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As you know the ancient Kingdom of Benin was not found in modern day Benin, but in what is now called Nigeria. Today, we would like you to think about what life is like in modern day Nigeria. How is it different to life in the ancient kingdom we have been learning about. How is it different to the area of Cornwall that we live in. Or are there actually some similarities.


We would like you to carry out some research by searching the internet. You might want to use the 'Google Earth' website that we looked at in our first lesson. Use the sheet bellow to gather some information or write some notes in your book.


We would then like you to create your own' travel show programme' role play as if you are reporting from life in modern day Nigeria. If you would like to send in any of your film clips, we could put some on our home learning page and would love to see them.


Alternatively, if you don't want to create the travel show programme, you could just write the script or perhaps write an advert to advertise holidays to Nigeria.