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Narrative Writing - The Journey 

Today the children will write the third section of their story (problem). Children can magpie various words/phrases from the original story but they must then change it and make it their own - using the alterations they planned (boxing up task).


A few hours later, Charles found himself in a dingy, cold and terrifying cell. He called out for help but no reply came. He thudded on the heavy wooden door, trying to capture someone’s attention; still there was no reply. He sat in the corner and began to sob. Great, salty tears trickled from the corner of each of his eyes, streamed down his face and onto his dirty linen shirt. Minutes passed, then hours…days. Spying through the miniscule keyhole, Charles noticed that his captors were gathering all of their terrifying weapons, supplies and fiercest warriors. He overheard them excitedly discussing an attack… an attack on England! He had to let Henry know, he simply had to, but how? 


Please see the activity below to support the children writing their problem section of the story: