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Narrative Writing - The Journey 


Todays activity is detailed in the documents below:


Today the children are to 'box up' the original text, 'The Journey' - (boxing up format attached below).

Boxing up is a very useful strategy that helps children begin to internalise a sense of structure in writing. The children will magpie keywords/phrases from the story that they would like to use within their own writing. I have put a couple already in the 'magpie' section for the children to refer too. After doing this for all 5 sections of the story (opening, build up, problem, reslolution and ending), the children are then to make alterations to the story and turn it into their own (writing this is in the end box on the plan, labelled alterations).

The children can alter the following 4 things: 

  • Characters 
  • Setting/Place (keep to a country in Europe)
  • Where the character is kept capture
  • How the character escapes from being captured