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Today we start our new topic 'The Lost Kingdom of Benin'. You might not have heard about the Kingdom of Benin but we think it is a pretty fascinating period of world history to learn about and hopefully you will be able to relate some of your learning to other areas of history you have studied throughout the school. 


During ths unit, you will learn in depth about where the ancient Kingdom of Benin was located and how it came to thrive, what the people there believed in and how they showed this in their artwork. We will explore western attitudes towards African civilisations, comparing the achievements, oral tales and artefacts of ancient Benin to those in Europe at the same time. We will also learn about the story of Eweka and finally discover how European invaders threatened the civilisation of ancient Benin.


During the topic, we will also be looking at creating our own Benin inspired art, mapping Benin and other parts of the world in geography and will be studying light and how we are able to see in science. So let's begin...


Today we are going to think about Africa's past and where the Kingdom was located.