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Spelling are to last for three days.

Please find your spelling rule and common exception words for the week in your coloured folder. In school, the children would practise all their common exception words daily and would learn 3 or 4 of their spelling rule words a day rather than all 10 at once.


Please find some extra worksheets to help you learn your weekly spellings.


You could look at the cursive handwriting sheet and write each word five times and check you're forming each letter and word correctly. You could write your spellings different ways. i.e. write it 10 times; use your left hand, then right hand, then write the word back to front; give yourself 60 seconds and try and write the word as many times as possible; write the word as a set of steps where each line adds a new letter and write the word as big as your can, as small as you can, as neat as you can and as scruffily as you can.