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Please start off your literacy learning by looking through the spelling lesson presentation for your group and practising your spellings for this week.

Don't forget the common exception words that are on the help sheet glued into the front of your book!

Film narrative - building tension and suspense


For the next week or so, rather than learning a story like we usually would in literacy, we are going to be using two short film clips for our writing. Today's task is to create two 'Likes, Dislikes, Patterns and Puzzles' grids for these film clips (one each). Afterwards, there are some comparison questions about the two clips. 

For the likes, dislikes, patterns and puzzles grid, please write in full sentences.

Video 1 - Clip of a dramatisation of Malorie Blackman's book 'Hacker'

Video 2 - Clip of a dramatisation of 'Treasure Island' by Robert Louis Stevenson

Now that you have completed your two 'Likes, Dislikes, Patterns and Puzzles' grids, please answer these questions in full sentences in your book:

1. What was different about the two clips?

2. What did the two clips have in common?

3. How did you feel while you were watching the two clips? What do you think it was that made you feel that way?