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Science Based Literacy Week: Drugs


This week's literacy lesson are going to be slightly different. As part of the science curriculum, children in Year 6 are required to learn about drugs, including smoking and alcohol so we have decided to use these lessons to teach this to the children; there will also be literacy based activities around the learning for each today.


Today, we would like you to recap your learning from the week and think about the different dangers that are associated with drugs, smoking and alcohol. 


To show your learning from this week, we would like you to create a playscript for a special tv show or YouTube channel, which is designed to provide information on the dangerous affects of these drugs.


You can act out the show if you want and even film it and send it in. Think carefully about how you will get the right message across to your audience and how you will provide accurate facts and information. Look through the powerpoint to have a recap on your learning from the week so far.