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Our Learning in Week 9

The Gingerbread Man's Travels Continue


This week, The Gingerbread Man has sent us more postcards to let us know where he has been travelling. Over the weekend, he got on the train to London Paddington. We have loved finding out about his adventures in the city of London. We made comparisons between the stations in Cornwall to those in London. We found out that London has big tall skyscrapers and an old building called 'The Houses of Parliament'. We noticed that Big Ben looked a lot liked the old church in Callington. 


The Gingerbread Man told us he is going to travel on the Eurostar train to other countries in Europe. We will be busy exploring the culture, cuisine, music and landmarks he tells us about throughout Europe this week, including that of the artist Picasso.

In Maths, we are learning to use positional language. We have been giving directions to Bee Bots; helping them to get to important European landmarks. 


In Phonics, we are revising the phonemes;


i  n  m  d   g



Our Learning in OUR Words

" In the travel agents I was packing my stuff to go to Spain." - Tahlia


" I played on the maths table. i put the person in front, behind and inside." - Lucas P


"I drew some animals and The Queen for The Gingerbread Man to visit on the train that goes underwater." - Isabella


"I drew a picture on a postcard and I wrote on it." - Laurence


" When we did the daily mile I didn't stop running." - Finlay


"In the travel agents I packed all of my things to go to Kenya." - Renesmee


"I enjoyed seeing the postcards that the Ginger Bread Man posted." - Matilda


"I love when I was playing with the Bee (Bee-Bot). I was pushing quite a lot of buttons and it was getting confused." - Jack H


"I enjoyed playing in the nails and shapes and I enjoyed playing with the Buzzy Bee. I pressed one button and it didn't get confused." - William