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e-Safety Day


Today, both in school or as part of your home learning, we will be taking part in an e-safety day. This day will comprise of PSHE lessons and also use of the website Purple Mash - your login details were sent to parents before half term in an email.


Our focus for PSHE is 'online content' and the following objectives:

  • To understand that not everything online is trustworthy.
  • To recognise some of the differences between fact and opinion.
  • To describe how to make decisions on what they trust online using agreed criteria.
  • To recognise that it is their own choice to accept something online.
  • To recognise ways that people may seek to persuade them online.
  • To know what to do if they have any concerns about something they experience online.



You will need to login to your Purple Mash accounts for the lessons today. Please email us if you have any problems/need reminding. You will need to go to the 2Do action and work through activities 1-7.