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Last week, you started to look at poetry and how we could turn this into performance poetry; as well, as getting some good tips from Michael Rosen on how to perform.

Today, I would like you to look at the poem 'Vacation Frustration' by Kenn Nesbitt. 


Our family vacationed in Europe.
We flew to the beaches of Spain.
We hopped on a ferry to England.
We traveled through France on a train.


We lugged all our luggage to Denmark.
We dragged all our baggage to Greece,
We hoisted our backpacks and handbags,
our suitcase, our trunk and valise.


We rambled through dozens of ruins.
We wandered through castles galore.
We must have seen hundreds of statues —
cathedrals and mosques by the score.


We pored over paintings in Paris.
We tramped through museums in Rome,
and all of the while I was thinking
how much I would rather be home.


At last we are done with our travels!
We’ve seen every kingdom and nation.
But we’re so completely exhausted
that we need another vacation!


 — Kenn Nesbitt


After reading this poem, I would like you to fill out success criteria for the poem. Under lining the verbs, rhyming patterns and countries.

There is then a few comprehension questions to answer about the poem.