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Narrative Writing - The Journey 

Today the children will write the fourth section of their story (resolution). Children can magpie various words/phrases from the original story but they must then change it and make it their own - using the alterations they planned (boxing up task).


Charles had given up. He was defeated. He simply couldn’t go on. Until… from the tiny barred opening, which was the window, he heard a whistle. Like a timid mouse, Charles peered out, looking for the source of the sound.

“Hello?” Charles whispered, “Is somebody there?”

“Stand back!” came the rushed reply.

“What? Why?” Charles questioned.

“Just move!”

Charles, who was now incredibly confused, heard a creaking noise which got louder and louder until one of the bars pinged out of the window frame like an elastic band. Alarmed, excited and relieved, Charles hurriedly clambered through the opening of the window and into the safety of his fellow countrymen.


Please see the activity below to support the children writing their resolution section of the story: