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The school runs its own catering and our school meals are very popular. On most days, children are able to select from two hot meals. There is always a vegetarian choice. In addition we serve delicious baguettes with a variety of fillings and to make the choice even harder, there is also a pasta bar – again with a selection of sauces. Children also help themselves at our salad bar. Children having packed lunch eat in the school hall, or if it’s a sunny day, outside in the garden!


Lunchtime is also a fun time to play with friends. There is a variety of equipment to use, such as bouncy hoppers, skipping ropes, hoops and even some dressing up clothes. For the younger children there are games organised by some of the older children, who are our ‘Playground Leaders’. We also have trained ‘Peer Mediators’, so in the rare event that children fall out, there are others who will listen carefully to both sides and try to sort things out – look out for the children in the yellow caps. If it all gets a bit noisy and hectic, for the older children there is a quieter area in the garden, or even an inside ‘Friendly Lunch Club’. 


Find the most recent menu for the school canteen here. 

Spring Term 202 Menu