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Week Ten 15.06.20

Depth Farm Video



The Coombes have made this brilliant video for us - here is some information to go with the pictures.


Potatoes -  These are planted in the Spring. 
Photo 1 & 2 - First the ground is ploughed.
Photo 3 - This machine takes the stones out of the ground so that the potatoes don't grow in funny shapes around the stones.
Photo 4 - Planting potatoes. The machine on the front of the tractor contains fertiliser which is put into the ground to help the potatoes grow, and the seed potatoes are in the green machine on the back.
Photo 5 - The seed potatoes being tipped into the planter.
Photos 6 & 7 - Potato plants growing. 
Photo 8 & 9 - Potatoes being harvested in September. The harvester digs up the potatoes and they then travel on a conveyor belt up to the top of the harvester to have any stones or bad potatoes removed before being travelling onto the trailer travelling beside. 
Photo 1 - Grass is cut using a mower in June when the weather is dry ( and hopefully sunny).
Photo 2 - The grass is gathered together into rows by a rake. This machine spins around very fast. 
Photo 3 - The forage harvester picks up the grass. There are blades inside which chop the grass up and then it shoots into the trailer driving alongside. See the grass is in neat rows compared to the photo 1 when it was being cut.
Photo 4 & 5 - The trailer takes the grass back to the farm and tips it out . There is a lot of grass in the trailer.
Photos 6, 7 & 8 - The grass is buckraked into the silage pit where it is stored until the winter. The buckrake has long tines on the front and can pick up lots of grass at once. The grass is piled up very high,  about 10-12 feet high.
Photo 9 - When all the grass is in, a black plastic sheet is placed over the top, and the grass is left to "cook" over the summer. The grass is compacted down to avoid the grass going mouldy and rotten over the summer.
Photo 1 - This a picture of the Oats that we grow on the farm to feed to the sheep.
Photo 2 - This is the Barley that we grow on the farm to feed to the cattle. 
Photo 3 - The oats and barley will continue to grow until July/August, when it will be harvested. They will grow to about 1 metre high.
Photo 4 - All the crops (potatoes, oats, barley and grass)  grown on the farm are sprayed to rid the crops of diseases and pests. 
Photo 5 - When the oats and barley are ripe, and the stalks have turned yellow, they are cut using a combine harvester. The grains of oats and barley are shook from the stalks and go into a collecting tank in the combine.
Photo 6 - When the collecting tank is full, the corn is unloaded into a trailer and taken back to the farm to be stored in dry shed.
Photo 1 & 2 - Calves from about 5 weeks old are bought from a market and kept on this farm until they reach 30 months of age.
Photo 3 - These cattle are about 26 months old and are living in the field. They are eating grass, and having some crushed barley as well (in the metal troughs on the ground).
Photo 4 - Lambs are born in the Spring and this sheep has had 4 babies.....
Photo 5 - The lambs have grown a lot in 3 months . The adult sheep are still wearing their winter coats.....
Photo 6 - In this picture, the adult sheep have had their wool cut off (this is called shearing). This is done so that the sheep do not get too hot in the Summer and it prevents nasty bugs settling on them.