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Maths - Quadrilaterals, angles in quadrilaterals and angles in regular polygons

Today is our third day of live lessons.

  • Reds are going to be learning about different types of quadrilaterals (again, like yesterday, there's an extra video at the bottom of the page with more questions and help if you need it)
  • Greens are going to be finding missing angles in quadrilaterals
  • Blues are going to be finding missing angles in and around other regular polygons. If you're a blue and you found the missing angles in quadrilaterals work tricky last week, you might want to try some of the green work today before trying the blue. Some of your questions are quite challenging today!

Good luck and remember you can email your teacher for extra help with a question if you need it and to share what you've been doing with us.

Red extra slides

Still image for this video