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Songfest 2021

Songfest 2021!

This year, our school is going to be taking part in this annual event with schools from all over Cornwall. It is a chance to get together and sing some amazing uplifting songs. Obviously, this year is going to be slightly different and the concert will take place online. However, this will mean that all children can take part, whether they are at home or in school and share this experience. The concert will take place on either 17th or 18th of March, this will be confirmed shortly.

Over the next couple of weeks, videos of the songs and how to sing them will be uploaded to this page. Lyrics and performance/backing tracks will also be uploaded to practise any time you would like.

It would also be amazing if Miss Treasure could see some videos of you singing these songs at home and then maybe putting them onto the website. 

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Dates Announced!!!

March Thursday 18th 11am - 12pm

Songfest 21: song #1 I'm Still Singing

Patrick Bailey introduces the song I'm Still Singing for schools in north and east Cornwall as part of Songfest 21

I'm still singing (backing track).mp3

I'm still singing (performance track).mp3

Songfest 21: Happy (song number 2)

Patrick Bailey introduces the song, Happy, for Songfest schools and home learners.

Happy (backing track).mp3

Happy (performance track).mp3

Love my Life teaching

Learn to sing Robbie Williams' Love my Life as part of this year's Songfest

Love my life (backing track).mp3

Love my life (performance track).mp3

Go the Distance

Angela Renshaw and Patrick Bailey introduce the song, Go the Distance, as part of Songfest 21.

Go the distance (backing track).mp3

Go the distance (performance track).mp3

One and a Million

Patrick Bailey introduces One and a Million for Songfest 21

One and a million (backing track).mp3

One and a million (performance track - choir).mp3

Don;t stop teaching film

Patrick Bailey introduces Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac as part of Songfest 21

Don't stop (backing track).mp3

Don't stop (performance track).mp3

One love

A Songfest 21 film, introducing the song One Love ahead of our virtual performances

One love_People get ready (backing track).mp3

One love_People get ready (performance track).mp3

Reach out

Reach Out (I'll be there) is our final song to learn for Songfest 21. Here is the song and some fun body percussion too.

Reach out (I'll be there) (backing track).mp3

Reach out (I'll be there) (performance track).mp3