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The maths focus for the next couple of weeks is on position and direction and we're starting by focusing on co-ordinates.

Each lesson begins with a fluency focus that you should spend 5 minutes practising and perfecting.

Then there is a starter which is focused on something we've learnt already in school. Please spend 10 minutes on this.

The main lesson will be in the lesson slides after this. Read these slides carefully before attempting the independent work.


If you like, you can take a look at the videos and interactive tasks on this page to refresh your memory on what you should already know about co-ordinates: 


If you are unable to complete some of the co-ordinate plotting questions in your independent work due to not having a printer, these are some webpages where you can practise your skills instead: (this one requires flash so cannot be used on phones or tablets, just laptops/PCs)

Lesson Slides - Coordinates in the first quadrant