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The last RE lesson of year 5!

Today, since it's the last RE lesson of the year, we would like to see you unleash your creativity! Your task is to create your own religion and design a poster that explains it. Your poster should be eye-catching and informative! On your poster, you should make sure you explain the following:


- How many gods your religion has. Is it a monotheistic religion like Islam and Christianity or is it a polytheistic religion like Hinduism and the beliefs of the Ancient Greeks?

- Worship - Do the followers of your religion pray 5 times a day like Muslims? Do they pray before meals? Do they pray in particular places?

- Hymns/Religious songs - Does your religion have these? If so, could you make up some lyrics to a hymn that would feature in your religion?

- Religious artworks - stained glass windows, statues, Islamic patterns, realistic portraits... What artwork will your religion be known for? Why don't you draw some on your poster?

- Religious buildings - will your religion have buildings that are grand and highly decorated like Catholic cathedrals and mosques or will your religion be housed in a simple building like a Quaker meeting room or a Methodist church?

- Religious clothing/appearance - does your religion require/suggest people dress/look a certain way such as Muslim women wearing headscarves or Sikh men having beards and turbans?

- Rules - think carefully about what the rules of your religion will be. Will your people be banned from eating pork like Jews or required to fast during one month of the year like Muslims observing Ramadan? Or will your rules be more like laws such as the ten commandments?

- Creation story - what will your religion's creation story be? Did a god make the world in 7 days like in Christianity and Judaism or did the world emerge from the belly button of a god like the Hindu story?


Any other elements of religion that you want to include on your poster can be included! Once you've finished designing your religion, why don't you take a photo of it and send it through to your teacher? We would love to see them!