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Tricky words

Tricky word trucks interactive game

Game ideas for practising tricky words

Tricky word Bingo

Child selects 6 of their tricky words and makes a bingo board (They could write these down themselves to practise writing the words). Child turns over their tricky word card and reads it aloud. If the child has that word they can cross it off. Play until all words on their bingo board have been found. This could be made competitive and played with siblings or carers too.

Tricky word hunt

First the child can write a list of all their tricky words. Then an adult can hide the tricky word cards around the room. Child must then hunt for all their words. Reading them aloud when they see them and ticking them off the list. This could be played repeatedly and timed. Can the child beat their previous time?


Tricky word matching pairs

Use the 2 sets of tricky word cards. Turn them all upside down. Taking turns the child/adult turns over 2 cards and reads the tricky words aloud. If they have 2 the same they keep the pair. Continue to play until all cards have been matched. Winner is the person with the most matching pairs.


Tricky word sentences

Chose a tricky word card and read aloud. Can you say a caption/sentence with that tricky word in? Can you write a sentence with that tricky word in?

Challenge: Pick 2 or more tricky words to try to include them in a sentence.


Tricky word snap

Shuffle the 2 sets of tricky words together. Share between the child and adult. Take turns to place a card on the pile and read the tricky word aloud. If 2 cards the same are placed on top of one another then call ‘snap’. The pile then goes to the person who called snap first. Winner ends up with all the cards.