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Narrative Writing - The Journey 

Today the children will write the first section of their story (opening). Children can magpie various words/phrases from the original story but they must then change it and make it their own - using the alterations they made yesterday (boxing up task). Over the next 5 literacy lessons, the children will be continue to magpie, change and alter the original story for each section of the story (opening, build up, problem, resolution, ending). 


Lets start with the opening...

Trembling, Charles Peyton took his first apprehensive steps out of his horse-drawn cart. High above him, in the early morning sky, ominous storm clouds gathered like a giant herd of black sheep. Whispering through the leaves of towering oak trees, a warm wind swept across the land and over Charles’ pale face. Carefully, he edged his feet forward, negotiating his way between miniature boulders and thick, treacly puddles of muddy water. Charles, who was a thin man with ragged clothing, had been travelling for days. He was on a quest and knew exactly what it was that he had to do…


The King (Henry VIII) was preparing for war and had chosen Charles to spy and gather information about the French! Although Charles wasn’t a brave man, he took on this job with pride and was intent on doing his king proud. “Where on Earth can they be?” Charles muttered to himself. He scanned the local landmarks, trying to find out where he was. When he saw something he recognised, he felt a little more comfortable.


Please see the activity below and other resources to support the children writing their opening section of the story: