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Our Learning in Week 13

A Trip Down Under, Off to America and then A FANTASTIC FINISH!


This week may be one of our busiest weeks to date. We begun the week with an email from The Gingerbread Man who had sent us a video of his travels in Australia. We found out that Australia is surrounded by a lot of oceans, has lots of sharks and kangaroos and even saw an aboriginal man play the didgeridoo. 


During all of this, we have been gearing up for our FANTASTIC FINISH. This is an end to our topic where we use all of our learning to do something fantastic. We have been busy collaborating to plan and make our favourite landmarks from around the world. We have learnt so much from The Gingerbread Man's travels that we had a hard time choosing just one to make. At the end of the week, we will turn our classroom into the 'world' as we view it, using our landmarks and lots of other resources. What a fun way to end our topic. 


In Phonics we have begun Phase 3 and are learning the phonemes:


                                                         j   v    w   x





                                             Our Learning in OUR Words


" I built The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. We used a pipe and some paper and some gutter stands." - Ethan


" I made a bridge from Australia. We drew flags, a road and windows." - Isabella


" I builded The Louvre with Mrs Wadland and Isaac." - Millie


"I did some drawing of The Eiffel Tower." - Tahlia


"I saw some whales in the sea." - Lilly-Jane


"I saw some kangeroos on some grass." - Mika


"It's all red. We used a box and some egg boxes and some tape." - Jack B and a peer created Uluru Rock from Australia.


"He was playing a 'gingerydoo'."  - Lochlain 


"I was building The Tower of Pisa. We used tape and paper and pens." - Cooper


"I was making that big bridge." - Freddie


"I was making an volcano from Italy."  - Paddy


"We saw there was kangaroos." - Aiden


"I made a lighthouse. I did the siren, I mean the light. The circle. " - Akira