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Have a look at Week Seven

                          Here We Are

This week we have been sharing the book "Here We Are." It talks all about how different our world can be. It is all about us and where we come from and the people who we live with. The children have been sharing information about their families, their houses and their like and dislikes. We have have also read books which showcase the diverse range of households we may be a part of or come across. Our discussions about who we live and our comparisons with our peers have been fantastic. In Maths we have been mastering the number 3... We can already show you how to make 3 with so many resources. 


In Phonics we will be learning the following phonemes:


f     ff      l     ll      ss



Our Learning in our words


" I did building in the construction area. I builded a house." - Jake


" I liked playing in the construction. I built a tower with stickle bricks." - Logan


" I made a house with Lucas and Ruben." - Renesmee


" I readed with you. It was a rock. I worked on the maths table." - Millie


"I Liked playing everywhere outside. Going in the building site."  - Freddie


"Painting outside. The shed."  - Amy


"I enjoyed-ed like writing cheese, sausage, lemon, fish (choosing favourite things)" - Paddy


"I enjoyed giving Cooper the big ball." - Maisie


"I liked it when we were putting the blocks on the big puddle." - Kitty-Rose