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The Big Question!

Today is the final RE lesson of the unit and it's the day that you're going to write your response to our Big Question.


This term's Big Question has been:

Is Christianity one religion?


Based on your learning over the last 6 weeks, think carefully about how you're going to answer. Your answer should include reference to:

- The different Christian denominations - they are all different but they all started with Jesus.

- The different interpretations of the Bible and scripture

- The differences between the churches of different denominations

- The way that the Christian faith has spread across the globe 

- The core beliefs that are held by all Christians (e.g. Jesus, prayer, the Bible etc)


Your answer should be at least 2 paragraphs long and you should have some evidence to back up the answer 'yes' and the answer 'no'.


Please feel free to send your teacher a photograph of your completed answer - we would love to see them!