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26.03.20 Update

I am hugely appreciative of all parents/carers of our Callington children. We have had a small number of children at school each day but overwhelmingly the majority of parents/carers have been able to follow the government advice to keep children at home if you possibly can. This has meant a safer environment for the staff who have come in each day. Thank you!


Teachers are doing their very best to ensure that children have work to do every day. The aim is also for you and your child’s class teacher to remain in touch while the school is not open. Teachers


I have spoken to so far have appreciated the contact that they have had with you and have enjoyed seeing and hearing about work that children in their classes have been doing. Please try to stay in touch with your child’s class teacher by email.

Home Learning Update

We are working really hard to add as many ideas to the ‘Home Learning’ page as we can for you to access at home with your children. A new addition this week can be found at the bottom of the ‘Home Learning Page’


These pages are aimed at all children across the school. They're packed full to the brim with great ideas of things to learn, do and try at home. Why not take a look and see if there's anything that takes your fancy? Keep your eyes peeled as teachers will be continuing to add even more new links and ideas in the coming weeks! These are all optional but we thought they might give you a few more ideas and inspiration to fill your child’s day at home.


Finally, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the amazing staff here. Many have been able to volunteer to come in to school, others are still working hard for your children at home. They have done everything asked of them and more!

There will be a weekly newsletter, however brief, every week until we are back.


Best wishes

Matthew Shirley