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KS1 Multi Skills

White 1 had great fun taking part in a multi skills festival up at the community college. They complete 10 different activities and were great at representing our school. They all showed a great competitive spirit and were extremely well mannered. A huge well done to you all!

The biggest EVER football session for girls!

Thank you to all the girls that took part in the  girls football session after school today. We had over 60 girls from Year 1 to Year 6 playing football together. Even though it poured down with rain, we all had lots of fun learning new skills and especially shooting penalties. #LetGirlsPlay 

Playground Leaders

Several children in Year 5 have had the opportunity to train as a playground leader. The children have a fun filled day learning lots of new games to teach the rest of KS2 during their lunchtimes. A huge well done to you all!

CCC Athletics 

Years 3 and Year 5 had a great fun at Callington Community College, participating in an Athletics competition. The children had great fun, were impeccably behaved and are pretty speedy too! 

Cross Country 

The cross country team were out in force again at Cotehele. Luckily, the weather held out and we were treated to dry and surprisingly warm conditions for January; however, there were parts of the course that were muddy and say many people slipping and sliding underfoot. Once again, a massive thank you to the parents and careers that helped transport children to the event. We couldn’t do it without your continued support.

Alternative Sports

On a Thursday each week, a different year group get to take part in a range of 'Alternative Sports'. The children love to learn new skills and put this into practice in a new sport. This half term the children are taking part in the following sports: 

Year 1 - Urban Polo/Rocketball

Year 2 - Urban Polo/Rocketball

Year 3 – Tchoukball

Year 4 – Tchoukball

Year 5 - Streetsurfing

Year 6  – Streetsurfing

Check out some of the photographs below of the fun they've had: 

Wild Tribe Achievement Award 2021-2022

Many children have recently signed up to ‘The Wild Tribe Achievement Award’. It can be seen as a mini Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for primary aged children. The aim of the award is to develop the child as a rounded individual; a child that has fun, grows in confidence, learns new life skills and gains an appreciation of nature. These children will be able to cope with successes and failures and will have a positive outlook on life. It is divided into 3 levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold and within each level there are four strands: Health and Wellbeing, Volunteering and Leading, Life Skills and Respecting and Enjoying the Environment. To complete a level, the child will need to take part and have signed off a number of elements in each strand. Many of the elements involve being outdoors. Once the four strands have been completed, the child MUST take part in the Adventure Challenge to complete that level of the award.

Check out some of the excellent work from some of the children, who have achieved many of the different strands already:

PE at Callington Primary School 2021-22

As a school we follow the departmental guidance which recommends that schools should provide pupils with a minimum of two hours curricular PE per week.

Teachers use Arena planning, where all sessions have a warm up, main activity and a cool down. At the beginning of the lesson, all teachers share the learning objective alongside the ‘I can’ bronze, silver and gold learning outcomes with the children. At the end of the lesson, children are encouraged to self-assess their learning using the bronze, silver and gold learning outcomes. In the EYFS the Arena planning ensures that teachers deliver high quality PE lessons that develop children’s fundamental movement skills. 

Our curriculum map has been devised to show progression across and within year groups. This curriculum map ensures a broad and balanced coverage of a range of different sports from EYFS to Year 6.  

Should a lesson not be able to take place, children are offered an alternative physical activity such as yoga or just dance sessions.

Please find our current curriculum map for this academic year: 

Cross country club

The cross country club regularly attend on a Friday and compete in the Primary Schools Cross-Country League

Sponsored by The Cornish Times and run by the East Cornwall Harriers. They hold five races at different events around East Cornwall with selected runners being chosen to represent the school. The fastest runners from these races are chosen to run for the county cross country team.

Cotehele Race

Sports Day 2021

KS2 Sports Day

Congratulations to the Yellow Team (Lynher) for winning the Callington Primary School Sports Day 2021. All children showed super sportsmanship, perseverance and a great competitive spirt. A child from each class was chosen and awarded a medal for achieving the highest total score and for showing great sportsmanship throughout the day.  A massive well done to all that competed, it was a fantastic day! 

Check out the photographs and videos taken from our sports day this year. 

Sugar Smart Leaders!


Recently, one of the Year 5 classes received a visit from Alex Robinson who spent the day with them learning all about how to become a Sugar Smart Leader. The children took part in a range of fun and exciting activities both in class and outside.

A Sugar Smart Leader is an innovate leadership course designed to give pupils an increased leadership in skills and games to deliver to the rest of the school.

Inside the classroom, the children learnt all about sugar and what foods you find it in. The children used a Sugar Smart app to scan the barcodes of various foods and discover their hidden sugar content. They also looked at simple, fun and engaging activities to do on the playground with the children involving a banana song!

Outside of the classroom, Alex challenged the children to create their own mini games to teach to one another. These games can then be delivered to the whole school during break times giving all children a sense of achievement.

Footballing Freestyler!


This week in football club, the children had a surprise visitor, Sam Cunningham. Sam is a local 17 year old boy has made a name for his self on YouTube. He is one of the best freestylers in the country and regularly uploads new tricks to his channel. 

Sam taught the children lots of new and challenge tricks. They all had an absolute blast! Check out some the photos below:


Sports Week 2019

Last week, across the school we have dedicated our time to sports, sports and more sports! The children have partaken in various ‘alternative sports’ including nerf wars, zorbing and archery. Each class have enjoyed creating a snack using healthy ingredients.

On Tuesday, KS1 had a super sports day showing off their skills in various fun activities. Then on Wednesday, KS2 had a fun filled, competitive day of sports. Each team worked extremely hard and the results are as follows:

1st place – Reds with 1325 points

2nd place – Greens with 1312 points

3rd place – Blues with 1254 points

4th place – Yellows with 1209 points


A child from each class was selected by their class teacher and awarded a medal for their super sportsmanship and most points won for their team throughout the day. A huge well done to: Ruby, Daniel, Oli, Jamie, Ashton, Tom, Lloyd and Lily.

Sports week in Year 1

Year 1 had lots of fun carrying out a range of different sports and finding out even more about keeping our bodies fit and healthy.  We tried zumba, yoga, just dance, obstacle courses, team games and created our own fruit salads.

Sports Week in year 3

Throughout the week, the children took part in many sports including; Nerf gun wars, Tri golf and Dodgeball. Our favourite was definitely Nerf gun wars! We also cooked a very healthy meal of stir fry. Finally, in groups, the children created a sport which they then voted for their favourite. What a great week!

Sports week in year 3

Sports Week in Year 5


The children in Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed sports we as it enabled them to take part in sports they had never participated in before. Particular interest was noted in archery and a lot of fun had during zorbing! We created healthy snacks early on in the week - pea, ham and pasta frittatas followed by fruity frozen yogurt bites...YUM!

Sports Week in Year 4


Year 4 had a fantastic time during Sports Week this year. We thoroughly enjoyed the alternative sports that we took part in - particularly the archery and Nerf gun wars! The children really tried their best in sports day too and we had some amazing achievements across the whole range of athletics that we took part in on the day. We cooked a healthy meal of sticky pork lettuce wraps near the end of the week that were extremely delicious. These were followed up by a buffet of exotic fruits that most of the children were very keen to try. The passion fruit was a huge success with many of the children despite their initial concerns about its strange texture! 

Second in the South West!

Our gymnastics team - Lily, Emily, Maddy, Alex, Charlotte and Robyn - competed at the South West Schools Floor and Vault competition in Bideford. They performed their floor routines with amazing grace and style, showing their flexibility, strength and balance. They vaulted with power competing straddle through and handspring vaults. Their fantastic team effort resulted in them being awarded a team silver medal - they came second in the South West. Lily placed third individually earning a bronze medal, only 0.1 from first place. A huge congratulations girls - we are very proud of your achievement.

Cornwall School Games news

Well done to Keira who came 8th at yesterday's East Cornwall Cross Country qualify. The top 13 runners have qualified for the Cornwall School Games Final. This is a fantastic achievement and once again we wish her good luck at the Cornwall School Games and look forward to hearing how she gets on. 

Cross Country news

Massive congratulations to Jimmy Owen, Darcie Carey and Keira, who have qualified for the CSG East Cornwall Cross Country qualifier. They have been selected to represent Caradon/North Cornwall at the East Cornwall School Games Primary Cross Country qualifier. We wish them all good luck and can't wait to hear how they get on!

Football Club

Well done to our Year 5/6 football team who are currently 4th in their league. The team has worked really well together in each match and has persevered each week to try and get as many goals as possible. They have always been upbeat and compassionate about the game and look forward to the matches each week.

Congratulations to our Year 3/4 team who are currently 3rd in their league. Although they haven't had as many games to play as Year 5/6 they have really enjoyed taking part in the league this year. We look forward to seeing where both teams finish the league.    

Gymnastics Club


Gymnastics club had a fantastic time at Callington Community College using their vaults. We will be making the trip every other week for our after school club so that we can work on our straddle through and handspring vaults. Take a look at the progress we made this week.


Still image for this video

Meeting Marcus!

On Friday some pupils from year 5 and 6 were invited to Callington Cricket Club to meet a group of Somerset County Cricket Club cricketers who were undertaking a charity cycle ride on behalf of the South West Children’s Hospice. It was led by former England opening batsman, Marcus Trescothick. The riders travelled through Devon and were going to end up at the St Austell Hospice.


The group stopped at Callington Cricket Club and were delighted to be met by local children with cricket/sports interests. The children were thrilled to meet Marcus and his team; they enjoyed playing a game of cricket with them and pupils from Callington Community College. This was a great experience for the children and they were all very grateful to the cricket club for the invitation to meet Marcus and his team.

Sports Week 2018

Sugar Ambassadors

Some children in Year 5 took part in a sugar workshop this week to become ‘Sugar Ambassadors’ as part of the Sugar Smart campaign. The aim of this workshop was to train some of our students so that they can spread information about the amount of sugar in food and drink we consume and provide top tips on how we can reduce the amount of sugar we eat. Did you know that to burn off the energy in one soft drink, you’d need to walk around Wembley Stadium 6 times.

Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics Club

Congratulation to Jimmy, Brooke, Olivia, Caitlin, Megan, Alice, Eve, Georgia, Lily, Kate, Jimmy and Joy who earned their British Gymnastics proficiency awards before half term. They all worked very hard to master a range of skills with strength, flexibility and poise.

Visit to Zero Gravity

Our gymnastics club attended Zero Gravity on Tuesday where they got to go on a range of gymnastics equipment to improve their basic skills. The children had great fun swinging on the bars, jumping and balancing on beam and perfecting their vaulting skills. They finished the afternoon with some free running showing great determination to run up walls and leap over obstacles. This was a super experience which ignited the children’s passion for sport and physical. The children’s behaviour was exceptional and they represented Callington Primary School brilliantly.

South West Schools Floor and Vault

A huge congratulations to our competitive gymnastics team Lily, Emily, Alex, Madison and Robyn who represented the school brilliantly at the South West floor and vault championship last Sunday. They performed with style and confidence at their first competition as a team. Lily won a silver medal for her individual performance. Our team narrowly missed out on a team medal by 0.1. A superb performance girls – we are very proud of you all!

Christmas Display

Gymnastics Club have been working very hard on choreographing a Christmas routine. We tried to incorporate skills that everybody has learnt and some equipment so we could ensure that our routine had different levels of height. When we showed the school and our parents, they were very impressed with the quality of our work.

In gymnastics club so far this year we have been improving the quality of our basic moves  and working on our tumbling skills. This has helped us to be able to put our own routines together to our favourite music.  

Football Club

The year 5/6 football team recently won their first football match against Delaware. It was a tense game but the children won 3-2 in the end. They played well and are ready for their next match. 

Netball Club

On Thursday 16th November the netball team played their third match of the season against Calstock's A team. Unfortunately we lost but the team have again thought about what they could differently and this will impact on their next training session. 
On Thursday 2nd November the netball team played their second match of the year. They played against Delaware and despite trying their hardest to get a goal they lost 11-0. Although they lost, the children were in good spirits and have been discussing what they could be working on in their next training session. They are very much looking forward to their next match. 
The Netball team recently won their first game of the year. They scored 4 goals compared to the opposite team who scored 1. They played really well and came back from the match with ideas about how they could improve their play even more. Each week they have been training so that they are ready for their next match, which they are all very much looking forward to.  


A new school year

On Saturday 16th January, the girls football team went on a trip to see Plymouth Argyle play against Stevenage. It was such an exciting trip. Argyle scored in the first 3 minutes and we were all up on our feet dancing and cheering. Argyle ended up winning 3-2 so we saw lots of goals being scored. We even managed to get a photo with Pilgrim Pete who is Argyle's mascot. Everyone who went to the match had an amazing time and we are busy planning our next girls football team trip and the girls are desperate to get girls football hoodies to wear on the next trip. 

Cross Country news

The Callington cross country team competed last week at Great Trethew race and opened the season with some fantastic results. The team put in an outstanding effort with all runners finishing and placing well in their races. A special commendation goes to Bill Jago of Orange 2 who came in third place in the Year 3 and 4 boy’s event. I would like to thank the parents and careers, who made it all possible, for transporting children to the event. The support is greatly appreciated.

Mr Burnip

Girls football trip to Argyle

For a list of local sports clubs and activities outside of school, check the bottom of the page!

'Victory is secondary, what matters is joy'



Winning isn't the be all and end all! We first take part to have a good time. If we win, fantastic! If we don't, we learn, build again and improve as sports people. We show this in PE lessons, after school clubs, out of school sport and when representing Team CPS.


In fact, this is an attitude we should have in all our learning! 

Sports news! 

Keeping you up to date with Team CPS, PE and extra curricular sport! 

Christian is making his mark in local sport!


Christian has been performing fantastically well in the different sports he does outside of school. He competes in the triathlon, where competitors have to swim, run and cycle their way to the finish line. Check out the photos. He is also a budding cricketer and represents Callington Cricket Club! You can see him in action against Calstock.

Well done Christian, keep up the fantastic work!

Cornwall School Games Hockey Gold Medalists 2015-16

Our wonderful hockey team returned triumphant! Yet another victory! Cornwall winners again but this time at prestigious Cornwall Primary Games, held in St Austell. Well done to all the players, Sharon Rundle and Miss Bilas for this wonderful achievement. Thank you to the parents for providing always appreciated transport. 

Individual Hockey Success!

A massive congratulations to two of our fantastic pupils, Ollie R and Fin H, who represent Launceston Youth Hockey Club. They traveled up to Bristol and won the South West Regional Hockey Cup! What an incredible life achievement for these outstanding sports people!

County Call Up!

Congratulations to superstar cricketer Kai MD who has been selected after trials to represent the county at cricket. This is a massive achievement and we are all so proud of you! We hope you can guide our school cricket team to success in the Kwik Cricket tournaments this year.


In Forest Schools Yellow 2 have been orienteering. It is a fantastic outdoor adventurous activity that requires you to explore. This activity requires you to use a map and find all of the markers. It improves your decision making, co-operation, teamwork and map reading skills.

More Cup Success!


The week before Easter, our ever developing A Team traveled all the way to Newquay AFC's Mount Wise stadium and returned victorious. Under a beautiful blue sky, the team won all of their games in their group and then in the final. We beat Cubert, Perranporth, Newquay, St Columb Major, Trevisker and The Bishops before beating Goonhavern 2-0 in the final. Fin H scored both of the goals. On a sour note, Jude broke his arm in the final after an accidental collision. We wish him a speedy recovery. 


Once again, thank you to parents for your transportation and support. It was a wonderful day! Along with winning a trophy, Macron, the sports manufacturer who sponsored the event, rewarded us with a £150 voucher. 


Squad: Jack G (GK), Dan M, Jem H, Ollie R, Fin H, Millie H, Jude J, Liam R, Harry H

Year 3 Delightful Dancing


The children in Year 3 have been doing some amazing dancing in their PE lessons. They have been creating some wonderful group balances and shapes. Take a look at some of the pictures below. 

Rallying in table tennis club!

Cluster Basketball Tournament

On Wednesday 22nd of April, 18 Year 6 children comprising 3 teams entered the Callington Cluster tournament and played with determination and skill. They used their skills learned in PE lessons and competed against other local schools. We won some, drew some and lost some. We didn't win the competition but had a great time!

Tennis MAD Day- Year 4

Year 4 had a special visit from two special coaches and played some amazing games of tennis and developed their skills even further. Take a look at the photos below.

South West Regional Hockey Finals


On a glorious day at Millfield in Somerset, our very own county champions hockey team competed against the finest young hockey players in the South West of England. 14 county champions and runners up from Cornwall, Devon, Avon, Dorset and Somerset came together to battle it out to see who would be the greatest school hockey team in the South West. Sharon Rundle and Miss Bilas stated that before the competition she would have been proud to win just one game. We bettered this and won 3 games, drew 1 and lost 2 (our only 2 defeats this year.) The competition was very difficult as the standard was extremely high. We are so proud of all of the children who took us on this glorious journey. Once again, thank you to Sharon Rundle and Miss Bilas for your coaching and organisation. Finally, a massive thank you to the parents who made the long journey, cheered on our children and for your support all year so far. 

Below are some photos of the day.


We have the Cornwall Schools Games Finals in St Austell to look forward to as well as the Plymouth Marjon competition. Plenty of excitement to come. 

End of the netball season


Our wonderful netball team gave everything this season. Some children had never played the game before but really developed their skills over the season. We finished 3rd but should not be sad; the winners Harrowbarrow were outstanding. Victory is secondary, what matters is joy! - We had a great time, we didn't win but will come back stronger next time. 

County Under 11 School Hockey Champions 2014-2015

Last Friday, our amazing hockey team headed off to Truro for the Cornwall Hockey Association Under 11 County Hockey Cup. Incredibly, not only did we win the tournament, we won every game and did not concede a goal. Since we have started hockey training after school this year, the children that attend the club have significantly developed their skills. Well done kids, you should be proud! Thank you to Sharon Rundle for your able coaching, Miss Bilas for organising the team and parents/carers for your brilliant support. We now head to Millfield in Somerset for the South West Regional Finals representing Cornwall. 


Squad: Jack G (GK) Kai MD, Mikolaj S, Fin H, Ollie R, Rebecca M, Jem H, Dan M

Swimming Gala

Last week our swimmers went off to compete in the Caradon Swimming Gala at Lux Park. The children were determined to do well against difficult competition:
Year 5 Girls finished 4th
Year 5 Boys finished 4th
Year 6 Girls finished 5th
Year 6 Boys finished 5th

Football News


County Cup Football versus Burraton
Last week the boys played against Burraton in a county cup replay and performed admirably. After a 0-0 draw in the first game, we played at Burraton's pitch and again drew 0-0 after extra time. We were very unlucky to lose on penalties.


Callington A 0-0 Burraton A (Rosewarne Shield Quarter Final)    10/12/14


On a wet and windy day, Callington battled against a solid Burraton side who we had previously beaten in the league. It was a tough game and was very difficult to play our usual short passing game. Our goalkeeper Jack G, who was outstanding in goal, pulled off save of the season to deny the Burraton striker. It was not long before the Burraton goalkeeper had to be at his very best to deny Liam R a glorious goal. 

The match will now be replayed at Burraton school in the new year. 

Team: Jack (GK), Dan, Jem (C), Harry, Liam , Jude , Ollie , Fin



Looe A 1-2 Callington A (League)    4/12/14

Looe took the lead in this match but we battled back to gain the lead. Some fine work from captain Jem H allowed Fin H to sneak past the goalkeeper and smash into an empty net. Minutes later, we gained the lead from another tidy bit of play, with that man Fin H out muscling the Looe defender and crashing a shot past the goalkeeper. We held on to gain another victory to put us top of the league at Christmas.  

Team: Jack (GK), Dan, Jem (C), Harry, Liam , Jude, Fin



Looe B 4-1 Callington B (League)     4/12/14

Kai MD scored the only goal for us. The team worked really hard on a long pitch. The children were unlucky to have lost. Josh TH made some crucial tackles and Owen H made some great saves. 

Team: Owen (GK), Josh, Kai (C), James, Ed, Bill, Mikolaj 

Rosewarne Shield Cornwall Schools FA County Cup (Preliminary Round)- Football

Carbeile A       0-4      Callington A
In what was a very tricky tie against a well drilled and historically fantastic footballing school, we came out victorious with a convincing 4-0 win. The home side played some tidy football but captain Jem was outstanding at the back along with goalkeeper Jack and fellow defender Dan- Carbeile hardly had a chance. The midfield (Harrison, Ollie and Liam) worked incredibly hard to win the ball back for our team and our strikers (Jude and Fin) were in sharpshooting form with Fin smashing in 3 and Jude netting one as well. A proud day for the boys who now go on to meet Burraton at home in the 1st round in what should be a tight game.


Callington  0-2 Wadebridge Academy  (Diamond Shield CCFA 1st Round)


This cup match proved a challenge for the home team during the first half when Callington allowed 2 goals through. Within the second half, we upped our game and pushed forward with a few shots at goal but unfortunately we failed to score. Despite being knocked out of this cup, we are still the Rosewarne Shield County Cup in which we hope to do much better.

Written by Jem (Captain)

Carbeile B          2-0        Callington  B (Friendly) 
Our youthful B team, which included two Year 3 children and 2 children who had never played for school before, worked tirelessly against a strong Carbeile B side. Bill, in goal, pulled off some great saves whilst Callum and Harry made some great challenges and Kai and Mikolaj made some great through balls. James went close to scoring on 3 occasions. For the first time the boys had played together they were fantastic and next game we need to aim for victory.





Things have started brightly for our fantastic netball team!
We are top of the Hi Five league! Although there is a long way to go, our new look squad for 2014/15 have really played as a team so far, ably coached by Miss Holman and Miss Thomas! Keep it going Team CPS!

Hockey Success 

FANTASTIC NEWS! Our magical hockey team have returned to school victorious after winning the East Cornwall Schools Hockey League. The team, which was made up of 4 girls and 4 boys, managed to win every single match including against a very competitive Dobwalls side. The shield has now been engraved with the CPS name and is displayed in the school office!  We will now represent East Cornwall in the Sainsbury’s School Games in the Summer Term. Well done everyone! The school are so proud of you!


Alternative Sports


This year the children across the school have been learning some fantastic alternative sports from our highly skilled teacher Ryan Johns. This term we have learned how to play Urban Polo which is a fast paced striking game that requires great hand eye co-ordination. Additionally, we have started to learn how to street surf and experienced fencing!  

On Mondays in the Autumn term, we have also continued to learn new Tai Chi routines from our coach Phil Wright. The children have been very focused and have really mastered this gentle martial art. 


Web Activities 


Here are some websites which give you great ideas of activities to do with your kids. Get hopping, skipping and moving to the beat. Enjoy!