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Our Learning This Week




This week we have been learning the story of The Gingerbread Man. This is a fantastic story for learning about repetition in stories. We have been busy retelling the story using our own puppets in a small world. In Maths we have been busy comparing the 2D shapes squares and circles. We can talk wonderfully about the properties of these 2D shapes and compare them using mathematical vocabulary such as 'sides, 'corners', 'straight' or 'curved'. Our creativity is being  unleashed whilst we create different representations of the Gingerbread Man, using collage, loose parts and even natural objects. We have been using new technology in the form of a QR code app, to segment and blend words.  This week, we have also been introduced to our class pets - stick insects. We have been busy observing them and making comments about their appearance even though they are camouflaged and difficult to spot sometimes!


In Phonics we have completed Phase 2. Haven't we been busy? We are now revising each letter sound again and applying this is deeper ways such as by reading and writing our own sentences containing those sounds. This week we will revise:


s     a     t   and    p



Breaking News - The Gingerbread Man has run away from Red One and Red 2! 


Read one and Red Two were left utterly shocked when The Gingerbread Man ran off and escaped the classroom. He and his baked friends left a trail of crumbs and sent the teachers a video of their escape! We are busy working out where he is going and where he will run to next... more news to follow! 


A still of the video we saw in class...




Click the image to watch Red 1 perform our story!


Click the image to watch Red 2 perform our story!

Our Learning in OUR Words

"We learnt about the gingerbread. He almost got caught by the old lady and the old man." - Renesmee


"We were learning the letters. We were trying to write a sentence "Sam is sad" - Tahlia


"The Gingerbread man ran out of the school and went to Kit Hill" - Ethan


"He went to the beach and he saw a big wave." - Logan


" He was in the bakery shop and he ran away to his friends" - Issac



"We learned the Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Man was running." - Lilly-Jane


"The Gingerbread Man about the pig. They were chasing the Gingerbread  Man."  - Jack B


"I've been enjoying going to the writing area. I've been drawing the Gingerbread Man."  - Hattie


"I liked when the Gingerbread Man said 'You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!'."  - Kitty Rose


"I wanna tell my mummy and daddy my learning. I was doing the horse and the dog (small world). I was having the dog and Akira had the horse. I was saying 'run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!' " - Fletcher


"My was playing over there (construction area). Making a bread man. Him have button and face and a some legs!" - Nate


"A Gingerbread Man ran away and I think he's doing the daily mile and then the hall next! I'm gonna check if there's crumbs outside." - Aiden


"I think The Gingerbread Man jumped out of the window to the forest. I think he's really scared and doesn't know where to go in school. " - Jeremy