  • We upload ‘milestone’ observations every so often to keep you updated on how your child is developing as a learner. We will invite your child and yourselves to comment on these.
  • You can tell us about your child’s development by uploading your own observations at home.
  • We may send you simple ‘memos’ if we feel something non urgent needs communicating with you about your child.


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