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Today you are going to be writing the first part of the story. You need to think carefully about how you will build up the characters' personalities and develop the setting of this story. We want it to start off in a mundane, everyday setting; this way the surprise that comes later will have a big affect on your characters. For this reason, we want you to think very carefully about the types of language you are using today. How can you use your vocabulary and description to build the mood? 


Look through the lesson slides for some ideas on could look at the original story or why not look at some books at home to see how other authors develop the mood in their writing. A great website that might come in handy is called ' Descriptionari'.  You simply type in the tool bar, whatever you are looking for descriptions of, so I've popped in ' boredom'. It then comes up with a whole range of random description that suits that theme. They all relate to different things but it's a good way to read different examples of writing and see how authors play around with language and create different effects. You can also pick up new vocabulary and phrases.. I particularly liked the phrase ' Time flowed like cement.' in the fourth description down.


By the end of today, you want to get just up to the part before the surprise is revealved to the main character- that is the part you will write tomorrow!

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