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For further resources and extra ideas of things you can do at home please have a look at the links beneath the year groups on the Home Learning page.

Hello Nursery Children

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Home Learning Letter

The nursery children's home learning is going well this week. Have a look at what some of your nursery friends have been doing.

Ms Paul and Hudson

Look at how Mrs Smith's seeds and Freddie's seeds are growing!

More Fantastic Learning This Week!

Have a look at how people's seeds are growing..... These are from Lucas, Laira, Maisie and Evelyn

Mrs Smith's rocket and seeds from her pepper!

Let's have a look at what everybody has been doing in Week Three!

Week Four and everybody is still working hard!

Being Creative Again!

Aiden's Mr Men Cress

Some great exploring this week!

Ms Paul's seeds are growing! Lucas' salad leaves look good enough to eat!

Working hard in the sunshine!

Ms Paul's Sunflowers!

It's Half Term Week - Enjoy a break from your home learning. Have fun and stay safe.

Lovely Learning This Week!

Working Hard in Week Nine

Evie's caterpillars have finally hatched!

Lovely Learning again this week!

Look what we have been doing this week.

This week we have been busy again

Look at what happened to Evie's caterpillars!

This Week's Learning

Aiden's Selfie
Ruan's Chicken Photograph

Evie has now released her butterflies