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Our Learning Week 12



This week, The Gingerbread Man continued his travels and arrived in Africa. During his short whistle stop tour, of the continent, The Gingerbread Man has experienced the cultures, music and some key landmarks. In class, we have read the story 'Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain.' In the story the African plain is getting very dry and needs rain urgently; we enjoyed watching a real 'rain dance' video too. We have discussed how the weather in Africa differs from the weather here. In addition to this, we have conducted science experiments to try and see how we can make it rain through clouds made for different materials, designed beautiful Maasai tribe necklaces and created magnificent 'Mud Huts' using junk. 


In Maths, we have been busy talking about the properties of squares and rectangles and used this knowledge to find them in pictures and arounds us. 


In phonics we are focusing on the phonemes:


                                                       f   ff   l   ll




                                 Our Learning in OUR Words


"It didn't rain. They need some rain. the carboard is not right." - Fletcher


"They wear necklaces to look beautiful." - Jack B


"That one has long sides, 2 of them." - Aiden is talking about a rectangle and its properties


"I wanna tell my mum that I was playing with the big dice with Jeremy. Throwing the dice one at a time." - Lochlain


"Rolling dice with Cooper." - Jack B


"I was making a mud hut with a yoghurt pot and materials." - Cooper


"They wear beautiful necklaces. They had the golden hats." - Paddy


''We were jumping inside (Jumpstart Jonny during wet playtime)'' Nate


''I did Jumping Jonny...we did really big jumps and jumping Jonny was too fast'' - Matilda


''I liked making with the straws'' Maisie