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Week Two 13.04.20

Hello Parents/Carers


We have loved hearing from you all and are so proud of all of the home learning that has been taking place. We are very understanding of the differing home situations you are all in and so would like you all to know that the learning provided for the week is there to be used as you feel works for you and you family. Whilst there are great learning experiences provided, the Early Years is all about play, experiences and going with children's interests. Things like writing letters, baking, playing card and board games, construction, gardening and so much more are valuable experiences that will give your child opportunities to learn in so many ways. 


Phonics and maths activities are provided daily, however, these are a guide. Your child may need more time learning a letter sound or you may only have time to cover 2 in a week. You could spend 2 days on the letter sounds and then 2 reading books to help reinforce the letter sound. The maths gives you ideas for activities but again, lots of maths learning can happen through your child's play. We have seen parents playing counting games with Lego and children who have been counting cups to go into a recipe. These are all equally as valuable. There are lots of Busy Bee Activities available but again, please choose those that fit in with your routine. 


Our key message here is to make this work for you and your child. We are here if you have any questions and are really impressed with what the childen have been doing at home whether that be set by us or yourselves. 


Miss Parker, Mrs Stainer and Mrs Collacott :)