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Narrative Writing - The Journey 

Today the children will write the final section of their story (ending). Children can magpie various words/phrases from the original story but they must then change it and make it their own - using the alterations they planned (boxing up task).


Presently, there was no time to explain what he had found out whilst imprisoned in the beautiful yet horrifying ivory tower. Rushing through the heavily planted forest, dodging miniature boulders and treacly puddles of muddy water, Charles and his rescuers were aware of the vicious terriers and a mass of fierce warriors following close behind.

After miles of zigzagging across an unknown landscape, with danger hot on their heels, they eventually reached the safety of water. One by one they scrambled into their waiting boats and left the screaming hoard and barking dogs behind. Charles questioned which was more frightening: the dogs or the men? After a day of travelling, the troupe returned to King Henry. Charles divulged all of the information he had gathered whilst in France and was rewarded richly with glistening gold and luscious land.


The battle that followed is history…


Please see the activity below to support the children writing their ending section of the story: