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Do all Christians interpret the Bible in the same way?

Start by watching and taking notes on the video on this page: 


Are there any parts of the Bible that you think all Christians would agree on? If so, which parts?


Look at these Bible quotations. How might a Literalist interpret these quotations? What about a Conservative Christian or a Symbolist? Write down the three different interpretations in your book for each quotation. I've done the first one for you to show you how to do it:


My example:


Literalist: Jesus performed a miracle and created enough food for 5000 people from just 5 loaves and 2 fish.

Conservative: Jesus was generous and worked hard to make sure that those who were hungry could be fed. He didn't literally perform a miracle but this passage just shows how he gave to those who were needy.

Symbolist: This is a story about compassion and giving to teach Christians that they should look out for those who are more needy than them.


Here are 3 more quotations that you can have a go at. If you are a Red for literacy, please just do one or two of the quotations and you only need to do the Literalist and Symbolist interpretations. (TOP TIP - think carefully about the meaning behind the passage when you're doing the Symbolist interpretation. Is it a story about behaving well? Looking out for others? God as the creator?)