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Today is Year 6's e-safety day. We are going to be focusing on the following objectives throughout the course of the day:

  • Identify benefits and risks of mobile devices broadcasting the location of the user/device, e.g. apps accessing location.
  • Identify the benefits and risks of giving personal information and device access to different software.
  • To review the meaning of a digital footprint and understand how and why people use their information and online presence to create a virtual image of themselves as a user.
  • To have a clear idea of appropriate online behaviour and how this can protect themselves and others from possible online dangers, bullying and inappropriate behaviour. 
  • To begin to understand how information online can persist and give away details of those who share or modify it.
  • To understand the importance of balancing game and screen time with other parts of their lives
  • To identify the positive and negative influences of technology on health and the environment.


You will need to login to your Purple Mash accounts for the lessons today (your parents were sent your login details before half term in an email). Please email us if you have any problems/ need reminding. You need to go to the 2Do activities and work through them from 1 --> 7. 


There are a couple of additional resources/ answers you will need which you will find below...