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Phoneme/digraph/trigraph recognition

Ideas for phoneme/digraph/trigraph recognition games

Milk tops – write different phonemes on the back of milk tops and turn them over, child wins it if they can sound the phoneme.


Park the car – make a car park with paper and lines. Write a phoneme in the different spaces. Ask your child to park the car (toy) in the space that has the called out phoneme.


Bubble wrap – write phonemes on the different bubbles on the wrap. Child can pop the bubbles of the phonemes that are called out.


Fly squat – write the phonemes on different pieces of paper (or you could use chalk outside). Spread them over the table or floor. Call out a phoneme and the child has to hit them with a fly squat as quickly as they can.


Phoneme run – write the phoneme on the ground with chalk. Call out a different phoneme each time and the child has to run and stand on them (this could be done with pieces of paper too).


Soup – place cards with phonemes into a pan. Give it a stir and then pick out a phoneme. Child response with that that phoneme.


Snakes and ladders – create a snakes and ladders board with phonemes to replace the numbers. Each time the child lands on a different square they call the phoneme.


Pairs – create cards with phonemes on, two of each. Place them upside down in a 4 x 4 formation. Child turns over two at a time. Calling each phoneme. If they match keep the cards. If they don’t turn them back over again.


Musical statues – place the phonemes on the floor in a circle on pieces of paper. Play music and the child dances and moves around the phonemes. When the music stops they stand still on the phoneme they are on. Then say which one it is and then they can move again.


(most of these could be used for number and tricky word recognition as well)