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Today's Lesson

As we are now in the last week of the year, we would like you to spend today writing up your favourite piece of writing from your time doing home learning. 

Before you write it up, use this checklist to make sure it's a great piece of year 5 standard writing. If you're a blue you should have everything on the list achieved, if you're a green you should have most of it and if you're a red you should have at least a few of them in your writing. If you think you're missing anything from the list, add it in! Also take this opportunity to check your spellings and basic punctuation like capital letters and full stops.


  • Comma after fronted adverbials
  • Comma after a subordinate clause at the start of a sentence
  • Semi-colon ;
  • Ellipsis ...
  • Colon to introduce a list :
  • A range of speech structures - speech verb first, split speech and speech verb last
  • Brackets ( )
  • Dashes - - 
  • A wide range of subordinating conjunctions (e.g. despite, whilst, until, although)
  • Sentences with more than one subordinate clause
  • Complex, compound and simple sentences
  • Modal verbs (e.g. should, might, could)
  • Powerful and precise vocabulary
  • A range of connectives - causal, additional, opposition
  • Relative clauses (who, which, whose, that)
  • Short snappy sentences for impact


Once you've checked and edited your work, write it up in your neatest handwriting and decorate the page with patterns and images that suit the piece of writing you've chosen.


Send your teacher a picture!