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Today's Topic Learning


Today is your last lesson on our 'Lost Kingdom of Benin' topic and we hope you have enjoyed learning about this ancient civilisation. We would like you to reflect back on all your learning from the past half term to create a double-page spread or poster to show all of your learning about Benin. We have included some videos and website links that might help you and of course you can look back through the website pages and resources or the work you have created at home.

We would like you to include the things about Benin that are most interesting to you. You might want to include information about:

- What the Kingdom was like?

-What life was like for the people?

- Religion and Benin beliefs

- Art and the Benin bronzes

- What Europeans thought about the people of Benin


We love to see all the amazing work you are doing at home and would love it if you could send us a picture of your work from today.

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